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We are going to givo you all the childknowledgo we have about pea-nuts, because wo have often been asked where they grow, whother on trees, bushes, or in the ground. Their homo, that is the place whore thoy grow without buiug planted, is in a warmer ch.-nate than ours. They are raised in Tennesseo and the Carolinas, but wilh additional care they can be made to grow still further North. The plant is an annual ; that is, it grows, bears fruit and then dies, all the game season ; so when it is raised, the Boed has to be planted every year. The etalk grows about a foot high and bears yellow flowers, wbich grow singly in the axilof the leaves. Ouly the flowers on the iower part oí the plant bear fruit, and, what is quite curious, after the blossoms drop off, that which is to be tho nut hides itself in the ground, and there, at the dep-th of several inches, grows tó the size we eee them. For this reason they are sometiinea called ground nuts. In places where they are cultivated, it is the practice to throw the dirt upon the planta, so as to assist in perfecting the fruit. Tho first frost kills the leaves, and, soon after, the ñuta aro gathered and dried, and are then put up for market.


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