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Garden Shelter

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The importance of garden shelter is by no means enough considorod. I do not, indeed, name my own mothod (hemlockhedging) as the best to be pursued; Banking buildings ot high enclosures may give it moro eonveniently in many situations ; a steep, sudden hill sido may give it best of all ; but it should never be forgotten that while we humor tho garden soil with what plants and trees we best love, wo should alvvays give their fbliage tho proteetion against gtorms which they covst, and which iu an alm.ost equal dogrea coatributes to their luxurianee. To the dwarf fruits, as well atfto the grape,.thÍBsheitor is absoluteiy ossontial; if they are compellcd to fortify against oppresaive blasts, they may do it indeed, bat they will in this way uissipnte a large eb.are of tho vitality whicih wouldoliiogo to fruit. Yoang cattlo may buar the oxpoaure of Wintor, but they will bo pin'öhod undor it, and tako on a moager look of age ao.d expend a groat stock of vital oaorgy in tbc contost. - My Farm of Edgewood.


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