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bi LOEENCÈ SEWINÊ MACHINES. PHOÏOGRAPH ALBUMS, PICTUIIES, FRAMES, TII11EAÜ, SILK, T WIST, MACHINE O1L, Sfc. The undersigneit now offers the public THE BEST FAMILY SEWEBUC ElACHIftiE I3ST-ÜSE. FOR DURAE1LITY, BEALTYoJ STYLE,a?id V A E IE T 'Y of WORK,it "STANDS U? HEAO." It nerita ouly o beaeen to bpftpprociated. Runs tlie work boLh ways, takes four kinds of stitclios, henis, íella, gathprs, braiüs, Mnds, quilts, gathers and sews On p. ruflle at tlift same time. Scws froin the tliinnost to thfi thickest iabric without chaugiugr tlie tititch, tonsion or ncodle, or without breaking thMhread. - "ïhe Wonder of the World! ' 1 AIho a variety of tlie rarst beautiful I'HOTOGRAI'H ALBUMS, P1CTÜEES and FRAMES n grcat variety. and plcturea'iramed to ordei at short notice. Alan.' IURNUM'S SELF-SEWËU or TUKKER, whloh can bo adj usted to any Sewing Machine. Cali at the sign of the FIOREXCE SEWING MACHINE, a few floora East of Cook's Hotel. Stitching Neatly Done to Order, Also, on oxhibiton,thecclebrateil " WEED SEWING MACHINE," which took the premium at the Michigan State Fair, of 1804. W. D. HOLMES. Ann Arbor, Pee. 2Sth , 164. OBOti T Greatcst Medical Circular &. ff A Cl EvcrM&d! f A tl m.A %y letter pagea for two éM 2ZrZLr ' cent üiampf-:. ttrf Young Meli'a ConfirtcDtial Medicn.1 A'lviaers in ca-ie of öpcrmatorrhea or Seminal Weakuess cauaed by MastuiSHiitiün, Genital Tantalization, self-abuse, or secret habits indulged in by yeutbs at the age of puberty. DRS. J4CKSON, HKRBKRT & CO., Proprietora of tlie National Dyspensary, cfctablished at Cincinuati, Ohio,Jan. lst,1860. Involuntary Kirussionslead to T'mpotoncy, Consumption, Insanity and I'eatli. Thone who suffer in the least from ibis bnii-ïful prnctico, should apply the wholc energy of the roul to tlie attainmontof lioalth and consequent contentment and haiipinops. Krory ouc, eíilicr sick or well, should have our valuable treatise on this subject, whicb is sent f ree of c'-arge. We guaríintee to cure Gonorrlicuaíleot, Sypliillis, Im'pbtency, Nocturnal Emissions er Self-Abuse, Diurnal Emissinne, Female Complainte, in short, every possible form and of Sexular DisoaKe. Cures rapid, thoroiigh and permanent, and feee modorate.- Senil for our Circular. DR. JACKSON'S FEMALE PIIXS-$1 peí box - Special wrífcten replies, well staled, sent with the Circular, without charge. 300 pages, 100 enpravings. - "The Mountain of Light, or Medical Protector and Mamare Guido, and an Kxplicit Key to Love and Beauty. Jt SAiiM'-AUiiJKiiii reveáis va nous sitoects never boforefulJy explained in any popular work n the English language. Price 50 cents, or three for Medicine and instructions sent prompt ly to nny rart of tíip country. Consulting; Hoorns of tho Pispensary, o. 107 Sycamore street, I'. O. Box, No. 436. Plí. JACKPON'S ORIENTAL L1NÏMENT tamovBS all coldnoPB, and rejuvenates organu which ïave. lain d orinan t foe nuny yeara. Can be mailed vith perfect safety. Frico SS2 per botlle. DR JACKSON'S FREN Cl I PATENT MALE SAFE, It is the only sure and safe preventive agninet con tracting ever iuvented, Price $1 eacli, Ñper half dozen, and 37 per dozen, stnt by mail. Gm!iflfï riiukihu LUUUi The great Itch and Humor Killer of the 19th Century ! Tbia new preparathn poseesses moet teonderfwl propertles, and la Fer cvery species of the ITCH, PBAIK!E ÍTCn, BASBKR'S ITCH, ATABASH SCRATCIIES, ILLISOIS MAXf.E, CCTAIfEOIS EBITTIOXS, PIMPLES ON TOK FACE, SALT RHEOI, SCALD Í1EAI, BISCWORMS, Af. The PüüRino LOTIO b (i new íind eerialn cure for :ill kinds of Itch, and heíng a fluid preparation It Is free from nll the gumray, dlaagreeable qualities oí the ointiiu'nta in genernl use. The PRURIGO LOTIO is sáfelo use undír ALt CIR0UM3TANCE8; wül not Irrítate the moEV tender skin, a:id CONÏA1KB NO MERCUBY. Don't fdll to üy iL. Manufactured by E. T. & W. T. IHcFARLAND, Sole Proprletors, Lafayette, Ind. PRTCB 50 GENTS. LORD & S5IITH, CTllca-O, Wholesal. Agents. Sold at Wholesale in Chicago hy FÜIXKK, FINCH f FCLLEK; CHARLES O. 8M1TII ; BURNHAMS VAN SCIIAACK; W. ]). HA1ÏR1S & CO BMITH 4 DWrKK; J. H. RKKD 4 CO., and h! SCOVIIj. ( THE ONLY SURE THING. PHOTOGRAPH lalt ÉNËfll As tho name indicate8; it not oüly rkxews the growth ot the hair when thio and falling o(T, but it posltively rknkws tur color to ts original shadewhen it i,s turning gray or white, whother caused by tliscase, grief or oíd age.. ït will certainly do what ifi claimod forit, a fact to which hun.lreils, nny, thousandewho have uod it, are roady and willlng to testify, Whcre one bottle ia öiirly used,in any community, Hs reputation " sjireads luie wild ftre," and is the bost advertisement and reeomraendation wo desire. In the Eaststn Statos, wbere tho ' KENEWIÍR" onghmted, it is used by all Toung Ladiea aa a Dre&sinpr, and istobotound on tho toilet tables of Younp Meo, (also atthdr barbers ; (while Older Mon and Women will not be witliout it, asa ronewev and rosmrative for their grey locks and bald hoadx, which it changea to their entlre natisfaction. We i'rc BeiUmg in the citj of Boston alone, xipwards 'of 19.000 botllaa fc-r mouth, lbo dealers giving the RtNEwER the preierenco ovtrall oüier Huir l'reparftttoni . If not sold by Dtnggf sta in yourtown,a trial bottle uill bs sent to you by Express, upoo receipt of onc dolhir b y mail - thuagtring youan opportunity nt onco fiir tenting its excellent virtuop. Ordora for Trial Ilottks, must be addressvd to oilrgeHeral Agent fbr the Xorthwrgtern States. C A COOK, Tióx 05&4, ClllCRgO, III. All puch ordorR trill receiré prompt ntH'ntion. ::. ?. co., ProprJetbïs, Nafihuft, N.TT, Tho trade&upplied ;it ManyfBctufeft1 pftct i lv KULI.tR.FINCiï&PtLLER.WholewteLtsuggijUh.OUioftifo, Illinois. ' Ceuob 9P9. I TTTAR MGST ENDED 1 CHARLESTON TAKEN ! ! GUITERAN & 00,, Being connected with one of tholargcst houses in New York, which has beticr facilitica for Selling Gheaper than any othor houso. Are bounJ to bo not Htí 5t c nar je: by any eatftbtlshiaoQt tliat now exísts. Having eniploycd anexiioriencod direct from NEW YORK C3TY, who has had loog experienco in tbc business, we gnnrantce to givethe beet SATiSFACTSON to our numeroua OUSTOMERS & STUDENTS of tho Univereity, Kceping od hand the largest stock Of CLOTflS, CASS1MERES, VESTINGS, together with the largeet stock of Ready-Made Clothing, 3-3S2XTTS' FÜIISHIKG GOODSÜ &c, &c, &c, which we will soll clieaper tïmn any olïer establishment in the city. All we arik i.s that our friends and Students will give us a cali and satïtsfy thema ol ves. M. GUITERMAN. A Co., VTEVV GOUDS! New Goods at Union Clothing Store for Spring, Is now tlie thenit' of whicli. 1 sing Wve all tbc latest styles made, To snit the Qitest city trade, üf New Spring Overcoats and Sackfl, To fit the form ike moulded wax ; And Business Coats of stylish makcf All of the present s triest nat tak e; But then the crowning Coats of all jre the DRSSs Coats at Union Store. We prille oursclves that wc excel All others in the coats we sell ; For in them yon wiílahvays find Fit,Fasiiion, Graceand combined. But on our ('oafs I will not 'lu'oll- We've also Pacta and Vestu to sell. Of every huc, and fihade and ntyl(f- To teil you all would take a whlle ; So I will only montion here Thatthosc who wouldin style appear, Should come to Union Clothing Store and btiy The CLOTHING best to please the eye ; And not alone tho eye to please, But money save in buying these ; For we will ell at prices low, No matter how the Gold doos go. In Furnislung Cfcodfl both rich and neat, We have a stock iull and complete ; Om " gallant boyn in blae " will lind All kinds of goods to thcir inind. We've also for the boys in store A better stock than e'er beforc ; And can all fit, both great and Kfjall, Wlth CLOTHING best at ünion ötork. S" The FINEST STOCK of Spring & Summer Clothing ! ANP THE LOWEST 3EXl.XO33iSI IN THE CIT7. OXJSTOST WOEK promptly made, and In the BEST STYLE. Cali at ÜNION CLOTHINO STORE, Kast side of Main Street. N. NATHAIN & CO. Ann Arbor, April SCth,18G5. 3mlOO6. QOODS AT HALF PRICE! GOLD IS DOWN COTTON IS DOWN ! PRINTS ARE DOWN ! DOMESTIOS ARE DOWN! WOOLENS AK JE DOWN ! IRIS ARE DOWN ! nnd now is the time to bo-y y our SPRENC GOODS! - o - P. B_A OH Haa just openeJ a complete aaeortmentof DRY GOODS, Brcss Good?, Cloths, Groccries, &c, &c, bonght sincc 1he surronilrr nf T,re and the gront fall in pcleB. Cali i:niTnitli;itÉilv and exfiTDine btoftoök. Ano Arbor, iprll.lW, ico5


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