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Cliaucery Salo. [ N PURSUANCE of a decree of the Circuit Court fór I X hu County of Washteuaw, iu Chancery, made in I tlic case whawau Oscar C. Spafibrd üs CoraplaiDant, ( and .Maria Siiüsou, Elizabeth Spufford, Edward lord, graan Dean, Caroline ü. Bpaftord, David Dean, and David Stillsbn, are Defendants, on the twcntlcth i day of June, A. I). 1885, the nndërsigned Circnlt Court Commisgiouer for the Coooty of Washteuaw, will sell at Public Auctiou to the higheat bidder, ut the South i door of tho Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the eighth doy of August next,at two o'clock '. in the afternoou, the foUowtng descrfbed Iands, viz :- i Lot nnmber fifteea, and the Kastetly three rode in i width ofi' lot number fourteen, in block number two, iu Oi-msby and PagB's addition to tl'.u vilhiire of Ann Arbor, accordiug to the recorded plat thereof, and being in the City of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Connty, ' igan. ; Dated, Ajiu Arbor, .Tune SSd, 1866. IÍOBEKT E. ÏRAZER, Circuit Court Commissioner, Hiham .T. Beakct, for Washtenatv Co., Mich; Solicitor for Complaiuant. 1014 Ileal Estáte for Sale. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, Co,-nxy Wjuhwbsaw, ss. kJ In the matter of the Estáte of Judah R. MeLean, late of boM Counly dcceapcd : Notice is heruby i'iven, that in pnrsuance of an Order granted to the undersignfld, Administrator of the estáte of sníd deceased by the Hou. Judge of Probate, of wild County, on the tenth day of June, A. I). Í885, thero will be eoM at Public Vundiie, to tho highem Melder, at thedweHinz house on the premises, in saidCountv, on Tuesday, the fiitet day of August, A. 1). 1;.-,, at "two o'clock fn tho afternoon of that day. (subject to all encumbr.vuccs bj mortgago or otlierv.isc exisüng at the time of his deafti, and álso i nbject to the fight of dower of Mary I. McLean, the widow o!1 eaid deceased,) the followlng descrilicd real estáte, to-wit: Tho West HálTof the South-East quartcr of aacüon Bis, and all of that part of the West half of the North-E&st qttarter of section neven, lytag North of the Mghway, and lifteeu 42-100 acres, on the West sido of that part of the North-West quarter of tho North-East quartcr of sald section seven, lying South of the higfiwBy, all belñg in"tora three South of range four East, in the State of Michigau. WILLIAM PRESTON, Administrator. Dated, June loth, 1305. mis Real Estáte for Sale. OTATE of MICHIGAN, Coüy Washtenaw, bb. O In the matter of the Estáte of David Lapham, late of the County of Wastuenaw, in the State of Mirhi mm deccafod : Notice is hereby givcn, that in purenanoe oí an order grantcrl to tho undereigned, executor of the estáte of said David Lapham, by liie Ilon. Judge of Probate for the Connty of Washteuaw, on the twentysecond day of May, A. D. 1S5, there will be sold at Public Vendue, to the highest bidder, at the dwcllinf house on the premises herciuafter described, in the County of Waghtenaw, in said State, on Tuesday, the elevcnth day of July, A. D. 1S65, at two o'clock iu the afternoon of that day, (subject to all encumbrauces by mortgage or othenvise existim; at the time of the death of said rieceased,) the following described real estáte, to-wit : Thirty acres off from the south end of the east half of the north-east quarter of section hveuty-seven, aud the sonth-west quarter of the sontheast quartcr, and the east half of the south-east quarter of section twenty-seven, containing one huudred auri twenty acres more or Ies6, and the north-west qnarter of the north-wcst qnarter of section thirty-flve, contaming foity acres more or less, all in townsbip one south of range Beven east, In the Suite of Machinan W ALTER D. C0JÍKON, Exwiitor. May 22d, 1SC5. Vm& Estato of Abram N. Fox. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, CÖjfNTï or Wasiitenaw, ss. O Notice is hereby given that by an order of the Probate Court of the County of Wasbtenaw, made on the twenty-third day of Pebmary, A. I). 1S6S, six months from that date were allowed for creditors to ivcsenl their claims against tlie estato of Abram N. Fox, late of said Couuty deceased, and that all creditors of sai iincased, are required to present their claims to sa; Probate Court, at the Probate Office in the City of Ann Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or before the twenty-third day of August nest, and that such claim will l)e hcatcl before said Probate Court, at any of its sossions, on or before that day. HIKAM .1. BEAKES, Judge of Probate. Dated, Aun Arbor, April 2-2d, 1866. " 1018 Mortgage Saïe. Pefault having been marie in the comlitimip of a jnrirtííac maile by Heiiry C. Fisk and wife, to John Ua onjKirt, dated Oofober ls% 1859, recorred April 6. 1800. at four c'cUck in the anemoon, in the Register of Heed's office for the Coutity of WaBhtebaw. Miclii gdn, in IJbcr 2ti of mortgages, on pago fil-t, upon which there is clairaeii due at thU date, the sum of soviii hundred and twenty-seven and fifty one íiun cüjedtha dollars, and the f urther sum of five hundred dollars and interest thereon from tlit flrst dav ol Oe tober, 1864, hereafter to bocome due, for the reeoverj of which no proeccdings have hitherto been taken either in law or oquity: Therefore, noticeis Kefeby gtVea, that ly virtueof a powei in sald stpetgage con taint'd, for the purposo of reuliínsí the money iifore said duo, toffcther with accruin intetest an1 cots of forecloBure piovidcd for in saivi inortgRge, I, the said mortgagee, shall, on the thïrtieth day of June. 13G5, at toa o' dook in tho Vorcnoon, at Ue Court House ín the City of Ann Arbor. ín said County of Wftshtenaw, (the of holding the Circuit Court for said Courty) seïl at public vendue, the prtemisea described in said mort-'age, to wil : All thpaé parcela of land sitnate in the towtu&lp of Manchester, County of Waslitonaw, Michigan kn-iwu and described as follows; The uorth half of the north half of the north east ijuaiter oi'seetiou nmnUer tlnrty-tliree (;,3) in townhip uumber four (4) sputli of range number three (3) east, enntaining forty acros of Land bc the same more or !ess: Also tlie middle part of the nortli half of the Horth-west quartex of sectinn nrnnlipr thirty-four (3A) intownslrip eimber foiw (4) nonth of r&nge nutober three (o) east, bounded ön the uorLh by lande oí' Fn-dcric Vahntine, and on the fouth by lands forraerïy soiil and deeded by said .Io!m l'avenj.ort t Enos Lytle, and enntivming thlrty-nine acres of land, be the same inore or less. JOIIX DAVKNPOBT, llnrigngee. E.B, Woon, Atiorney fcr rn-rtgagfe. Datod, Marcb 30, I8C5. 1003 td WAR THE PANSC HAsTgöMMENCED, Ann Arbor is one of the first feo thvow out inducements íov Peonle feo 6ET 000DS OHEAF. All of the Mcrehants nro on tho loofcout. and are buying goötLs at the lowcst possible rates,and each one gets liïs own varicfy ut articles. is one of the PRETIEST PLACES in tho STATE, and well supplied with m mufacturin in!.eresls fbf tho country gi-iicraily. Thero are T2 Ihy ( ooils Storgg, 4 or 5 Hardware Stores, 6 or 8 Clothing Stores. 3 Hat Stores ü Shoc Stores, and a lia f Shoe Shops, 8 Jowolry Stores, 5 or 6 Provisión and Grocary Storep, add 4C';ibinct Ware Rooms, 4 or 6 linke Shops, 4 ïTrvr ness Shops, 4 Frinting Presses, and all kinds of Manuf;ic;urinjï Kstabh -hmeuts, too numer'ous to inenti-in. - The wholo fiurrounding country wiJI do well to give Ann Afbor a callt tin tl after lookiog around, all arozind for your -ANDGEOCEEIES, don'tforget tocallat C. R THOMPSON'S STOEE, Corner Main and Washington Sireets, and he wih try and givo you prtoea thai wilt satisfy. . Ho is recfiving goods bought at tho lowcst possible pïJcoe, and wfll try and satUfy na fara; he eau. The MOTTO Is "LIVE AND LET LIVE." "Help your ncighbor and you help yourself. " I am conlidcnt of the result. CHAKLES B. THOMPSON. April, Ï865. 3ralC05 Rifle F actor y! Beutier & Tra ver, [PuccesRoiK to A. J.Sutlievlnnd,] Manufacturera of and Dealers in Gun6,Pistols, Ammunition. Flasks, Poteches Game Bags, and Everj otlier article iii that Line. All kinds of mSTuSk.mClST Gr done at the whortest notico, and mthebest rannner. & fallassortmonialwayskept on hand aud made order "ÖiS Shop corner Main and Washington streets. Ann Arbor,Oct. 8j 1362. STGtf HOWARD ASSOCIATIOW, rniLADFLI'HIA, PA. Dlsenses of tile Nervoiïs, Seminal, tTrlnnry anti Scxul SysienisiK'w aml roli:iblo troatmont- In rejiorta of the HOWARD ASiOCIAÏION- Seat by mail in seale'l letter envelopcs, free of cfiorge AtWrcss Dr. J. SK1LL1N HOUCHTO.M, Howald Attodiation, No. 2 South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, lVnnsylvanla. j'JSs A KN'AUE riAN'O-ono of the best i.-iatrunients mad- entiret} nev. Iüiluire at tho ARGUS OFFICE. Estala of Alfrcd W. Churchill ' O Atasossiouof the Probate Court lor tl ,. ï ■ ■■; ;.::■ htcnaw, hokleu at the Probate 0; ',,'"""? City of Aun Arbor, on Thursday, the ' '.' "i S mmtl-y,ur „uo thou.and cfehtiSÜiS il, Beakes, Judge ot l'r,,],,,.,. e matter of the Estáte of Altai WmS On reading nd ffling the petMon, duiv „rir , Haanah 8 rhm-d.ill, praying thal !i '; „, .ric'1:.01 ornóme other saltable pereon, mav beaiSLÍTO mintetrator on the estáte of said deceased M M' Thereupon it Is Ordered, i luit Mondav thp teenlh day of Jnly nest, at ten o'clock i„ theS' noon, bc assujucd for the hearing of said ïvw K' that the heire at law of said decèased, andaüoaS m sous interested in said estáte, are required ' lo „Z !K'N a sessioi. „f saW Court, tlien to bc 'holden it R' bate Office, ín tl;. City of Am, Arbor, a Í'' if auy there be, why the prayer of the petitionw 8h3 not be granted : And it is further ordered thí 5 pcimonor give uotice to the persons iutoresto, , a estáte, of Sic pendency of sil politlón „, ,, '",,8aii pgthereof, by eaitóng" a eopy of thta Order to Shed m the Michigan Arrjw, a newspaper nrtatí; circulatins in said County, triree sncceLivè Staïï? nous to said day of hearing fc llreCA truc ebpy.j HIRAM ,T. BEAIÍES , Judseof Probate. Estáte of Lyman Corbin. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, County of WaAtenaw M O Al a sessipD of tbc Probate Court for the ComS'S Waehtenaw, bolden fit the Probate omv in the ■ , Ann Arbor, on Monday, the nlneteenth da-y of il il toeyear onc thousaud eight uindred anddztM Pi'esent, Hiram J. Beakes, Jnd-e of Probate ■ In the matter of the Estáte of Lj-mau Cortil de On reading and flling the petition, duly verlficl „, V, alter D. Cprspn, praying thatacertain IustnuS,? on flle .11 this Conrt, purportrag to be the last WfflnS '■"""i oí said deceased, may bc admittcfl to . Thereupon it is Ordered, that Monday, the spVpi, teenth day of Jnly iicxt, at ten o'dock in the forimZ beassiftiiul for the hearing of aaid petition, and ffl the le.'iiteus, devisees, and heirsatlaw of said den. 1 ald all other persons interested in said entatc w„ quiredtoappearatasession of said Conrt, then to ' holden at the Probate Office, ia the City of 'vmi A w aud show cause, if auy there be, why tbc privernf m, petitioncr shonld not be granted: And it is fit tWr ordercd, tbat said petitioner eive uotice to the prreon, interested In mtil estáte, of the pendency of 8aS wa' tion, aud the hearing thereof, by cansina a cupy of S Order to be published in the Mi-I,i,,an ïrmu i ,,„. paper, printed and circnlatiiig in said Cot'inty thr successivc weeks previous to said day of liearins CA true copy.j 1IIRAM J. BEAKES 1014 Judfrc of Probate. Estáte of Moses Rikseckef. STATE oi.-MIcniGAN, Couktt of Wwfaxi n At a sermón of the Probate Conrt for(hcA,„'n, of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Ofc in thora' of Aun Arbor, on Tuesday, the tixth daj of j ' l the year one thonsand eight hnndred and sixu 8 Present, Uii-am J. Benkcs, Jodie of Probate In the matter of the Estáte of Moses Rïfoefter ie censcd, Angostos "Widenmann, Executor ofthc'w't WID and Testament of said deceased, comes inte (W and represints that he is now prepared te reuderlik iinal account as such Executor. Thereupon it is Ordered, that Monday, the third [lm of July neït, at ten o'dock in the foruuoon, be aiS ed for examïntng and allowing euch account araltta the legatees, devíseos, and heire at law of said ttetxami and all other persons interested in said estáte arer? quircd to nppcar at a sessión of said Conrt, tiren tot holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Aiiu ArboT in said Coanty, and show cause, if any there be, whí the Baid account should iwt be allowed And it i fnither ordered, that Laid Executor give noticc to th! pegöns interested in said estáte, of the pendam of said account, and the hearing thereof, by cauahurn. of this Order to be published in the MM m Ï,,,1 ncwsiiaper printed and circnlating in said C' ihiw succcssivc weeks previous to said day of hearing. CA trae copy.) HIRAM .f. BEAKEÍ' 1012 Judgc of Probate. Estáte of Tiobert Wilkinson. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Cofktv of TTasütwa m k At a session of tho Probate. Conrt for thc Coiuttiii Washtenaw, bolden at the Probate Office, in theCilr of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the fifth dífyof jtotffi the 'c:r one thousand eight hundrexl audsiiljJre Present, Hiram J. Beakes, Jncfae of Probate In the matter of the Estáte of üobert Wiiansonj fecdnqr. Ofl rendift and flïing the petition, Mr rprified. of' Thomas Wilkinson, Onardian nnLo r-aid rai'nor, prarini; thnt ho may be liceneed to sell certaiu red catite tf. loBgtng to 8:iH minor. Thcroupon it is Ordorod, tliat Mond;, thc 241S day of Jury ncx', .at ten ovlock in thc fbrruoon, bé asslgBed for the hearing of said petition, and that thc noxt of kin of saM minor, and all otber persons intfr. ested In said estáte, are reqired to apj.eii at a w.-inn of said Conrt, then to be holden at tho Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show canse, if anvthere be, hy the prayer of the petitioner shonld 'not be granted : Ami ït s farther orderea, that said petitioner L'ive notice to thc next of kin of saM minor, andsl! other persans inte'rested in saïd estaEe, of theiiendenfy of aí petition, and the Hearing therèof, by cansingi copy of this Order to be pnblished in the MHian Arru?, a newspaper, printed and circnlattaü. in m Coimty, tlu'ee eucocssive weeks previons to said iiy of aearing. (A tnie copy.} IIIRAM J. BEAKES, 1012 Jtidge of Proteto. Estáte of Eli Riggs. QTATU OF MICHIGAN, Cotnti ofWito? t At a session of thc Frótate Conrt fnr the Coimtjoi Washtenaw, holden at the Pi-obate Office, in tteCjtj of Ann Aïbnr, onvThnrsday, the eighteenth daj of 51:.';in the year one thonsand èijrht htmdred and ixtv-fiïê. Present, Hieam 3. Bzakeb, Jndge of Probate. ' In the matter of the estáte of Eli RL"gs, dPitwed. On reading and flling the petition, dnry vcrijeia Alidrow Vi". tlirga, Arlmiuistrator, priiyingtliatleimy ertain real estáte, Vijeroafi eeased tliod scizcd. Thereupon it is Ordered, th:'.r MondAy, thethiniday of Jiily next, at ten o'clock in the : -fitrneó for the hear rg of said petition, and that the leirsif law of said deceased, and all other persovfi hitertsted in said reqnired to appear ataacssioaol eaid Conrt, then to he holden at tóe Probate 0M, ia the City of Ann Arbor, and sho caas,i!uiytbe be, why the prsyer of the petitioner phould not bs granted: And It is fnrther ordered, that xM petitioier jïive notice to the persons interested iu sait cátale, of tlie pendoncy of said petition, and the hearing therwf, i by cansing a copy of this Order to be pablisnedm-fta mchlnan Jntis,aBew?paper, prmted and circulaugj in said Connty. four eneceeeiTe weeks prevïonptosia dav of hcariiiL'. CA trne copy.) HIRAM 3. BEAKES. luln Jud'jc of ProbOT. ■Estáte of Elmkim Walker. STATE OF MICHIGAN, CVhnty of Wab At a Bession of the Probate Court for the CcrantrM ■Vashten.iw, holden at the Probate Office, in the CUï of Ann Albor, oh Monday, the twelfth day of Jiuie, i tho year ono tnonsand eight huudred and süty-ftïft Present, Hiram J. Beakes, Judire of Prt In the matter of the Estáte of Éliukim Walker, ceaseèb On reading and flling the petilion, dnly vcvififíM1 Nttncy Walker, praying Uiat she aud Albert L. Walker, or Borne other suílable person, raay be appüuUcdAomSuistrator on the estáte of saïd deccased. Thereupon it is Ordercd, that Monday, the tcnttidiï of Jnly next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, beassaK for the hearing of said petition, and that tbeWW Hv of saia öeceased, aucl all other persej - :Uc, are requïred to appear at aseesionw said Court, theu to be, holden at the Probate Office. the City of Ann Arhor, and show canse il' an} " be, why the priyor of the petitioner shouid uot grauted : And it ís further ordered, that said petitiou idvB notice to tho peifons interested in said Mt? the peudeucy of eaid petition. and the hoariug tterew by causiug a copy of this Order to bc prtbliïhcd r Michigan Argv, a newspaper, printcd and circulatDL'in p;üd Couuty, three Bncceesive weeks previous to ffl rtav of hearing. CA trne copy.) IIIJRAM .1. liEAKES, 1013 Judso of ProEstáte of Danfortli - Minors. QTATB OF MICHIGAN, Ootntï (H-Wasbtena. O Al a sesslon of the Probate Court for tlic Cow" Washtcnaw, holden at the Probate Oftice, in (nc W. of Ann Arbor, on Friday. tbe nintl'. day of.Ja!uM year onc tbousnud eTht hnudred and pixtvW Present, Hiram j. lieakes, íTndge of ( rth In the matter of tbc Estáte of' Daniel F. D'0 and Elieabeth F. Danforth, minors. .. , . Ou readiuK and filtng the petition, dnly Tenlieo, Mary Danforth, Guardian unto said minors, I1!" that she may be licensed to sell certain real eeWlc longiug to Siücl minors, . , . Tlierertpon it Ds Orderod, that Monday, Hip teDtp of Jaly next, at ten o'clock in the foreuoon. beil1; far the hearing of said petition, and thattlieiK' kin of said minors, and all other person? interstea said estáte, are required to appear at a BesBiW (il . Court, then to be holden at tho Probate Office, m '" Ciivol'Aim Arbor, and eliow tatise, if anytnerew why the praycr of the petitioner shonld ""'"p!,, tod: And it is further ordered, that snWlW" give notico to the next of kin, aild all otlier A, terestod in said estáte, of the pendency of eftw Pl '" , aad the hearing tbei'eof, by caiieng a copy of tnis t to be pnblished Lu the iriWn' ,an Ar.j, s. anouW; prlnted and circulating in said Connky, three epwj) weeks previous to said dav of hearjsg. (A trae copy.) IIIRAM J. J'.EAKE; 1013 Judge of Pro Mortgago Sale. WI IERRAS, ilefault has been m.iilr i the wnW' of ;i cei-tain Indcnturo tti Morlgnfe, m' , „. . .1 otl ihe ffrst a,iy uf April, A. I). 1Í57'.X3' tlian D. FiiBilick. to m the undersigDed, wille "- gnge was diily recorded on the sevenlli 4ï "' 'j-,(, aioresanl. ir. Lihcr No. Í3 o'. Mortgge,oii ?WV in theOffloe of tho Register of Powls an.l M"V" ;. in and for tho Couuty of Washtonsv, allllf '.I Michisan , and, wlu reas, there is now du'n '' " '(l on said Mortgage and Bond accümpaniugtlie rtf of the sum of $3,257.20, incliuling an AttcmoP D0 ES, m provided for in said Mortgage, nrd lv""Jit1i,. suit or pioceedings at law in efjuity, 'lfï Df stitiited to recover tiie sanie or any part lcl?'jlA j tlisrefore, notice is hereby give", thut by Tin power of sale m said Mortpiye coiitaini'd,. ' , „f, a-pnblieauctiontothc hlgliest liidöer . o" -J' . jj thelStb day of July next. at 12 o'olook, y01 : , day. at the front door of the Circuit Cuur' ', the ( :ty of Ann Arbor, in sait! Couuty of n" ?w I the pie mises describert in Baid Mortgage,Jf" í'iVrij IJist half of tbe South-West Quarti-r, ÍK1: 3 jfïj of the North-Wesl Qnartrr, [wf ,, voifr indthc Soutli half of the Kast half ul "' e CW West Quarter, fS'á of F. ol K WMJ "" 4rf No. ten. [10.) in ïownship No. four, W. 9c Rn-ngeNo. flve,[S]East ; the said insdSí'EÍJftlI laai, aúd sftuated in the Coimty 01 na.w, aforewaid. W. A. Moohe, Atty. rorMortgmgee.


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