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l'ubliKhoti 'veiy Kriday morning,in thcthirdatory o tlie bricli lilnck.oorncrof Main aml Hurón Sta., AN AR1ÍOU, Micli. Entrauceon ILuron Street, oppusitfthe frankliu. ELIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher Terms, $' OO a In Advnnce. Ailvcrtlslng- Onosíjuitre (12 Unos or less) , one wi)k,?5ceiits;'tlire week $1.50 ; and 25 cents for taíf imertion there ifter,losa tlian thrce montlisDue aullare 3 mos $4.00 l Quarter col. 1 year $20 One S(i na re 6 mos 0.00 ]l Half column 6 mos 20 Oqc square. 1 year 9.00 Half column 1 year 35 Twoau'res fl mol 8 00 One column 6 moí. 36 T,vo ii're 1 year 12.00 One column 1 year 60 Cnvdsin Directory, not to exceed lourlines, $4.00 TUnttMÍ to the estent of quavtrv colnmn ,regnuJVturouglitucytar, willbe entitledlo Uaxv tlu.r eirdsin Directory without extra charge. "Si1 rertiseiuents unaccorapanieJ by wiiHenor rcíbal lirectionswillhe publialiod until orJered out, .Ton. P'rl..tlns-'l'1'1-ts' nraT,B!1SríCir,C."'armí 4 witli promanes, and in the best stvle. C.rdLw=hTO a Regles f" liÜÜiis hort notie. Clland seejsamples. ROOK BïiiöIIVG-oniocteawUli leOTiceisf.


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