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The Rain

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All niglit long the clonds were Weeping, Great round tears QÍ falling rain ; All night long the wind was sobbing, As if naturo's heart was throbbing, With a mighty buist of pain. How the great trees of the forest, Tossed their long arma to and ño ; llow llie trembling branches quivcreil, While the air aroimd was shivered, lnto thrilliug notes of woe. It would seem as f sonie anguish, Huid the earth, in wrilhing pain ; But I knew that on the morrow, She would riso trata out her sonow, Strenger, fairer for the rainO, tbo wealth of verduro 6pringing, lnto life and strength and liglit; Every seed and bud is swellin, And "the beauty in them dwelling, öoon will open to our sight. Soon the winds will die with sobbing, And the clouds have ceased to wejp ; For the spring repeats the story, Re&urrecliou unto glory, From the winter's dreamless sleep. All our knowledge comes with sorrow, Faith is, stiengthened by our fears ; And our life is better, purer, Love is sweeter, heaven is suror, Thronah the discipline of tears. M. E. S.


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