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A Yankee Among The Rebels

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meriden, Miss,, May 14. Sittitrgfln the porch of a one-story hotel in Menden, Miss., I very naturally feil in wifch sotne curious chsracters. The general topic of conversatioa seemed to fee how all this came about." Officers and privates wiioglod miacellaneously, and I being a irTaokfie in citizen's clotbes, and the only onc present, enjoyed tho fuil bonefit of the recital oí opinions. # # # # Ono strappiog young fellow, witü M. O." on his gray hat, attracted my attention. A finer formed man I liad nover seen, and I opened conversation with hiui. " Hev yoa got airy postage atamps, sir?" " A few." " t want to write to the old man, telling him I'm all right. I can't go back home you know, under the cartel." " Wbore do you live P' " Well, dad lives ia Missouri, but I was born ia Ohio, nd lïve iö Chicago. m teil you how it was," said he, with an incomparable wink ; " you see, I bad a little business down South whou the war began, so I carne down and went into the army. I had heard that the South was the garden spot of the world j and dad owtred niggers, and go I come. Well, I got detuiled the fitst day kuowed, and got a beef contract out of them - for I was a packer aad drover in Chioago, you know - and so I haven't struck a lick or stood guard. I didn't havo but iive thuusaud dollars when Dick ïaylor went up the epouti I had a drove of catlle once - of the Confederaoy yu know - but" (another wiuk) " soitie three hundred head was sold to the citizens. Confedérate money warn't no account to me, so I got a íow of these."' Ilere íbllowed tho elüíjuent chink ot a pocket fullof gold. " I have got a littlo pieco up in VTiHconsin," (hei e a decidedly loviug look,) "I have; and, if I know mytelf, I guess I can get there. This hereoath ain'tgoiug to hurt me much." " What do you thiük of the country, anyhow ?" said I. " Think of it," said he ; " well, 1 have been all over it, buying oattle. " I wouldn't give Khode Island for the vvbole of Mississippi. The women either chew tobaeco or dip snuff, and thèy ain't civiligod, ior they don't know how to íive, aod civüization meaos eating and living oomfortably. You get out of a seven-by-nine house and walk a quarter to the well, aad waeh out of a basin, and wipe on a family towel, when they inight have a waehstaud in tho coruer," The more I couversed witfa this man, I noticed an improveinent in pronunciatiou and in manner. His orufly wink gave way to an opeij-eyed glance, and he wrote his name in the register in a cloar, round, business hand. So perfectly had he countorfeited thé look and gesture of the people, that I said to myself, " if a few moro liku }'ou would come down into this country, how thcso fertilo acres would blossom like gardens, and civilization commenee in earnest. " Why," said he, " I havo gono hungry into a poor houso, surrounded by negro cabins, and sat down to and hocniny, without milk or butter ; aud right in front of the door have secn a drove of cattlo feeding among the sturnps, among whicli were twenty oows. So, when the Yankees would burn clown bridges, it would tako them months to repair them. 'Why can't we build them as fast as the Yankees f" they used to ask me. ' Because you don't knbw now,' I told them. ' You don't know how to work, and the Yankees do, for they make their living thnt way,' The people down here are so infernal lazy that if it wasn't for the nogroes they would atarve." - Cor. N. O. True Delta. An uusuceessful lover was asked by what means he lost his divinity. "Alas?" eried he, " I flattered her unlil shü got too proud to speak to me." " Now, children, who loves all men?" asked a school-inspector. Tho question was hardly put bafore a little girl, not "our years old, answered quiekly. " All women I" Where soldiers have lost legs, feet or nrms in the war, the government helps them to this extent in getting artificial ones: $75 for legs; $50 for arms; $50 or feet.


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