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VV. P. BKEÁKBY, M. R ■pUY-ICÍAN AND SURUEON. Office d,',,. 1 Ulock, i aeo Eabt of Cook's Hufol 3 earnerof Huroa anti Divisiou : t.e.-t, llrM door v"" or l'resu.v twian CbureJi, Aton Arbur, Micliijm, ' W. E. LOCKARD, ' ATÏOHNKY AT UW AN1I NOTaKY ITSnn C( nveyancmt; and eollecling i.r..ipiT a,„'" to. Uffice in Ne Bluck, Eael of Cook'é Hotel i Arbnr, Micliiijan. ' iK JRt STUDIES. iia- oponed a cías in Oil Painting, lliotíijraplj iw Crayomng, Jtc. it Mrs. Putuam's, oppnsifï l'rof 7' ebell's. All visl!iOK nslructiun und all or'."", invito.! to cali. j,'1 PJROPÖSALS ' wülbo recCTel through Ann Arto' l'ojf Olücr on i. Prtnrday, July 15h, for bniiaing theuefcui,, of thenew M. E. Churoh n th.s city The ,1M ,j 8.ecifícit ons canbf: i ■ 11 al ti't-' office of Y,H.Mal)irArchitect Tlie building cniumiltea rfsertts e ñtito accept or rejoel any or ail proposak. Addreas 7..WRn, ïtlff Cliiitrrnan of FuiWing C'eiQmiuee. AW SCHOOL. OF HARVARD COLLEGE, (CUAXCE OF YAfc.WJONS ) TN Ihe Ae&femical Viar 1865-C6, there ure litotinm of Niuetean Wtrnka t-.cb. com,ncÍE Sitmm, ltta, lf6V and Milten 5h.l 6i. Tor Catalogue uad Circular liriss JOEI. PARKKR, J?„Z vfe,, Cambridge, M.b., July Ist , 155. 3,iO:( ' mJTTER WANTËdT I want for tlie NEW YORK MARKET! illtbeiiÜÜD BVÏTKR mae in tlie ComMj-, ftir vkiek ï will pay Casli orí IÍelívery, lor either l-arue or Smull Lotfl. JOHN Il.SÜYMD JulyTtb, 1886. :„lws ' JUAB.TERLÏ HEFO'Rf nf the coBdition f Ike First Natiun! BsiV oï Aej Arbor, Miohlgaa, un tlie movnin of iln first il;iy ot July, 1S05. RIWOUKCïS. [jOrds atld Discount Cï.9i.ï ü. S. iU-posited witli Truurei" U. S. to secureeirculat-ion.. 10,000 U. S. Houds deposüe-1 witli Treasurer U. S. to .sec-re deposrss,. yOjSW (TnitedLtatesBoufe na bau-1 550 Oil.crU. S. 3Burtieí 13,014 0 13,SMÜ Uue from Baiik swlBaubcrn ... MMI'i Legal Tender Notes ■ "1.4S4 l.irculating Notes of this Bainli.. . 673 CircuJating t( othcr National Ban'fs -10 lïrculating " Stalfe Panks 2,IV1 SI.WK RemittaDces and otber c:irtli itctus, 4,21M! iiarik Fiirniturii and Fixtiires.... l,0fi!ii Current Expenses itött ■ $K92Í 3 Í.JA.BILII1ES. cfiM St..cK sooon CiicalatiiiK N"teH Recivefl frops Comutrullcr 9OO0 Depoit 1B),H DirHands unpaid W Surplus 6156H ?. SOOOJS Kxcliange 57-43 l'roütau.l L..-s 277 5,'i Subacriptions to 7 3-10 í-oan. . ÍW 30,9i;!5 PTAÏE (IF' MKIÍiCAN', -C.r.viY OF VAi!n.NAW-, I, Chaiiea H . Ricbmona, Casïier of lUIMMMd Bank of Ana Arhor, do solfMnníy crtMr tb&Uliea'e statement trueto tbí be.-é of rav knowWge n4 - lieí. CBARfcES H. niCUMOSD, CishiB. Stfoi'n co anvl subacriiïeu bfftore me, Cliis tliird ilijoí .Tuly, A. D. 18Ü5. JamsS íf. li'jti ro.wos, Notary Public , Wasbtenaw County, Estato of Harriet L. Briggs, STATE CW MICHIGAN, CorNTY ok WasitoiusAt i sessioH of tho Probate Courfcfor tbe Cottntjíí Waehtenaw, hulden at the Probate Offi'.r, in II W of Arm Arbor, ou Saturday, the ilrst dfly of Jaly, i the year one thoitsand eight humlred and Ptsty-ÜTt Present, Hiraui -J. lieakes, Judg'e of Probate. lu the matter of the Estáte of Harriet L. Brij deceased. Amie Giles and Fanny Leach, Adrainistratoreol estáte, come iufco Court and represent that tbey t now prepared to reinier Ihek liöfü acconat u Administratoru. Thereupon il is Ordcred, that Momlav, tbe dfty of Jaly inst., at ten o'cltxk ín the fori'üuOD. be signed for examining aiui allowfag snel arfouBt,!10 that the heits al law of said deceased, anti all ulheirf sous intereHteo in said estáte, are reqnired toapp sessimi of sai4 Court, thentobe holden at the rw Office, in the City of Anu Arbor, in said Cornil;. = show CfHise, if an-y there be, why the said account J not be allowed : And it is rarther ordered, that said J?; ministir&tora give notice to the p'rsans iuU'restMifl (■-taie, of the iendeiui.y of said acconat and ibEW ing thereof, by causlng a copy of this enlcrtobcFcJ ltshed ia the Michigan .1í;(.s! a uewsp&per, priutcfl" eircnlaling in said ('ounty, three suoaesshe weet'f1' yiaxts to said day of heaiiag. (A trae copy.J ÍI1KAM J. BEAKES. 1010 " JndseofPro Es ate of William Smith. S' TATE of MICHIGAN, Coi nti oí W u At a session of the Probate Court fw the ■■ ui WashUjnaw, holden at the Probate M 'f - City of Alm Arbor, on Saturday, the first (tav '[.. the year one thousand eight hundred aud ai1.'"11 Present, HiramJ. Beakes, Jndge of Frobatí. In the matter of the Estáte of William Sm K' ceased. .. 0{ On reading and filinc the potition, SZm Washingtou Buen, prayiag that Cbauiici J",„u E be appomted Adniiuistmtbr on the estt16 ot cenaeo. tVa u Theveupon it ia Ordereci, thnt Moy. ' Z. day of Jnly inst., at ten otlock in ilif f"n'00?ï,.! V elgned for tlie heariiifr of said potition, cin'r; hèirs at law of said decéased, and all otlu'f VctT terested ba said estáte, are rerjnired to app11" Vh,,. (don of said Conrt, then to bc holden a' ""tZ. j Offia-, in the City of Ann Arbor, and eW En ííds there be, why the prayer of the petlUOB crwj not be granted : And it is further 9retüjii petitioner give notice to the persons ?SíMíestáte, of the pendency of said petition, 1U1 ltftiiuií ihricol1, by cauijing a copy of litis Order 9 jj lislied iirthe Mirhiflan Aryus, n DewspjpBi P"2T( drculating in said Oonnty, three suixesfire ■ vious to said day of hearuitr. ,.rc (A truc copy.) llIKAM J. BB.A KKJ 1016 ,Iu(!-"' otf[, Eetate of Nelson Heaky. ( STATE OF MICHIGAN, Cm sn "'w"rf,Liv Notice is hereby giveii that by au orde' "'.-iii bate Court of the County of Washtenaw, nis " thlrttetb day of June, A, D. 1805, fis that date were aïïowed for creditors to 1'" „(íí cl.nins against estáte of Nelson Hcalcy.i;"' " Couuty deccased, and thai all creditors of sa SJ re r.niii.i te present theirclaims to ff m Conrt, at the Probate Offl.-e in the City "" ■ , fór examiuatioQ and allowance, ou oï j thirtieth day of December next and ':'-. claims will 'Ik' heard beforo said Prolww lïv ■- Saturday, the seventh dayof October. and ", ": tliinietli dayof Deoembar nes, at u-a o'r"XK ferenoon, of each of rhowe davs. _mhJit HIRAM .1. BB IKES Jttdge ef twj l'aicd, Aon Arlior, Jne 30th, 1S. 4r?i Es' ato of Froderick Losch. ST.VTEOb'MICIIIGAM. Col s rv oí' W'"ir fioNotice ia hereby "ven, that by an orden ' ,,, bate Court of the County of Wasfcteaaw. ma " n; seventh day of June, A. 1), 1965, ?x moninf lr) date wete allowed for creditors to present tmr i J agalnst the estáte of Frederick Loscli, W'Zi Cuatj ójeceasepl oockthal all creditors i "I1, ",,„, fcí' are vequired to present their claims t" í:" i,K, Court, at the Probate office In tie Otj ''' ■;" ,j;rS' fbr exmninatlon and allowanec, on or ni ". ■, enth day of December iie.M, and üiat ')?V;„„ tb be heard before said Protaíe Court, on s''";cii uiuth day of September, and on Thtirsday 'me iU ui December sext, at teu otlocfc 11 tue"1" each ot those daya HIRAM J. BEAKKS, Jndgco j it 1. inr i ■■ t, Inai rh. i-1


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