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Dangerous Utensils

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Professor Mayer, of tho Maryland College of P'narmaey, sa}7s tbat the common red pottery, which s thickly glazed with red lead, is not fit to coutaiu anything that is to be uscd as food. He states that a cilivwn of Baltimore Couoty recently lost two children, who were poisoned by eating apple butter that had bcea fcept u a glazed red inilk pot. His atteution baviug boen oalled to the caeu, he makes a report, in which he says: - " After protraoted analysis, I exti'Hcted lead ia the proportioa of twentysix aad a half grains of metal in one pouud of the apple butter, and tbis clearly explained tho cause ofthedeath of the children. The epideute 1 here pre.cont is important, aad legislation should be made prohibiting the utso of lead in glazing pottery ; lor shoul'l acid, alkaline, or even fatty niutters come in contact with tho glaze, it will dÍBSolve it ofl, and if not in sufficient quantity to produce acute symp turas or death, it will Heriously impair health, whilo the cause of the sufi'ering mny remain unk'own tr' tfcephyieD.'!


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