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Tl 11 AT E VKIlï BODY SAYS ! 1 PLUMEE & JENNINGS1 CAN GET VOU UI' A mciïliK SUXT OF CLOTHES THAN TOU CAN BUY ELSEW1IERE. .o - PLUMEll & JENNINGS eau 3?"X1 yo "TJ IYIUCH BETTER thau yuu can hope to be FIlTEU (Uewucre. PLUMEK & JENNINGS eau SELL LUW ER thauuny ulhur Firm in Arm Arbor, AND T11EY WILL DO IT. PLUMER & JENNINGS have on baad the Btöt assoitment or Furnishing Goods, this sillo oí New York, wbitih llipy will sell at pnces which wi.l inuuce all to buy . N. 0.- -GU'ay'a Patanted Molded Collar. Universal C1lars, .Satín Êuameled Byron Collar, (tbe tirst Byrop Knameltd Collar ever manufactured ,) Fiunch l'riuted Collar, Ward's Printed Collar, Le Beau Ideal Collar, (Imported] Carden City Collar, Satin En&melad, patent Button Hole, NVw York Excelsior Lineo Paper Coilars, F. A. If. k Coi lm pro ved P&per Collar, Maasasolt Paper Cullar, and iti fact everv dlspriptfon of 1'aptT ColI;ir.s luaaawjiared, conntantly oú hand in laie quaq Í tities. Sfcond AoorSonLib ui rubUoEqiwre, .Mam 8t , ' Anu Arbor, Michigan. 1007 tf Ttats, caps, AND STRAW COODS! JOHNSON 4 PIERSON have leceived the kwgêst stock oí W8i IÍD1Í over brouglit to thia rnaiket, wjiich they are sellin" ;it very LOW PBKB3. The stock consits uf- GENTS' SILK HAÏS- all stylca. GENTS' SOFT AND STIFF BK1M HATS. GENTS' AND BOYS' DERBY HATS GENTS' AND BGY91 CAPS- all kinds. GENTS' STRAW HATS. OHILDRENS' STRAW CATS AND HATS CHILDRENS' FANCY FELT HATS. BOYS' STRAW HATS. FÜRNJSHING GOODS. ÜMBUELLAS, CARPET & TUAVEL1KG BA GS. r ARASOLS. TRAVELING BAGS. HAVERSACKS. SUN DOWNS. SÜAKERS, aml in fací, all gooilfj pertafniDg to tiicir trade. JOHNSON & PIERSON. MAIN STREET, - - lolOtf - - ANX AEBOR THOMreOMJV Tfll HATTIR.1B - o - The LARGF.ST STOCK ia thi city. Tbe CHAEPKST HAT STORE iu the State. Au eutiroly new and splendid assortment uf MEISTS', BOYS', LADIES' AND MISSES' HATS AND CAPS, Flowers, Ribbons, GENTS' AND LADIES' COLLARS, PARASOLS, UilBRELLAS, TRUNES, VALISES, &c, &c. A general assortment in my line Cali in and osamiue for jourselves. No trouble to show guods. CLEMENT R. THOMPSON. IU'RON STREET, ANN ARBOR. CwlOlO A TWOOD'S DRILLING MACHINE, PILE DRIVER, HYDRATJLIC SAND PUMP. PRACTICAL TESTS liaving fttfly demonstrated the Kuperiority of this machine over all othpr for purpOM of sinking Üil Wells, the unlersigned is now prfpared io receive orders for tUc same. Thi machinery comirses everything requisite (or tho boring of oil wells, exeptingthe STKAVf PIN'ÏIXE AND CAST IRON DR1VINÜ PIPS, (but will be furnishetl, if desired, at a reaonable pnce;, and UspB. ses with the use of theDerrick Rope, Buil wlieel and other cumbrous and expensive fixtures nov in use, and ib so arrauged, being coü&tructed on wheelsand portatlfl tbat it cjn ba eaily removed lor the purpOtM "f sinldng wcIIr in difTorent localitiefi. THE (tKTKITls i.s removed f rom the well by our i'atent Uydiaulic process, md does not require the tvninval of tho drill from the boring. This process not only removes all the detritus iu from 5 tu 10 minutes, but likftwiM ftTectually clears out nn open.s all the fimnlloil veins thac ure o ofteo ontiiely closod up by tlie old process of sand pumping. WITH THIS MACHINE anda practical Lglnw, ft wcllcau lie sunk from 100 to fiOO (et within ji period of frm 15 to 30 days ftfter the uil pipe has been dríven. Arrangement are heiug made foc the construction and delivery of these uwqblnea at NTew Vork , Norwicb, Xewbnrg, N V. , aod Pifttbufg, l'enn. Fói furthpr ii'tbnnHtion, ])iicr, tcrin.T, &c,. adtrEK SIMEüÜ LKLAM), MïTRoroiiTAlv Hotki-, 3mi(W V'.ri, U. S. 7-30 LOAN. rr bied seüi s, $230,000,000. - o - Hy aulhoiïty al tho Secretar)1 i i the Tivasury, the LtudürsígueÁ, Iho Ueneial riubscriptiuu Agent lorthö ialeoi United States F ecuritice, offers tu tb public the third series of Treasury Note, hearing oven and tïireoti ut li:? l'i-v cent. intciest per niinuui, known as tiio 7-3O LO-AIST. 'fhoso nnlcii ure [Bsucd under date ofJul) 15th, 1SÚ0, mul aio payable three yeara from that date u currency. or are convertible at tlie optiou oi" tbx holder into V. S. 5-20 Six per cent. GOL.D-BEARING BONDS. These Bond ae qow waftb ImnflQipe premium mvI aró, jih are all the tirernmeot Boosb3 frarn State, Coun"jt and Municipal taxtHon, u-hlch add$ jVoui ie Lü threcper ceñt. per annum Lu thcir vaiue, ac urding to tlio rute lck-l uu on ulhcr pr]wty, Th in(erept ih iitvyublo emiauiumily by coupon attadjid to uach note, which. uiy Ut ent oiT ipd KCrfd lo any iaU or bunker, The InUitstai Í-3O per ccut uímouiiIh to One reut per du y un a &5O note. TwoccnU " " " $1OO " Tt(i " " " 5OO " &O 1( " (t " $1000 ' $1 ' S30QÜ " Notes oi all the denomina tions nanu'd wUl be noinplly furtiitsheil uiun receipt of subecriptiourf. TIn; Notes f tbisThird ferie aro pie Ittly siioil.u in lor m tmd prjyil t tlio toeven rhiitics iho;u] eold, except that the Ggyerament reservus io ftsvlf the ojitioii ot p.iying interest in gohl coíq al tí píí oent, 11stt;ail of 7 ü-10Lhá iu cuireJicy. Subscribers w i 1 1 d'cdíi?í tlie interest in curreney up to July löth, at tlie time when they subscribe. The delivt-ry of Uu; noten of thia thinl series ol tli Suveu tbirtit'H will commence ou the Int of June, and will be made proraptly aud cuntinuotiiily after that date. The sligl.t change made in the con-lilions uf tfai THIRD SERIES aEfecte only th miiftfruf interest. - rbepajmeat ingold, f madb, wifl be equivaloüt to the curreuey interest of the higlier rüte. The ïtturn to.-peciu payineuts, in the event of wliicii on!y wiïl tlie optum to p:iy interest i Gold boavailfl of j wuuld u reduce futd equalize priceif that purcliase-. madu with eix percent, m gold wouUl bo lully equar] to thoso jiiAde wiih b&viv asJ Uux't:-tenlli. i-er tt'nt in currt-ncy. Thie ia ÏHE ONLY LOAN IN MARKET now oH'ered by the Güvernment, and its superior advantages maLe it thu Grcat Popular Jjoanvftke People. I.ess tlian $230,000,000 üi the I.oau authoriied hy the last Cougrefs ire now on Uie mark et. This auiont, at the rate ut inch it is being absorbed, will all be Kubscribed fur witbin two months, wlien the aotes will undoubtedly e.onimnnd a preiniums lia umformly been the case uo cloaiugthe labsèrfptions to other Lo;ins. In order tliatcitizens oí every tóvu aud sectiou o( thecuuntry may bo afforded facilities fur tuking the loiiii, tho Natiunal liankf, State Bauk, and Private Bankers throughout the country have generally agreed to receive nubscriptions at jiar. Subscribers will solect their ora agenta, ia whom they have confidence, and who only are to be reaponsible for the lrlivery of the Uutet lor whlch they receive orders. JAY C00KE, SoflSCtUPTK Aiü.T, l'hüadelphia. May 16th,18ü5. SlllsCHUTIO.VS WiLL BB KECE1VED by the flRST NATIONAL BANK of Ann Atbor, and FIRST NATION'AI, ANK of ÏJiSiUatL 81009 HIST0RY OF THE WORLD. BY PHILIP SMITH, B. A. Que. of the principal Contributórs to the Diclionarirs of Grrrk and Roman Aulirjnitia, Biograpliy, and tíeo rapfi. PLAN OF THE WORK. SinctSir VValtei Kuleigh solacej hi.s imprisonmeut in the Tower by the comositiou of bis " Historj of tbe World," the Literature ol Kuglami bas never achieved tho wolk which he lelt unlinished. There have been " l'nivers:il Histories," from the bulk of an eucyclopaidia to the most moagreoutline, in which the annals of each nailon are separately recordad ; hut M-ithout au attempt to triice the story of Divine t'rovidenje and human prugress in one conuected narrative. It is prouofied to supply this want by a ivork, condensed enough to keep it within a reasonable size, but yet sofull as to be free from the dry balcues ofan epitome. The l.iterature of Germany abounds in hitory, - suchas thoso of Muller, Milosser, Karl von Rottock, Duncker, and othurs,- which at provethede mand for sucha boek, and furnish models, in some de gree, for it etecution. But oven those great frorks are somewhat deilcicnt n that organic nnily which itlie chtfl aiiu of this "Hist ry of the World." Thestoryof ourwhole tac, like thntof eich separ ale nation, has " a bezinning, a niidülejaud an cnd.': That story we propose to follow, fi om itsbeginning in the sacred records, and from the daivn of civilization in the Kast, - through thesuccessive Oriental Kmpires, -tho rise of liberty and the perfection of hcathen polity, arts, and literature in Greece and tl, e chamre which passi-dover thefaceof the world vhen the licht of christianity ppmuguji. - the origin an-i liist appearancv of those barbarían races ivlucli ovirthrew both divisions of the Romau Empire, - the an uals of the States whih rose on tho Enjpir's ruins ncluding the picturesque dutails ol' medieval hintory, and thesteady pntsrri'ss of ni(lein libcity nnd civiliri tion,- and Ihc extensión ol these mlluences, by dis covery. conquest, colonjzation, and Christian missions, to the remo test Tegton ot the eartli Ia a word, as separate histories reöect the detached scènes of human HCtion and sulftring, rmrailu is to bring juto one view the Feveral parts which assuredly form one great whole, movingonwards, uuder the gutdauce of Divine Providenofl. to the unknowu eud ordainod m the ]Jiv,ne purposes. N'ii (Miins wi',lbo apawd t mnka this history scholarlike in substance and popular in style. It will be iouuded on the best authoritics, aitcient and modern, original and secondary. ïho vast propress recently made in historical and criticalinvestigationii, the results ob) tainedfrom the modern Science of comparative philology, and the discoveries which have laid open uew sources of infofmation concerning the Kast, atïbrd such facilities as tomake the present a lit epoch lor ovr uudertakiDg. ThowoiK will be ilivided loto three Periods, each eomplete initself, aud will form KiuUt Vo-Itnnü m u-,u Outavo. I.- Ancien-t Histohv, Pacred and Bacillar: from Uu Creatlon to the Fallof the Westurn Empire, in A. W 4VH. Two vo unies. ' II.- MünixvAi. IIistokt, Civil and Ecclesiasíical ; from the Fall of tbe Western F.mpireto the t.iking,f (,nstantinople by theïuiks, iu A. 1). 1453. fwo Vol, umes. 111.- Moiikun ITlfTORY ; Irom the l'all of tho Byiayl ine Kmpire to our own'fiines. Four Volumes. II will bl'published iu S VOl. ft TO. Price in cloth J3 .50 per vul urne. Shvep, $4 'M . Il.ilf Mqpocco, S-5. 'olume 1 now ready. Agents Wanted in all parts of the Country. Applications Bhould be made at on' e to the Pubüshers. D. APPLE.T0N & CO., 2amtfi88 4 13 & 44 1 Broadwa y. N . Y pull ANY AKTICLE -opReady-Made Cïothing, -OR FORCTTSTOM WOEK ! No mattei what youf posfiionor ocenpatiou, Captain, General, Majo? (ii', or "-A.xxy otlior ]VCix," -CAl.L ATNo. 5, Headquartcrs. - n - PliUiKS, STYI .VU. QCALITY, anrl i ITS, that cantbr t'nt by am 6u, imliMi ' M. 01 fi I RN v ' 0 TULIUS BAUER & CO., Crcjvt Piano Forte and Melodcon EMPOEIUM! WAREROOMfe IN " CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE," ea Washington stueet., 't(tw York Ware-rooms, CöO Broadway. Whoiesale Agent for the U. S. fur WM. KNABE & CO'S ClíLliíiüATED Grold Medal Piano Fortes! A to tlie rolative mprit-s of th"e l'IAN'OS, we would refi'r to tht Cert ificatcs of Kxceilenco in our possassion f nun 'IHALBKUG, GOTTS STUAKOSCII, R. ÜATTEK, , V1EUXTKMPS, L.OUIS ST4BB and E. MVZIO, M. iml Director f e ltalian Opera, os also Trom soino of the miut (Jistinguisned Prufoinor and Amateurt la Uie couutry. All Instrumonts guarautecd fot tice yeatt. AUiO, A(,'KK'J3 FOB SOEB1ÏLER & SM1TH, BOAUJM AJV & ÍÜRAY, A. 11. GALË &CO., Amlotlierl''lisl Class Piunos. W have the W ROEST jid BESÏ ASSOBIED STOCK .1 NANOS IN THÉ CITY, h,ch fi.r Power and Sweit;Cso( Tone, Kjikv apfl Agietable Toucli, ndUuauty of I' InlBh, liavu, by judges, boi-u rououuced unrival ed. Particular attonliou paid to the scleotion 01 nstruments I'ür distant order 8, aud a ï.rivilcgo of exclmnfrc rrautc! at nj time within six nionthi , if the Ofitrumtut ftliould uot prove entirely satiffaetory A llhtntl ittcougitoCleigymea, Teacher ana Schools leims liberal. WUOI.KS.U.F. DÍAI.K1ÍS will (hul it tu tl.cir advanagc to gin us a cali, as by greatly ncreusid facilitie ve aro enabled tu lili orders with dis]atcli a I'ersou in want l,i a RliAU.Y FIKST CI.ASS 'IAN0 will do woll to cali belore purcbasiDg clseWHOLESALE AGENTS FOR CARIIART.NE.ËDHAM&CO'S tlCLKHIl ATE D HAHMONIUMS, MELODEOÜS, ■A-3STX3 OJEHLt-A.3Nrs„ ALSO FOK OEOKGE A. PIUNCE & CO'S MELODEONS and ORGANS, iiaiiufacturcrH nud FmpectAn oí MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ! Strings, Accordeons, Violins, Clarinets, Drums, Guitars, And otüer Musical Merchaadise, Tho Silvkr and Braps Kstrcments, of our iuhdu'acturc and Importation, are used by most all of the iest Bands in the United States , and whenever exhibitcd lava altrays rect'ivud the Gold Mecíais aml PttBMIOM. gr Havinpcnnnection witb Mnnufacturini; House n Berlín, l.sipsic, Dro.sden, Kngland and Paris, wc are prepareê to furnish DEALERS, BANDS and INDIV1DÜALS, with everv article in tbis lino, attliüloweBt raanufacturers1 prlceB. 11EJIEMKEU THK PliACB, JÜLTÜS BAUER & CO., G9 WASHINGTON STREET, CHICAGO, - - - - 1L-L., 1012 New York Warerooms, C50 Broadwaj. A RARE CHANGE TO BUY GOODS CHEAP! I have in store a f uil stock of staple aud FANCY DE Y GOODS, A full liue of D031ESTICS and CHOICE GROGERÏES ! ! All purcha t;eil siuca tlie WAR CLOSED! And owiug to cireiuust anees bejoaá my coftUo] . wisb to make au Immediate Sale of the Stock. CASH BUYERS eaa foor a ftlMi waets hae go&tíi at about TIIEIll OWiN PRICES! J. H. MAYNARD. May 5lh, 1665. 1007tf . ■ - ■ - . DEMEMBER G. W & E. SNOVER'S li thf Norfif dowoi Grpgwy'i Wi'l1'"fh f i hmi i ssoïii


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