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The Fruit Region Of Illinois

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The Peona Farmer publishes an account of a trip to the fruit rogion of that State. Cobden, or South Pass, is the principal fruit depot. In this región tbere are about 200 acres of hearing strawberries, hut tle erop this season was serkusly injurod by the late April ffost. But tbe shipinents commonced at the rate of 80 to 125 bushels per day, and in tho hight of the season they were sent off by tho oar-load. In largo fruits one planter has 20,000 p&ach trees, 8,000apple, aud 5,000 grapevines,. besido sorae acres of the small fruits. Anotber haa 2,600 peach trees. Several planters have orohards ; and, ín general, a fino' yield' expected. At ÜVfakanda, one planter sold his peach erop in a single season for $12,000. Another'man near the station bos 150 acres in fruit,, with 18,500 peacb; 3,000 apple, 500 pear trees, 12 acres of grapes, &c. Another grower has 10,000 peach trees, another 6,000, aüother 3,000, sev' eral others 3,000, and one bas from 6,000 to 8,000 apple trees, Several other growers have more limited orchards. At Du Quoin on a grower has 8,000 poach trees within twelve miles around there ara 3otne 16,000 peach trees. At Gentralia one has 112 acros mostly in peaches. Another bas112 acres in fruit, and has about 30,000 grape vines. Other large growers are in this vicinity. Tlie grape vines, and indeed all the fruit trees, bushes and nes, aro in a flourishíng condition.


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