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First, I get a broadside view of tbe animal, at a distanco of about two rods, as I have noticed for years that tbcre wÁ a great similarity in the general proportions of all first-class milkers; beiug very small in girtk juat back of their forward lega as compared with the girth just forward oí their hips. I have never known a fi-sb-rate milkor, of any breed, not thus proportioned ; bo that if this forra is wanting in an animal I have reoommonded to me, I do not oare to look at hor moro, un'ess I want a breeder for .o other purposo than the dairy. Por breoding oxen I should want a cow of reverso proportions, i. e., larger girth forward. I nest feel the sho of the " milk veins," and traco tliern to their entrance into the chest, which, in superior oeews, are Inrge, admitting the ball of the largost fingcr; if dividüd, or subdivided, as is sometimos tho easo, I judge of the sizo of each orifico, as I caro lesa for the s'zo of tho vein itself, thaa the orífice. - Next, I examine by sighfc and touch, tho udder or bn:,, whieh must be oapaeious, in order to hold nmcli railk,. wilhteats wide a]íarl and' freo trom large seed warts or sores of any, lüind ;. I then inquire how long she goe dry before-calving, as t don't vant a family cow to pvo milk lesa than 40 weeks out of eyory 5:2; also as to tho qualitj of the milk nnJ to close, I milk her with my own hands. - i Vcrmonter,


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