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Real Estato for Salo CTATR OF MICH JOAN, Coi.nty of Waíhteuaw. BS L. -O In the matter of the Estateof Iluten E Wolcötl 'of the Connty and fjate afonftald, a minor; Notice la hereby K,ve, tot ?n pm-suance of ad order Ki-..iii, ,1 to the undenjgiwL Guardian of the éstate of siid miijor, BJ the IIoii. .Jiul-o ol Probate, for the f'ounty of M'ashbe soldat PabUc Vendue, to the hurhogt bidder, ut the HwUfag housa of Mre. Ilarriet Wofcott, in the town of York, in sniil county, onWedneaday, theeixteeuth d.iv 0 August, A OW, al one o'clock Ui the afteniooïi of that dny, (subjeet to all encmnhraiicus by mortirago m olhonvise radstiog at the time of ale,) the foUowi ia iworlbed real eetate, to-wit , Flfteon arres on the Eastaide „( u10 West half of the Bast half of the -orth-W ojuirter, and on the West half of the Bant hall of the West qnarter ofseotJod thirty-two, In towuship loursonth of tange tbc Kast, in the State of Michigan, being thé same land paruttnnéd to said minor, by ConjaHssioners appotntad for thut pumose, bythc Probate Court of said Countv, as appeaxs br their report filed in the Probate Offlia of said County, on thoL'.thday of July, A ü 18S3 ... . T „ JOSIAH HATilAWAY, Guardian. Datad, juno 2ah, i -os. iou Real Estáte for Salo. OTATE OF MICHICAX, Coi m vor Waputcn - èl U ia th rwrtter of the lístate of Judah U. McLeani tete of said Oounty deceased : Notice is hereby Mvenl that m piirsi.aiice of mi OWfer grtoted td-tnèwnderaigued, of the estáte of said deeeased, r the Uon. Jiid-e ol Probate, of saifl Connty, on tbo toath rtoj of.lune, A. D. is,;.-,, tifere will ÜeMl Public Vemhie, to the higlu-st bidder, at tho on the premies, ,„ ,.,1(1 C,,un!v. on T,irs,lav, the lirst day of Jbigiist, .EUlSüSt at two o'clock in Ihe artcnioon of that day, fsulijfict to all eucumbrances b Morteage or otherwise esistiaL' at the time of hfc ; tleath and also sul.e,-t to tlie right of don er oÍManr [. McLean, the wldow of saUdeoeaeed.) the tollowlnte aewMbed real estáte, to-wlt : The West haif of üm houth-hast quarter of section ?:-;. and all of tlvt ïvirt of the West half of the Korth-l&t WtoS seven, lyin.ü rth of the hlgWay, nri fifteeri 4-2-luo aeres, on the West side of that part of the North-Weát tfnárrter of the North-East qnarter of said seetion seven, lymS Bonth of the hiohway, all DelSg in tomi ■Suuth of range ijist, la üw State oL MieBr. , . WII'LIAM PRBSTOX, Administrator Dftted, Jnue loth, isoó. xovi Real Eftate for Sale. MICniGAN, Corxiv of W' ,mw,,,v Ra i In the matter of the Estáte of Davi.l La ,ham 'late of the Connto of.W ashtenaw, in the State of Michigan deceased : ííoikv ,s here&y iven, that i„ purstranc? of an order -raned t,. the ■uul,;jvk-led, ejecutor of the estáte of sató DeviB i.,haip, by the Kon Jndw of Probate for the County of WashWw, on the hffrrty' secoiKl day of May A. D. 1865, there will ba sold it 1 tiblic endue, to the hlghest bflder, at the dwellin house on the premise hereinafter described, in the Couiity of aAtoaw. m sai.l State, on Tiiesdav, tho eUwnth day of Ju ly, A. I) 186$ at frío o'clock ín the afternoon ot that day, t'subjeci to all snctunbrtoces bv Worteage or otherwise exlöing at the time of the death of said deceased.j the Kffowing described real estáte, to-wlt: Thirty acres off from the south end of the east half of the north-east quarter of section trwenty-geven, and the soutli-vvest (juarter of the southeast quarter, and the east half of the south-east nnarter ot section twenty-seven, coiitaining one hmiilred and hveiity acres more or less, and the ' north-west qnarter of the horth.weat quarter of section thirtv-flvc, containmgfbrty acres more or less, all in townsliip one soith of rauge seven east, in the State of Micbïëan Af .wt -,=,. WALÏEK CORSO, Execntor. May 22d, 1805. ÍOlOtd Estáte of Abram N. Fox. OTATE OPSfrcniOAN, CorNTV of Washthnaw. éa. U Notice Is hereby jiwao that bv an order of the'Probate Court of the County of Waahtenpw, made on tiie twriity-thml day of Fehnmry, A. D. 1868, Blx mohfhe from that date were alloivéd for creditors to present their claims against the estáte of Ahram N Fox late ol' Büld County d(-ceased, and that all creditors of said deceased, are required to present their claims t said Probate Court, at the Probate Office in the City ofAnn Arbor, lor examination and allowance, on or before the tweuty-third day of Angust exi, and tliat such claims wjll be beard belore said PnlMtc t'ourt, at anv of fts tíessiou.í, on or before that day tw i „ H1,RASt KAKER, .Tudge of Probate. Dated, Ann Arbor, April Ï2d, 1886. 1013 Commissioners' Notico. OTAT?:oP3nOÜI(iA., Coran orfluws.v-. as K The ondersigned havlng been ajpointed hy the Probate Court for said Coiintv, Commissioners to receiye, examine, and adjust all claims aud demanda of all persons against the estáte of Philander Lcuis, late of the Toivnship of Salem, in said County, deceaset', hereby give notice that six montos from date are at lowed, by oider of said Probate Court, for creditors to present their claims against tho estáte of naiddi and that they wil) meet at the residence of John Dick, erson, in the township of Salem, in saidcomityof Wanhtenaw, on Satimlay, the iwenly-thinl day of September, and Weduesday, the twenty-serenth day of December next, atoue o'clock in the afternoon, "of cach of eaid days, to receive, examine, and adjust said claim-; JOIIX DICKBRSOSS, ! r. '■ P. C. MUKRAY, Í Commissioners. Dated, June atth, 1865. ' lOlötd. TKE PAN1C HaTcOMMENGED. Ann Arbor is one of the first to Ibrow out inducemeuts for People to GET ËOOBS CHEAF. All of the Merchantp aro nn the lookont. and are bujing goods at the towest ii...-ible ratesrand eacii one qet bis own variety öf articles. jmnm más" , is one of the TRETIEST PLACES ia the STATE, nn] rell snpplied with m:nufiicturinti intcrests for Uw country gtnoríilly. Tüere are l' íhy ■ opeis Stores, 4 or 5 Hardware Stores, '6 or 8 Clothtng atores. 3 Hat Stores 3 Shoe Stores, and a ha 'f dm-.ou .Shot' -Sh'-j's. ö JLwo!rjS1nre3, 5 or ÍI Provisión ahd Groccry S'toref, and 4 Oabinet Wiiri Roi ms, 4 or 5 Bako Hhojis, 4 i(ar nees Shop, 4 Priutiu Preases, aud aü kinds of Manu. facturing Estábil nmentÜ, too numcrüifl to menijon. The winde surrouinlintf country wifl do well ;o give Ann Arbor a cali, and níter looking around, all around for your -ANDGEOCEEIES, dou't forget to cali at C. B. TH0MPS0FS STORE, Corner Main and Washington Ptreets , añil he will try and give you pricos that will satisfy. Hei receiviug gnoiia bought at tbe lowest possible Iricea, and will try and satisfy as fava: he can. The MOTTO is "LIVE AND LET LIVE.'' "Holpyour aoighbor anJ you help j'ourself. " I am confident of the reault. CHARLES B. TIIOMl'SON. April, 1865. Lml005 Rifle F actor y! Beutier & Traver, [Succepsors to A. J.Suthprland,] Manufacturera of and Dealere in Guns,Pistols, Ammunition. Flasks, Pouthes Game Bags, and Everyother article iu that Line. All kinds of ionc at the shorte-st notic-e, and in the best nianner. i f uil assortmentalways kept on hand and made order SC5, Shop corner Main and Washington stieets. Anu Arbor,Oct. 8, 1S62. 873t f Vïr. Aïatliews preparod the VKN'ETIAN HAÏK DYE ; since that timeit hns boen nsod hy thoufeftïids, . ind in noinstanee has it failed ti gire eiitín1 satisfac ,ioo. The VENETIAN T)YE is tho chonpost n HfoirorfMV- ts ptieft ís only Fifty Cents f and eacl) bottle ontains , louble the quaniity of dyo ín those usually sold for n. The VKNTETIAN DYE is warrantpd not to injure the , ïair or the scalp ín the slichtest degree. Tlic VKN'KTTAN DYE wörks wftïl tapMlty nnd eer ,ainty, the hair requiring no prepamtion whatever. . The VENETIAN DYE produces áíly shade that iciy j e desirod - ono that will not fade. crock nrva,shout -one that is as permanent as the huir itself; For salo ( y all ilruggists. - - rice 50 cents. f A.I.MATIÏKWS, General Agent, ! 12 Gold Street. New York. Also, Manufactorer of ItUnMWs' Aümca lHairx li oss,the beat hair dresKing in use. In large bottles, g irlce 50 cents. Iy966 .-- i I I A KNABE riAXO- one of tho be?t iustruineots i id- cntlrply nw. Im-juIe attbe Estáte of Lydia Wilbur CTATE OP MICHIGAN, Conntv „e v ,' kA Present, Htram J. Beafces, J„d, of t l file iu thjs Court, purporting to 1 , ÍÍ ,"'nt "' Marot of said XtaÜSa gherenpon rt Orrtered, that n foorthday of Jttly nest, at tea oUock & 'Í '"%■ heas-ned the hearing „f ,',i,l ,,.'.'; h!f theloiratees, devíseos, and heirs at la3,' and all other pereons interestcd in ï, , ' 'tet3 qmrod to appear at a session of safd SS.T e holden at thü Probate Office, u the Ciï ï Vhenl andshov, c-m-o, r auy there Ik-, by , „A""A ' petKfoner ehonld not le granteti u, ,l; )Vrilf ih Sered, that s„i,l pctitioner give nítido ttLÍ2L terested in said estáte, of tóe pendel „f !f """&■ and the I, thereof. by.caSgacopvonhWÍ to be publuhed in the Michi-,,,,, i,„, . ''""Onf printed and circulating „ aaid Corróti ttrl!8! weeks previous tu said day f hearine ! CAfruecopy., HIHAM W Estáte of .éjfred W. ChuinT O At a session of the Probate Court j .,■'. of Washtenaw, holden at tto PreÏÏta fÊl'W City of Am, Arbor. on Tuursday, t.,,K Present, HiraiH .T. Boafces, Jndge of Pr„l,„ or some other snitable personf mav b,. S . mtaisfc-ator on the estáte of said deased tated Thejoupon il is nlered, that Mondny tli teenth day of July next, at ten o'oIoff'JÍLS soou, bc assigned for the koarfng of aM .h' ■ that the beirs at law of said Led, mdffiïïW boos ipterested in said estáte, are reojiired toS ii session ofjsaid Court, theu to be holdenrtuSt bate Office, In the City of Aun ArborT mdi& ii a„y there be, why the prayer ufthe," „7" notbegraiited: And it is' furthèr o 7"Z 2 petitioner frive notice to the persons !lli éstate of the pendepcy of said petüioiSdfciï ing tireof, by oansin r a eony of tlús or-Wt i ta" drculatini! ui said County, tliree suc&srfvèKf vimis tosaiddtiyof heariii" ' ' lwftt(A copy.j &IEAM 3 be.ikes, I0" Jm'l' ! Probate. Estáte of Lyman Corbia. CÍTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of VtAtel „ O At a session of the Probate Court ÍS ?', Washtenaw, kolduu at the Probate Office ia S?0! Ann Arbpr, on Monday, the nineteemti div„[ Lr m tfteyear one thonsaud eitrht hnndred ni.iitvï,!1 Present, Diram J. Beakes, Judire of Y In tlie matter of the Estáte of Lj-man Gorti'n, j, Öjreadmgand gjiag t;w petíSón, dnriMilj Wattor 1). OorsOT, prayinc; that a certaúi InstnnS,. in, file In this Court, plUTportmg to bc the lastWiC Testament or said deceased, may b? udiniued to C Theititpon it is Onlcrcd, that llonday Omttm. Jcentl, day of Jiily i.ext, at ten o'duckinthefoiZT be assigned for the bearing of said pctiiion, S the lcmitees, devíseos, and heirsatlaw of saiidemS' snanther persons intorested in said rttt mi rjinred to appear at a semiQa of said Court thcniuk hold at the Probate Ofñce, in the City of ton, and show lause, if any there be, why tbf vmtitth petitioucr sboiild not be granted;.-. And it'isfiniimirred, tliat s;iid petitioner rive noöce tothewmi intcrcütc-d ia said estáte, oí the pendejicy of BaBmt tion, and the Hearing thereof, by canesneaconrifS Order to bc publislieci in the Michirjan Aram,t ml paper, printed and drcnlating in said 'Eoaatuh sneeesjsnre weeks pretions to said day of lwarini' (A true copy.) III1U31 j. BEAKK 1014 ndge of KoMt. Estáte of Robert WilkiusóñT" OTATE OFMICBIGAN, Cocntt ïWianwr U At i sessioü of the Prob.-ue Court for Ccmin' Washtenaw, holden at the .Probate Offict in ifc ftv of Ann Albor, on ÜTonday, flfth durof Jm in the year ttlönsauri ei-ht hundred andiréMve Present. Hiram .7. Beake?, Jadse of Prolnte ' In the matter of the Estáte of Iiobcnraünjoiu minor. On readir.i; nad flKn Mie petition. diily ritfi oi TliOTiiasWilk-tuson, Guardian tinto said minor, pm.iii; that he may be licensed to sell cortain rraleftaabtlonartog to said minor. Thereupon it is Ordered. tiiat Jfomlay, the !tt day of July next, at ten o'cftckin theforcnimti aseigned for tin: hearing of said petitioi, am! II aexi of tin of said minor, and al! other pemora estcd In savl estáte, are reqnired to appeiiataswk of wrid Conrf, then to be hoMea at the Probate O. in the City of Ann Arbor, and show canse, if mjtkn be, why the prayer of tke pelitioncr shmldiolk granted : And it is fnrther ordered, that said petifier give notice to the ipxt of kin of saïl minor, suliï Other peisons intere.-icd in said estáte, of thepndni of said petition, and the hearhm therpof, liviawi copy of this Order to be pnblished in th'üM! Argug, a aewspaper, printed and cirailatins in iaf County, fhree snccessive woel;: previoiis tosiidiM liearin'. CA tnie copy.) niRAil -T. BEAKES, IMS Jhidgeof Probtó; Estaie af Eïiakim Walker, STATK OF MICHIGAN, Cotmm of WA6niBu,r. At a sesMon of the Probate Court for tbeComljof Washtenaw, holden at the Prohata Oftice, intbeCili oí' Aun Arbor, on Moaday, thotwelftli d:iy of Jdw, ilï the year one tbonsand eight bundred ami sixty-fn, Present, Hierna .1. Boakes, Jsilse of frótate. In the matter oí the Estáte of Jüliakim Walker, ieceased. Ou readtog; and filing the petition, flnly reriüeii, cf Xancy Walkor, praying that she aad illicrtL. Wnlker, or some other smtable persou, may be pjwintcdAtf ' mir.isirator on the estáte of snid di Trareaponit is Ordered, that Moikisy, the tcnllulay of Jnly next, at ten o[clock m the fortiiioon,KLipw l'nr ihe hearinir of said petition, and that ftietonrefi law of said deceasod, and all other jktsosb isteresW in said estáte, aro reqnired to appear ai said Court, then to be holden at the Probate i' the City oí' Ann Arbor, and shov canse, if MJ[ttaB lie. wliv tho prayer of the petñíoner shnuWuotl irranteit : And it is further ojsriered, that siiid petiüowr gwe notice to the persoa interested in gaidesW" tile pondencv of said petition, and the hiTjincthM bv caiu ing a copy of this Order to be mibliAfiin n firpit?, a newspaper, printed and circulatiM said County, threc sncces.stve wt-eks previonstöiW day of hearing. CA tnie odpy.) IJ.IEAM 3. BEAKKS 1013 Judgs of Prol. Estáte of Danfortli - lliuora. CTATE or MICHIGAN, Co, ntï of jíutbí, 0 At a session of the Proliate Court fnr the Coniiö Wa.-ht.'uaw, holden at the Probate Office, in te of Ann Arbor. on Friday, the ninth day of Jnoe,int year one thousand eight hundred a, il sfat-flw. Present, Hiram ,1. Jieakes, Jdge of l'rotate. In the matter of the Estáte of Daniel F, Ba aad Slizabeth F. J)anforih. siiinors. , Ou reading aud tUin-r the petition, duly vcriirt Mary 3anforth. '4nardian nnto said minor?, pm that she mny be lieeiwed-to sell certain real estáte a" lohgillg to said minors. Thereupon it ík Orderod, that I'ocdiiy, theteott! of July uoxt, at ten o'clock in the foreuoon, Iwafci for the hearing of said petition, and tiattbenroj kin of .sairl minors, and all other persons intcrffiw'i' said estáte, are roquired to appear at a sespionofsw' Oourt, then to be nolden at the Probate OU"' City of Ann Arbor. and cause, f nïW why the prayer of the petitlonor shonld ooit?1'' ted: And it ie further ordered, that said peliW give notiee to the next of kin, and all other persoaí' terested in said estáte, of the pendencj-of pailjieW' and the hearing thereof, by causng a copy of tüs iH be publishèd in the Muhüian Argiis, a iiewPf1' printed aud circulatintt in said County, tliree ssect weeks previous to said day of hearing. CA trne copy.) HIRAM J. BE1KS& 1013 JndgcofftoK Chaneerj Sale. f X PURSUAKCE of a doeree of the Circuit Ui!'" 1 the County of Washtenaw, in ChawMÏ' f. , the case wherein Oscar C. Spafford, is Comí""1;? and Maria Stfflson, Eliaabeth SpaSTord, 1to"!ïjS ford, Susau Dean, Cai-oliue Ii. Kuaflonl I"S aud David Stillson, are Dcfendants, on the tJfïïS day of Juno, A. 1. 1868, tbc nndersigned 0 Comnüssioner for the County of Washtenaw, 't at Public Auction to tho highest bidder, at "„, door of the Coiu-t House, iu the City of Aon A ,5 Tuesday, the eighth day of Augnst next,;it twö0, m the aftemoon, the following described '"'"'Jj, 'a Lot nuniber fifteen, and the Easterly tliree ', width ofl" lot uumber fourteon, i:i blockmunw'" Ortnaby and Page's adtlition to the vülaf l lZ, ijor. according to the recorded plat thereof, IH , in the City of Ann Arbor, WashlenaW CouniJ' igan. üated, Aun Arbor, June 22d, 1S05. ROBERT E. FEAZffit Circuit Conrt Commissow. Hm m J. Be os, for Washtenaw t'o-'a Solicitor for CompIaiuaS. Mortgage Sale. WIll ■ÜIIAH, deiaalt bas been mado intlif f',1" of ae.Ttain [ndeature of Morlgage, ■'' (cut..l nn ,lif Brit rin v óf April, A. I). 1?3' '. ; ort tlian 1. Füsdick. to me the unilcraigiied, [April gitjje wns dulv recordpd on tire seventli dx r afores, d, in No. 2.' o! Mnrtjtage, !''„,, in the Office of the üegister of Deeds anti "3 .►„ , inaml lor tho County of Washtenaw, an '„„id Michigan, and, whereas, there is now Jt op said Mortgage and Bond ceompanvi"!:"1 ',„,,( the s,:m OÏ3,267.20, neluding au Att'", „, i $'5, n provided for in said Mortis1'' ""? he n'i' suit ot proceedings at law o1 in etjaity, bas ,_ pa slituti'ii to recover the s.irae or any part '""Jl thorcfore, notice is hereby give", that oy "" , „( power of üale in saiil Mortgagrc '-.„r, n' public snetion t the bigheft bliin, ■?" , i the lStb day of .luly next,. t o'dock, "'"a day. at the frontdoor of the Circuit Court ' M, tbe fityof Ann Arbor, in snid County of.' J. B the pi eraises described in aaid Mortgagf ,■!"" X V;i -: Kist half of the South West Quarter, (V' v Ihe Wes of the North-Weal (Juarter, [?,,. j mdthe Pouth 1-alf of tbe Rast half of„ "fgKli West Quarter, [SJá of K cl X W'i.J '! , q„„tlio' No. tra. fin,] in Township Xo. "■."■' ïiM"M Sange So. ftve, [51 East : thu aaid P"0""', -s" terts óf lnd, nn} sjtunted in Hie CuunlV ' liiff, aforesiiid. llntcd, April 18th. 1S63. . ,. .„.fff. C VAN HOPAJT, fCgí W. A. Hooit, AMy. (,f(.i4geiKe.


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