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The Canteen

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There are bonds of all sorts in this world of ours, Fetters of friendship and ties of flowers And true-Iovers knots, I ween ; The girl and the boy are bound by a kiss, But there's uever a bond, old iïieud, like this- We have drank from the sam cautesu ! It was sometimes water and sometimes milk, And sometimes apple jaek, fine as silk, But whatever the tipple bas been, We shared it together, in bane or bliüS, And I warm to jou, fiiend, when I think of this - We have drank from the same canteen ! The rich and the great sit down to dine, And luey quafl to each other iu sparkling wihe, From glasses of cryslal and green : But I guess in their golden potations they miss The warmtb of regard to be found in this - We have drank froni the same canteen. Wehave shared our blaDkets and tent together, And have tnarched and fought in all kinds of weather, And hungry and full we have been. Had days of battle and days of rest, But this mem'ry I cling toaudlove the best - We have drank from the same canteen ! For when wounded I lay on the outer slope, With my blood flowing fast, and but little hope Upon which my faint spirit could lean ; Oh theu, I reniember, you crawled to my side, And, Meeding so fast it seemed both must have died, We drank from the same canteen.


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