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On Her Dignity

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store was honored by the appearance of in elegantly dressed " lady of color" (tho only class who can afford to dvess so now, thanks to the pillage of the 3rd of April,) who swam in with all the airs and graces of the most accompüshed coqucttü, and desired to look at som e goode. The lady in attendance laid tho desired artiele before her, with the remark, " Hero, auntie, ssomething I eau recormuend." " How did you redress me ?" " I said, 'here auntie, was something I could reeommend.' " " Well, madam, I'll rfcform you dat's not my name. My proper distillation is Miss ." " Well, I will mforrn you that I am accustomed to cali colored people 'unele' and 'auntie.' It has always been a respeetful appellation used by Southerners, and I expect to continue its use." The silk robe rustled more angrily .han ever as the sable princesa made ïer exit, with the remark, '' Well you'll


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