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How They Keep Warm In England

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- Niuuty milliona of torn of coal are annually brought to the surfiico in the colleries ol England. The steady drain upon the pits, liaa drawa attention to the qnostion of t!ie supply in the earlli's bowels. Au estímate Hint, at tho pres ent rata of consuraption, was enough to hint 2900 yuurs, s:itisfied the most fearf'ul. The following is the estiroatéd value of the orops iu the United Stutes fcr the past threo years : 1862, $706,887, 495; 1863, $955,76-1,322; 1864, $1,440,415,435. Tho valuo of the growing crops tliis veur ja estimatcd at $1,504,543,690. A Mis'isí'ippi paper says tho people of that Statu will want, this year, at least five hundred thousand dollars' worth of faririiig implemonts, and at least nnother half million of dollars' worth of woodeuware, shoes, cutidles, soap, &o. William Cullen Bryant, the poot, hïis been ppeiulinsi a part of the slimmer at his native place in Cummington, Mass. He lias bnught the oíd ancestral homestead, ind is fixing it up in line shape fur a country resideuce. The negro pojmlation of tho city of Washington continúes to ba increased by arrivals f rom Maryland. Entire families of now corners, carrying on their persons all their worldly woultb, are frequeutly ween in the sti'eets. Sis weeks or moro ngo, says the TTerald; General Lee left Riohrooud and proeeded to the villnge of Cartersvillo, Buckingham oounty Virginia, on the south sido of the James river, forty miles from Kichmond, where he in living in tho utmost aeclusioi). The work of reconstructina; tho burnt portion of the Smithsonian Instituto, at Wanhington, has commenoed. Workmen are engaged removing from the interior of the luimt portion the rubbish, and Btonecutters are preparing stone to be used in the reconstruction. The towers are to be pulled down aud erected auew. Claims have been filed at Washington by varioua States for money expended by them in arininfï, eqüipping, paying and transporting troopn during tho recent war, - the totül sum uniouuting to $27,710,864,95. Illinois has a claim of $3,800,613,14: Michjfrab, 1632,992,29; Miiiucsota, 125,283,17 ; Indiana, $1,927.867,90 ; Ohio, $2,289,154,39 ; Iowa, $64757:!,78; Wisoonsin, $1,109,412,46.


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