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The Form Of A Pardon

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The folioviog is t!ie fbrm of the granted by the President : Anüuew Johnson, Prbbidknt op the U.NIÏKD StATM Oï AmIÜ'.IOA. To all to whcsn these fresenl may cerne, : rea", - , of Bichmond, Yirginia, by taking part in the ato rebtliion atjainat the ovornment of tha United States, ha mudo himstjlf liabb to Jieavy pains and peualties; And whereas, the circutnstances of iiis cuso rendèr liim a proper object of of Jisecutire clemency ; Now, therefore, bo it known, That I, Aüdrow Johnson, President of tbe United Stalen of America, in consideration of the premisos, divers and euffieient re'aaons tao thereunto movinor, do bereby grant to tho said a full pardon raid amnosty for uil offences by him oommitted, m-isinrj from partiorpation, direct or implied, in tbe eaid rebellion, conditioned as follown, uaraely : Thia pardon to bgin and fake effect from tho day on Whrefl tho emd sbal! tai;e the oath preacribed in the proolam ilion of tho President, dnted May L9, 1865, and to be void nnd of no effect it' tho said shall herealter, at any timo, acquire ony property wbatever in slaves, or malie use of afcáve labor; and that be firgt pay all costs which moy havo acorued n any proceediog hithe;io institutod agr.iust hia porsuii or property. And npon the further eondition, That the said ■ shüll notify the Secretary of State,, in wi-itinLf, that he has recüived and acooptod the foregoing parpardon. In tefcimony wlipreof, I kavo bereonto signed my iiamo and caused tho Baal of ttiu United States to bo affixed. - Done at the city of Washington, this 12tb day of August, A, D-., 1865, and of tho Iodopendence of the U-iited States tho ninetieth. By tho President : Vv'm. H. SewaM), Ssc'y of State.


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