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Condition Of The Wheat Crop

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From ilio Nattiooai Lotolügeace r. The department of Agricultura has just completed its tablos, showing the condition of tho crops on the lat day of August, as reported by the ts correspondents. At tbat timo tho harveats had nol been secured, but, from otlier correspondent since tbeu, it is boliaved that the whoat had uot received anv additioDiil iujury, escept, perhapa, in Wisconsin and Minnesota, whero the raina have extended siuce tho lirst day of August. Tho Department has isauod nno'.her circular, whioh will be returned on tho lst dtiy of Septciabor, renowing its inquines relativa to the wheat and other crops, aa to the amouat of old wheat in the country, and wlien this circular is received, lbo information wiü bo inero definita and complete. But t ia be lioved tbe deíioit will not be lesa tbaD now reported. ïhe tables formod on tbo August circulars show the following decrease of the Crop of 18(55 from that of 1804: Crop.of 1SG4 160,095,822 Estimati-d erop for I8i5 134,454,124 Decrease 26,5241,698 Tlio 1 jss is as follows : In the New fiugland and Middle States 657,383 In Marylnud luid Delaw&re 2 ,719,571 In Uie Western and Noitlnvcstern State 23,864,744 Total 26,241,698 All other crops, pwtiuularly corn and potatoes, are motit piomising, ezcopt tobáceo, of' wbich cousiderably loss has been plantea. The oat erop is vory lurgc, and the hay erop in the West has been mucli injured by vyet weathur, but is still ab'Jndant. u-u.-, ■% -iza- b-i- 1 The Chicago Journal saya : We ren;i'et to learn tlmt the patato crop in this part of tlio country ia likely to prove ;i fiulurd. 'i'ho long eoutioued rains have had the efipui ot' kilüng the vines uud roltiug the roots.


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