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IISSoIÜTiÖNT' Tho co.pïM iu'M-sliiu heretofoVe xuting etieta Drs. 1 ewirt Í: llreakey, was diitolvd Ju.lit.19IS. IEWITT t BREAKET. Aui-nsi ■■',. 185. Jmltel piANO AND HAÜP. M5HS JElSWiE WÜ01) RESPECITCLLY informa thscUijena of Am lik, iliat havin taken up her :-i ■ uromjg thom. seo is prcpared to give TUllBOCB INSTRt'OTMNS npon tl, e HARP Sc LIN0, af] solicits a genc-ros wfcare f f their ratrinipivísi'Jence at Mm, Fnller's, Main Mreet, tsó dcsi Üoufli of jiack & Schmidti. JtfU EARE CHANCE" The subscribir utTfri for sa] bis home illlitM ï&iller Avenue, .-.Ij i uil.-; on tb? 'est the place c.t 0. llakin,Eii. The lot contains about two aers, frontiug 2 rodiai i:;" Avenue. ,ïith SB OR'HAKD of Well Sflecfed Fruifs, jintcomi-ïinto be.innj; It:s wilhln ibnutUDroJl of tha Conrl . o. and iö ü fwiraMd Jtiun. Inquirc of myself or U J.F.SOH'lTl. Ana Arbor, August 2aj, 18C5. i10B Estáte oí Wilüam Clhomberlain. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coimtyof WasMrasw,.O At a npssion of the Probnte Cour', for the Coontul holden at the ProbaW Oflicc m the Citja Abe Arbor, ou Monflay, theuventy-fltdajo(Aii 1 "ie yo , ,j.l eight hiulrt-:! .mdsiitfl Present, Uiram .7. Beakes, Judïe of Probate. Iu the matter of the E.-taie of William ChamWa 'i readingand flling tho petition, dulvverifil Kuse hainberlain, prayingthat a tvrtain JniiraiW! now on tile in this Court, purporting tobetkeM"' and Testamöui of said doeeased, may Jiiiattoiitoi probate, and that she and Joseph Geraghty, majbeiípointed Administra' ors wl'h ihe Will annexei Thercnpon it is Ordered, that Monday, theei'Ww September next, at ten o'dock in tw be assigned for the hearing of aaid peööofc1" that the leñatees, deviseesandheirsatlawofíiií' sed, hv.ü all other persous iuterested in eaidcsaiii required to appcar ut a session of said Conrt. tbt" I 'róbate Office, in the City of Aai W iw cause, if any there be. why the prajwi' petitioner shoiüd not be gnmted: And it is' ordered, that said petitioner rlve notice to UieK faiterested in said estáte, of the pondene? of! ti.-m, and ilü' hearing thereof, by causing acopí B Oi-Jer to he pnblished in the Midiijan .lv.;', a " prioied auil circulating in said I successive -eeks previoue to said day of lifsrinf. CA true copy.i IIIRAM J BEAliES, 1023 JudgeofProt. Estáte of Margaret Bourk. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coüïitï o: Wi8BTEO% O At a seseion of the Probate Coart for tbe Co! Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Oflico, io, of A[iii Arbor, on Taesday, the t won ty-ieconafflJ, Ailguati iü the year one thonaand eight huQflK1 slxty-ñve. . Present, Hirara J. Beakes, .Tmlcc of P1"-. Ia the matter of the Estáte of ilarcarci H0" minor. . ,ji ■ Öa reading ana flüng the petition. (luk; Catherine Bourk. Guardian, praying that "Ji licensed to scll eertain real estáte ocloog'Hf "" minor. h i4i Thererrpon it is Ordered; that Montlay, tbe1-3 "% of September next, at ten o'clock in llKlöIS"wihi rfng of saïd pi'tiuon, a flI. next of kiu of saitl minor, and all i ested iu sa d estáte, are required to aii"i ■:-„ rourt, then to be holden at the F.1!' in the City of Aim Arbor, and show canse, be, why tho prayer of the petitioner shoni . : And it ís further ordered, that s?ií1K,,jíI er give notii e to the next of kin of said '""'"LJJou othcr persons interested in sak! estáte, of th? CToMr i of said petition, and the hearint: tliereof, Itf'ÏÏSi copy of this Order to be publfehed in the "Lj Antiis, a newspaper, printed and rirctilatmi: 'j County, three successive weeüi previoue te6 hC(Aecopyo HHÏAMK Morlgago Sale. DEFAÜLT having been made in the PÍj. a eertain Mortprage made and exectited Markham and Thomas S Mai-kbam, to llie "nk Sol ed, Julia I). ; riui; date the 'f'Ji April, A. D. eighteen hundred and flfty-eix-; Z ■ out :eof hs Ued i rof DeedsoftME ui' Washienaw. in the Sta e of MichigM. ."S, twenty-two oillorl ■. ■ Lhe fh'üi day of Mr.v. A. !). eigh ffl six, npon which satd Mortgage 'I1'rc'„(vi ed to bc due, al the date o!' liis notice, trie -ï"! t ceti hundred and ninty-niue dollars an'l iixty-o't , and the costs and charges on i;.: ■ ■■"!"ulx';"rol( reasonablo charges for ' 'u".Un! bysaid Mortiiaire, and nosui ut lnivorinpq"11!-!,,! been instittlted to recover tbc amount ti paidby said Mortgage, or any part "''''''"'..„V"1'' power of eale contaiued in said Mortige """i come absolute: Notice is therefore MïjiH thal said Mortgage will be foreclosed by "fTn?1 MortLrMLrtt! premises, or 60 much tlierpo r . rs requlrefl to satisfy the amount due on said ' a for principal and interest, and the oost?, „itf expenses allowed by law, ut public veI, "; highest bidder, ut the South door of the WSW; in the city of Ann Arbor. in sid county ', 't(or S fthat being the place where the Circtiit W"WJ county is held.) on Saturday, tl' eW'u?Z, ü November next, at ten o'clocli in the f"1'01'"1-] said premLies so to bc sold are fc'n, ,„1vrrtrrtl viz: Lors nnmberelx and even, in W south of range number four east, in toe Arbor, Washtenaw Connty,, 3f '" S Mi! recorded pint of tl-.e village of Ann A. "JjjjJ the. s.mie lands couveved bv tbe iukIitm'1 '"', rsi I.yinan. to said I,icy A. Jlarkhiiro, by iX" even d;!te vrith akl Mortgage. ilutiM -J. Ueíice, Amrne.y tir


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