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My First Born

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A little precious baby Oaiue to my lioart oue day, Aiul íblded there most lovingly A long, sweet time she lay. Tha littlo fairy flngers O'er my busom softly crept - A faint tlnill ever lingera There, whero her pure clieek slept. Her eyes were dark and beautiful As evening's starry sky, Hsr voice os olear and musical As birds tliat sing on high. Liko lilies gleanied her snowy skin - Like palo gold shone her hair - Like.pearls, lier rosebud lips within, Slione tiny teeth so fair. So fair, so pure, my littl gem That angels carne to see, - And seeitig - bore her home with them, Thoir angel-babe to be. And ever, wlieu cast down apart, In agony I weep, Tlieie tlirills ivithin my tricken hLrt A thought that ne'er shall sloep. That cradled in an angel's arrus - From every sorrow free - A little, bright-wmged, seraph-obild Waits loringly for me. C2T" John A. Welles, Esq., of Detroit, dieit suddenly at Glen Core, L. I., of Cholera Morbus, on Friday last, aged 57 jtíftrs. Mr. Welles was formerly a resident ■of tliia city, but for most of the time since 16 33 h .s resided in Detroil, where he has alwáys occupierl a prominent position as a business iua.ii. From 1833 to 1846 he uu conuocled with tlie Farmers and Mechanica Bank and euccessfully carried that institution throngb the cri.sis of 1837, as through other íimes of dilficuliy. At the time of lus docease he was treasurer of the Fort Street ftailway Company, Mr. Wblles waa brothor of th lat Ilxx&r W. ÏÏKLLK8, of lllU City, Of ÏÏK. J. WeLLES, whosewifa was recently lost-by the wrectiüg ■cl the Pewabic. and of Mrs. Dr. Iiouölass and Mrs. A. II. Hünt, of tbis city. Uis aged mothor also rpaides here. Ha leaves a large circleof friends ia thia city and Ddtroit, who know his worth as a ton, hnsband, brother, and citizen. Ho lea vos a idow, but we belisTe no cbildrea It is expected that the funeral of Mr_ Welles will takc ]ilace at St Pe.ul's Church, Detroit, on Sanday nest, aud that his reinains will bo brought hero and iutened on Alondiy. lt Tlio Ragouts of the Uuivereitj lielil a special sesajon on Vrednesday, to coolider tha pro])fsition to remove the ObseïTatory to the Unirersity giounds. ASter caroful ezaminatíon of the resons fcr and against, ;hf donation of our city accepted with a Tuto of t'nap.ks. and ths Regenta resol tred to aiithorize tú remo ral, aid instructed the Building Committee to procure plans and estimates for the new Obsei vatory. a:id to enter pon ita eroction as soon as it was satisfied that fnnds enough, in addition to the $10.000 appropriated by onr liberal city, srould be forthcoming from tha Detroit sub8criptions, the 6ale of the present Obser?atory and grounds, or other so urces, to insnre its completion without making a draft necessary upon tho treasury of t'ie Cniversity. - The Committee was also authorized to make sale of the present location. We hope to see -the work of erecting the new building entered apon iinraediately.


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