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The County Monument Association

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At a meeting of the Esi cutive Corámitteo of ihc County Monument Associatïon, held : at the Cicrk's Office, in the City of Am j lier, on the 22d of Ju!y, 1865, Jous M. I WniïLiR waa ehosen Cl.airman, and O C. , Palmek, Secretaiy tor ihe day On calling the toll the following members of the conimittee were present, and answered to their uanies : Anu Ai IjK-r City, south district, Wm. S. ïlaynard. Ann Aibor City, üOl'th distnct, Charles Tripp. Ann Arbor Town, Joon Í. Wheeler. Augusta, Tliorn Deuel. Freedoni, John G. FeMkarap. Lima, Chestcr C. Palmer. PHUücld, Nathan Webb. Saline. Salmón L. Haight. Scio, Norman A. Phelps. Salem, J. 15. Vanatta. Sylvan, Chas. H. Wines. Ypsiiauti City. Samuel Post. Ypsilanti City Jolin Gilbevt. On motion of Mr. Mayaard, Charlea Tripp was appointed permanent Sacretary lor the Comrnittee. Ou motion of Mr. Pnelps, it was Kesolmd, That tho Chainnan and Secretary of this Committee be empowerecl to lili all vacancies that may occur la tho Cominitlee. On motiou of Dr. Webb, Jumes M. Kelsey was oxcused, and Peter Cook was substituted iu lus placo as a member of this Committeo. On motion of Mr. Gilbert, it was Resolved, That Committeo, consisting of the Ohairman, and Messrs. Webb and Maynard, be appointed to confer with the authorities of the State University, and ascertain what arrangements can be made with tbem for the joint erection of a moiiument or monumental building on the Uuiversity groumls. Also to confer with the Oommittee of the State Monumental Assoeiatiou in referenco to a unión in the same enterprise : iso to prepare and publish a memorial to the people of the County of VVashtenaw, setting f'orth the objects of this Association. and the probable amount of funda deaiicd of the County. Mr. Maynard moved that Dr. Haveu bo invited to accompaoy the Committee to Detroit. Cariied. Mr. Maynard moved that the Socretary procure a book for the purpose of keeping a record of the proceedings _oi' this Committee. Carried. On motion, resolved, that when the Commiitee adjourns it adjOUEO to meet two weeks from to-day. On motion, the Committee then adjourned. JNO. M. WHEELER, Presideut.. C. C. Palmes, Secry pro tem. gt Wo have rccoived the first number of Tke Littlr Corporal, a monthly Journal devoted to the amusement and instruction of the little folk, and which promises to innnediately take high rank among its older rivala 3'Ae LittJe Corporal is edited and published at Chicago, by Alfred L. Sewell the leador of the " Eagle Army " which chargeii so suceeufully on tho recent great Fair iu that cily, paying into the Fair treasury, tha receipts of the ?a!e of photograpbs of the " 8lh Wisconsiu War Eagle" the sum of $16,310,50. In conducting that movement Mr. Sewell showí-d himself deserviría a snccess which we hope The Litlle Corporal will gif e liim Each subicriber is also furnished as a premium, the " Childrsn's Portrait of Mr. Lincoln," which includesa portrait uf " littla Tad." It is one of the flnest poitraits of the late President we have seen. $1 a year. - Address Alfrkd L. Sewell, Chioago, 111. fjj" Tlie September number of th Eelectic Magatine bas the following among other papera : Notes and Notions from Italy, Three Wonien of Letters, llow we are to get through the Alps, Thorwaldsen and his English Crides, Napoleon III. and Queen Hortense, Tusean Bculpture. The engraving is " The Imperial Family of France." $5 a year. Addross W. II. Bidwell, No. 5 Beekman Street, N. Y. BS ï'10 July number oí the Jidinhurgh Review has the following papers : Watson's Life of Bishop Warburton, Idiot Asylums, Early Italian Art, lievision of the English Bible, Tho Tunnel through the Alps, Street's Golliic Architecture in Spain, China and Japan, Swinburn's Atalanta in Calydon, Lady Uuff Gordou's Letters from Egypt, Munro's Lucretine, Dissolution of Parüameut. $4 a year ; with the other three Reviews and Blacktcood . 015. Address Leonard Scott & Co., 3S Walker Street, N. ï.


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