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New York, Aiig 23. The Herald saj's it has received private iiiforiuatiou from Englaud whioh s working auspicióos that the defects in the cable were the results of rivnlrv and jealousy on the part of some firras" who put in contracta tor its jianufacture. - The finus soveral yeara ngn emploved men to drive a n:iil through the cable beUveeu England and Holland beeauso '. they wore disappointed in obtaining the contract. The London Star says it is ; the Telegraph Construction and : tenance Company which has done all tho good or evil. It is to be observad this ! coinpany uridertook the prosecution and ! laying the wible for the Atlantic TelegrapB Cornpany, reoetving a largo sum in caso of failure, aud an enormous sum iu the evant ot' Buuees. The Oreat Eastern was engaged for the anterprwe; her owners to reeeive fift.y thousand pounds if tho enterprige snoeeedod, and nothing ii it fitiled. Had tho recent attempt beon Biicoeseful, it is asserted, tho Great Eattern would liave beeu ut once purchased by the TVlegraph Constructiug and Maintenance Oompany, as there were already prcjcots for laying uo less thau t;ix cables betwoen IreLiud and and America. Dr. llussell has two sous with bim on board the Great i.aütrn. - The Londoü Time, of the 7th, says : All tests are considi-red by electrieians as showing conclusively that at about 1,250 miles iusnlutiou is absolutulv perfect, and ihat within a few milos beyond that distaiice it is sevei'ed, ud lies at the boltom of the oceau. Edwin Porrest in reportad to bo sciiüUslj iÜ iu Philadelphia.


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