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1' ubi i. heil 'very Fri.lay inorning,in thethird .-í tor yol' the brick block, comer of -Main tnd Hurón Sts., ANN AüBOli, Mioh. Entrauceon iíuion títreet,oppooitthe pranklin. ELÍHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Tenas, $!4 OO a Year in Advance. A.dvcvtlslng- One square (12 Unes or les), one week,75cenls; threo wccks $1.50 ; and '25 eWrtsfor yjr" insertion theïo ;fter,lesa th;vn tbree months. ín' sanare ; (nos $4 .00 j Quarter col. 1 yeai $-0 T)i ñ mos ü.00 líalículumn (i mos 20 One square 1 year 9.00 Half column 1 year 35 Twoscj'ios 6 mos 8 00 One column 0 mus. 36 two sq'res 1 year 12. 0Ü One column 1 yeivr 60 Oordsin Directory, not to exceed four linea, $4.00 Advertisers to tlie cxtont of a quartcr column, regum.lj tkroufh theytar, willbo entitled to have thíir tai-ds in Directory without extra charge. -js .vdverti.semeHts uuaccompanied by writtenor iníbiU Urectiona willbe published until ordered out, t a .I charlea tccudingly , Legal advertiscmeiits. lirat insertion, 50 cents per OUo, 25 cent per folio f or eacH subsequent icsertion. Wheiiai.stpr.neiníntisaddedtoan advertiaercentthe hole willbe charjed thosame as for ftrstinsertion. Jo Prlntlng- PamphletB, Hand Bills, Circulara, ards Ball Tickets, Labüla, BImIís, Bill Heads, and I her varieties f Flainand Fanoy Job Printing, exeeui Iflth ptomplnesa.audinthe bet atyle. Cards--We have a Rnea Rotary Uard Press, and TCTariotv uf tholatt-ststyles of Card type which enabfes us to print Carda of aU kinds in the neatest Bossblestyleandcheapir tlian any other liouscin 1 be ctv Bosiness oirás formen ófn.TOcatloBS and prof88l0Tn,Bll, Weddinsand Visiting Cards, prinled on short uatice. Cali and see samples. ROOK Oonnecterl vrith the Office isa ook Btsdaryin charge of two competentworkmen.-('o,, nt v Recoríí , UWs , .lournals , and allRlank Rooks o de to arder, and of the best stock. Patnphlets and P, odieaU bound vn neat and durable manner, at neI- !it pricos. Eutrance to Bimlery through th Argus


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