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%umvm xxuíüx%. MISS E. A. HORAN ÍS PREPAREH to cive lessons in Wax Fuitand Ftowei m-vkioï, als'o otlier brunches ol Ornamental W.ak Residence on Detroit Streel, oposite the Agrl cuLmalHall. 6mlO22 W. F. BLíEAKEY, M. D., PHYCICIAN XI SCUGKON. Office iu Dr Haven's Block, 5 doois Kust of Coukj Hotel Resirence corner of iïurpu aóa División Streets, ffr.t door kart of Pretbvteriaa Chmcli, AunArbor, Michigan. W.'E. LOCKA.RD, ATiuIfNF.Y AT LAW AND NOTaRY PUBLIC.- Cciivoyancinp; nd il!ert;.n; iiriuiil"y attendcd li Bounty. l'ensions and Buck l'ay culk-cted. Ollice in Xtv Block, East of Cook's Hotel, Ann Arbor, Midi. 0. H. MILLEN. DEALER in Pry Goods, Grocesies, Crookery, Sx. kc. Main Street, Aun Albor. PHILIP BAClT" ■pEALKR8 in Dry fioods,Gro&eries, Boots & Sboes, XJ &c, Main st., Ann Arbor. RÏSÜON & HENDERöONT" DÉALBRS in Hardware, Stoves, house furnishiiig goods, liaWlre, fee., icc, New Block, MamsU a7j. suthkrland, RENTfor the New York Life Insurance Company, n. OHiceon Huron street. Also has on hand a stock of the most approve '. sewing machincB. 885tf WILLIAM LEWITT. PHYSICI IN AND SURGKON. Ollice at lus residence, north side of Huron,tw doors wst of División Btreet. jM. GUITERMAN & CO. WHOLESALE and Rotail Dealers and Manufacturéis of Ki-adv Madb C'liithing, Importers of Cloths.Oaslimeres, Doeskins, &c.,No. 5, Phojnix Block, Main st. WM. WAG-NER. DEALER in Ready M.vle Clothing, Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestiuga, Hats, Caps, Tmnks, Carpet Bags, &c, Til nix Block, Main street. TLAWSON & SON. GROCERS, Provisión aud Commission XIerchants,and Dealers in Wa tur Limo, Ldnri Plantar, and Piaster of Paris, uv dnor east ol' Cook's Hotel. SOOTT & LOOMIS, AMBROTYPE an.l PhotograpJa Artisis, in the rooms ovr i.'aminon' Clotlii ng store, Phoeuix Block. Perfct riatisfactiongiven. Ö.B. PORTER. CtURGEDN DKNTIáT. Ofn;e Cerner of Main and Hurón ij ■trets, over liach S Pierso"s Store. AH calis íromptlyatti-ndHii to Aprl859 MACK & SCHMID. DKALERS in Foreign and Domestic Dry Good.Groceries, Hatsand Cups, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, lic, Corner of Main & Liberty sts. nNDREW BELL. DKÍLER in Oroceries, Provisions, Flour, ProduoeSi &c., LC,, eorner Main and Washington Streets, Ann XAor. The higkestmarket pricespaid iorcountry produce. 8&6 D. ÜRAMER, ATTOKNEY & COUN'SF.I.LOR AT LAW, Agent for tke l'hienix Fire and Conneetiaut Mutu il Life InsuranceCo-npanies. Convepingand Collectingnrtnïiptly attonded to. ülfi ;e over átebbins S Wilsou's btore. M. O. STANLEY, Fhotosrapliio -.x-tiis. Corner Main and Huron Streeta, Ann Arbor, Mich, rïIOTOGRAPIÏS, AMBROTYPEñ, &,.&:., Ín the lates t styles, and every effort madetogive satisfaction. 956tf D. DeFOREST. ITTE1OLE3ALK and retaïl dealer in Luinber La tb ' Shinglex, riash, Doors, Blinda, Water J.ime, Grane Hiver Piaster, [".aster Paris, and Naüs ofall.sizes A 'uil ;wid iierfcct.isso f tment of tke abo ve, and allothei tial ot buildlngmaterialBConstantiy on hand at the orost poïsible ratCH.on Detroit st ., a few rodsfromthe Túlrorvd Depot. AIíío operating extensively in the f:Uent Cement Rooh'ng. TTACK LINE. M. M. IÍOYLAN prepared to carry passengere and b.iggage to and 'nrni tlie depot to uiy jinvate residt-nce q thti city. - He also lias a liit of Boardiag I'Iaces, and wül direct tudenU and stcaagcrs where they can find board and rofiins. Orders raay be left at his residence, first door South f ÜieM.E. Church. M. M. BOYLAN. Ann Arlr, August 14th, 1865. 6 W 1022 1"EW MUSIÓ STOKE! Ptírsolls.willing to buy Pianos or Melodeons? hnnM g0 to WÍIKV'S MUiTC PTORE, before purchasing alsvbere. He % i 1 1 wnrrant satisfaction to nurchasers, áufl.takeR pleáaure in refftrring to wtfo nare tttready purchased of hiin. He takes pride Ín sayin tb at h; lias giveQ the best of satisfaction thus. far, andioteads so to do ín all cases. Any Piano wijl be furnÏHhed tliat pun.liasiT may reqnire. He wishes it to bo áUtlbctly understood tliat íae will not be by ny dealer East or Trsl. N. B.-TUe Iatest SIIEIÍT MüSIC foi'iaJ. PIANTO 8TOOL-5, &c. ALVIN WILSEY. Ann Arbor. Dec.27th, 1804. DS'JM A KN'ABK I'IAN'O- oive of tlic bost iimtruments aiade - eotiruly ncw. Iaquireattlu AKIJUS OFFICE.


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