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The Drowned Cable

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Tlio ilCwpst thing from iild Iréklkd s titè following lojur. by Bnrncy M&gloae, "ii the Fallure of the Atlantia Cabio:' AIK O the marnagt.' Hurray ! by the pipsr of Moses Thp'liglitning Kot stuck in Uie niain ; The blustering Bulls and Blue Noses Are baftled by Neptune agai. They've laiely been cutting their capers, Across bis dominions vvith wire, And boasting aloud in the papers, Of setting the ocean on firc. Cnor.üs - But a liealth to the jolly old shaver, More power to his pomlerous fist ! He !ias shut up their mongrel palaver, By giviug tho cable a twist. Am I sorry - wliy shonld you be axin - To aee the grand swindle laid ilat f What good ever carne from the Saxon l'erhaps you could answer me tliat1? Shnre prayers, from both valley aud highland, Went up that the project might fail ; Woulrl you have tliem pointe ourblessed island ïranstniiting d-d lies by wholesale. Chorus - ïhen a health to the jolly old shaver, &c, By this time soft talk would been flashing, In toadying tones to the Queen ; With blarney they'd all been whitewaslüng The robber of nations, I ween. Bad luck to the haylhens that grind us, Their spies would been 'round uslike bees; But tlie now chain they forged out to blind us Is lost in the depth of the seas. Ciioni'8 - Then a health to the jolly old shaver, &c. Some say they are fishing to catch it, Wliere dolphins do merrily skip : But the mermaid appointed to watcli t, 111 warrant she'll give them the slip. They niay grapple all round I've a notion, With little reward for their pains ; That rope will sing dumb in theocean, 'Till Ireland has broken lier chaina. Chorus - Then a health to the jolly old shaver, &c.


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