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How Illinois Derived Its Name

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A Chicago paper saya that an exploring party of', in suiling dowQ the Illinois river, found at its coníliicnce with the Mississippi an island thiokly wooded with black walnut. As it was! tho senson when nuts vvero ripe, thoy greatlv enjoyod the fruit, and called tha island from it, " Ilo aux nois," or islo ot nuts, which narae wae also givon to the river thcy had explorod, and afterward to llio territory and State. Tho rapid pronunoiation of tho Prenoh name has led to tho preseut name, Illinois. St-ST A gentleman saw a notice of valuíible information sent to any address on the reoeipt of ten cents, in a New York pnpur, and thought lie must have ten cents ivorth inoro oí' knowlcdge, and coDsequcntly received an answer by return mail, the followling: " My fricnd, for your ton centu, postage, &c, please find enclosed advioe, which may be of great benefit to you, as many persous are injurod for weeks montlis, and even years by the caveless use of a knife, therefore ui advioo is, vvhen you use :t kuil'e, always whitíle frota you."


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