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A Serenade Cut Short

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September is the sea son fbr bright moonlight nights, for clear skies, fnr an atmosphere breatbing aromatic b;ilni, and för a canopy of clear, quiet eloiids, lustrous with the üght üf tnyriads of stars. It is the scason when young gentlemen touched with the tetider passion oí' a poetiu temperament, and baving somo prutensions to " vooulizution," go out nights, with guital' in and, and uuder thü baloony or latticed window of thcir lady-lovo, like troubadours of' the olden time, pour forth, in acoents trein uloDsly tender, praises to the soul's ido), to the magie mistress of the beurt. Improving on the eeason, a "genf of rniud romantic, and years ome twonty two, went forth, and stoppod beneath the window of a mansion where lives a fuii and queenly dame. Thero, witli pulsive tinger, et id hu toueli liis instrument which echoed to bis la' of love, and iu musio's voiee of silvef sweotness die answer rnake unto his passion's plaint. - Thus he sung, " All ! telj mo wliere is Fancy lireil 1 " And no farther dd he sing; For a domestic of thi: sex feminine, and of Afric's line and lineage, did tho window open, and thus address tho ministrel ; " Look heah, you, dar b'low we'se bad two monkoys, two tambofeéns, and a trianglü heab to-day ; and young missiis titik dut qüité' 'imff. If you want to k':ow whar doy &M1 fancy orea, gness if you go to Massa iichols, corner O'-unp aud Natehez 81 reets, you lind it dur in any qiiantity. W boo ! go way, white iban ! " SP About 100,000,000 gallons of ptroog li(juors are inanufuoluied in tbis Oonutry evcry ycar.


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