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Boston Fashions 100 Years Ago

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C lokèd bat.-, wigs and red cloaka were tho usu;il drbss of gentlemen; boots wore rarely seen, oxoept among military non. Shoostrings wero worn only by hose who could not buy auy eort of juckles. In winter round coats wero used, made stiff with buckram ; thoy carne down to tbc koeos. Uolore thu Etevolutiph, boys wore wigs and oookod rats; and boys of genteel families continued the practico long nfter t'hey weru given up generally, Ball dress lor gënlernen was a silk coat, and breeehes of the saine, and embroidered waistcoats; souietimes white sntin broechus weie worn. Buckles were uni ersally worn; no one could visit a ball-room with shoestrings. It was usual for a brido, bridegroom, and inaids aod uien atteuding, to go to onurch together three Niiccessive Suudajs itter the wedding, with a cliange of dress cach timo. A very fasbionablo jentloman appeared the tirwt Sunday iü jroadcloth, tlio eeoond in blue and gold, the tliird in peach bloom and pearl buttons. It was tho custom to hang the escutcheon of the deceased head of a umily out of the wiudow over the front door, from the time of h:.s deoease until ifter his funeral. Copies of the esculcheoB, painted on black silk, wcro more ancio:;tly distributud among tho palljearors - rings were afterwurds given, dtid invariabiy glovos. Rov. Dr. Andrew ülliot had a mug full of rings, which were presented to hiin at the funerala vliich he attendod. Gentlemen wore powder, and tnany of thetn sat frorn thirty to forty minutes under the hands of the most fashionable arbers to have their hair craped and curled. Crape cushions snd hoops were ndispeOsable for a ludy who wisbad to appear in f'ull dress. Sometimos 'adies were dressed two days before the party, and slept in easy-chairs, to keep their ïair in fit condition for the following evening. Most ladics went to parties on oot, uuless they kept a sedan ehuir, or ïad the good forture to obtaia a seat in sorne rich friend's oarriage. The latest dinner hour was two o'clock; some officors of tho colonial government dined later occasionally. In genteel 'amilies, ludios went to drink tea about four o'elook, and rarely stayed after candle light in summer. It was the fashion for ladies to propose to visit - uot waitiug to lie sent for. Dluner parties were very rare. Wine was very litÜe in use ; eonvivial parties dr.iuk punch and toddy. Half boots were later in fashion. - Gentlemeu wore scarlet eoats with black velvot collara, and Very costly buttons, of nmck pearl, cast steel, or painted glass ; and neckeloths edged with fine lace, and laced ruffl.os over the hands. Before the Rovolution, from L500 to L600 was the greatest annual expenditures iu those families whero carriages and corresponding doniesties were kept. ïheie were only two or threo ehariota or coaches kept in Bostoo in 1750. - Chaises on four wheels, not ph;etons, were iu use iü families of distinction and weallh.


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