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It is only shallow-inindod pretendéis uho cithor nmke distinguished origio or personal merit a personal matter to bonst of. A man who is not asharned of himself need oot bo ashamed of his early coudition. It did not happen to me to be born ia a log ciibin, but my eider brothcr and sister wero born in a log cabin, niised among ihe snow-dnfta of New Hampshire, at a period so early that, when lbo suioko üraL rose ftoni its rude chimney, and curled over the frozen hills, there was no similar evidenoe of a white man's habitation between it and the settlements on the rivers oí Ganada. lts remains still exipt; I inako it an annual visit. I carry my children to it, to teach them the hardships endurcd by the generations whieh have goue before thom. Iloveto dweil on the tender reeollections, the kindr.d tïes, the early aiïuetions, aod thü uarrations and incidenis wliioh uiiuglo with all I know of this pruuitivu family abode. - Daniel Webster. f3T A "Down Eastcr" iidvertise8 his want of a wife and his qualitications, as follows : " I ara cightoen years olil ; I havo a good set of tcoth aud beljot? in Andy Johnson, the s tar spangiud banner, and tli-j -lrth of July. I have taken up a state lot, elcared np eiglitcun aeres last year, and seeded ten of it down. My buckwheat looks tirst rato, and tho oats and polatoes are bully. I havo got niño sheep, a two year okl buil, and tvvo hei fers, bf sidos a house and barn. I want to get married. I want to buy bread and butter, hoop skirts and waterfalls for some person of the feinale persuatiou, during my life. That's what's the natter with me. But I dou't kuow how to do it." 1 m t in - J63E" A JftW against obtaining husbands under falso pretences, passed by the Knglish Parliament in 1770, cnacts : " That woinen of whatevor age, rank, profesión, or degroe, who shall after this act. impuse upon, seduce and betray in ïnatrimony any of his majesty's subjects b)7 virtue of seents, paipts, cosmetic wdslies, artificial teuth, false hair, iron stayfi, bolstered hips, or'liigh-heeled shoes, shall inuur thy penalty of the law now ín force against witcl eraft and' liko niisdcmeanors ; and thu marriaiio under sueh circuiiislnncoi!, upon conviution of the ofïendiiig partios, shaíl be nuil and void" ,.. The Secrotary of "VVar has ordered tho dishonorablo dismisKal of lst Lientenaut O. Vaudervoort, 192d New York V'ohintoers, for inaking or allovving falso eutries over his owa signature, oa the uiuiitur rolla oí' hia company.


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