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A Great Natural Curiosity

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l-'r'jm the J&cisonyille (OiTrini; fc'entiiroL Aug. 12. Several oí' nur citixcns returned last week l'rom a visit t the Groat Bunken jako, situated in the Cascada Moun:fiins, about 75 miles north-east from I aoksonrillè. Th is lakt; rivals the faraous valloy of Sinbarl the Sailor. It is hought ló average 2,000 fcet down to lio water all aro uncí. The walls are almost perpendicular, running down in.o the water and leaving no beacb.- J'he depth of the water is unknown, and its uurfaco ia smooth aod unrufíicd, as it lies so far below the surface of the utiuntain that the air curren ta do not aftect it. lts length is estimated at .welve milos, and ts width at ten. - Thero is an island in its centre having trees upon it. No living man ever bas, and probably never wil], be able to reach the water'.s edge. It lies silent, still aud mysterious in tho bosom of the ' everlastiog hills," like a huge weH scooped out by the giant genii of the nountains, in tho unknown ages gone by, and around it the priraeval foresta watch and ward are keoping. The visiting party fired a rifle several tiraos into the water, at an angle of 45 degreea, and wero able to note eeveral eeoouds of tim from tho report of the gun unti) the ball struck the water. - 3ueh seems incredible, but it is vouched or by some ot'our most roliablecilizens. The lake is certainly a most reraarkable curiosity.


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