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A Curious Musician

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organ-gnnders desurted Philadelphia two yoar.s ago. ïheir hegira was expedited by the complioations of' tho Irait and tho Garibaldi suoces3es over the Imperialists at homo. The reverses of the Italiau revolution, and tho restoration of peaee to our own land, have caused a reílux of etnigration irom ;he Levant, and the organ grindcrs :iave noarly all returned, itnproved by travel aud the martial strains of camp and field. The sound of the portable harmoniums and hand-organs, silent ior two years, tnay again be beard along the streets. The chief of the musicians of the pave 13 a short, black-eyed, wildhaired Milanese, who has created an exciteraent araong patrons of the Italian organe and 8avoy moiikeys. He plays at one time three instrumenta, and uses them with fine effect. With one hand he plays a hurdy-gurdy, supportod by a stout aahen prop : with the other he holds a Pyndican harp to his mouth, whilo with his toot ho beats a druuistick against a heavy drum dependent frorn his uhoulders. The concert of the three Instruments is singularly effective, and the hrill strains of the mouth harp, raingüng with tho muffled roll of tha drum, and the olear notos of the hurdygnrdy, gather an impromptu crowd in any of the city thoroughfarea. The Milanose is the only maestro we ever knew who combined a whole banlin his own person, and waa at the same time organist, barper, and drummer. His skill is winning for kim daily subátantial rewards ot his ability, and he ntends shorlly to build a bloek of houses for his fcllow-craftgiiion on one of tho open oomrnons of the lirst ward. adelplda News.


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