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Equal Taxation Or None

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Detnocracy of Morcer county, Ohio, havo vlopted a resohition deinandiog that tho boncis of the bondholder be taxed to defray Government expenses as well as other propertv. Tliis is riht. Let us have equal taxation. Let all the property of the nation be toxed to pay the debt. We waut no privUoged orders in this country. If property n bonds can bo exempted froai taxaiion, let us exempt the agriculturist and t!ie meehanio ! Does patriotism consist in shirking taxation upon tho shoulders of other people who are not so well able to bear it ?" The man who has $10,000 in seventhirty bonds should bo made to pay just as mueh tases as tho owner ol a ten thousand dollar farm. ïïfS" London paper gives the follovving account of a new kind of cloth laanul'aotured from pine leaves : There are tvro establihmonts near Ereslau, ia ono of which pino leaves nre convertod into wool, vvhile in the other, curativa ageuts aro propared for invalida ; the waters used in the manufactura of pine wool are einployed as curativo agcnts. Tho procoss for converüng pino noedles iubo wool, waa discovored by Panneywitz. In tho hospitals, penitentiaries and barraoks of Vienna and Broslau, blarkets made from that material are dow exclusivoly uscd. One of their chief iidvant;iges is, that no kiud of vermin wilt lodgo in them. The material is also used as stuffing, closely resembles horse hair, and is only one-third ita cost.


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