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1-Vom tlie x Yetk Wmtd The solul front which the Democracy present to their divided and discordaut (ijipüiieiilrt is one of t lic best grounda of hope fnr our 8UCew in the coming electiona, and for the iinmediate restoranon of tlie Union. We have looked thnmgh our Democratie cxchauges, and had eIttoted lot publieutiou a hondred exUaets frotn their editorial coninicnts upon the Albany platform and the iction of the New York Democracy ; b'U our coluuuis, orowded with advortising, couipel us lo omit or dcfor their pubücution. These oomments prove conelusivcly that Demócrata of all str ptw aud Bhadea are cordiaHy and unanimi usly as ooe in thiuking the immediute restoration of thij Suutheru States nud peoplu to ibeir uoi mal lehituma with the Federal Government to be tbe ono chief issue depending on the coming electioo. Tho Albany platform, as we havo taken païa to show, n orposition to the ïiiisrepietientiitiona of Hepublican journiils, e.oimuands in each of its feature., and in every ijtUbte of a!l lts resolution, the cordial assent of all the New York JJemocrata, simie of whom h.ive difl'ered wideiy during the past four jeara on issues now atterly dead. The coinnients upwn this platform, and upoo tho actiow f the New York Dernocracy, by the leinocratie press in all paris of the country, by presses representiug all shades of opinión during tho last four years, show that tho anan imilv of New York Democrats ís but sample of the uuanimity of Damocrats throughout the North. The Democratie party koowshow the poople's treasure bas been squaudored, but they recognize the lederal debt as a just obligation, and they scout the scandalous repudiatioD doctrines which New York Kepublicans preached and practieed coucernmg the interest on the New York State debt; aud they propose to re-elect the honest, able man to tlie Comptrollership, who oppoaed and denounced their dishonesl and faithless finiincial policy. Tbe Democratie party demands, too, hs secunty for a just discharge of this clebt, equülity of taxation - that du great ruass ot property símil be exerupted from its just proportion of the general burden. Tbe Democratie party declares for home rights, freedotn from arrests without warrant, and the abolition of all other iniquitous and lawlesa proceedings which Seward and Stantou have organized aud subslituted for the just and liberty-respecting procedure of the Coostitution and the laws, and which the Kepublican party would perpetúate and prolong throughout the Southern States in the shape of military domir:atioQ and martial lavv. The Democratie party declares, and we repeat that it declares unaniinously, its cordial .support of' President Johnson in nis policy of immediate restoration. 'i bis is the single, overtopping issue ; and the Democrats of New York and of the wholo North perceive that, beside tlüs, all otlier political issues are dwarfed- that nothing is settled till this ís settled; and it estends its confidence and its support to the President without stint or hesitation, iu the noble and vigorous rneasures he is takiug to accomplisb at once this great end ot a restored, peaceful, harmonious, law-governed Union. in m ui - - -


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