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Gigantic Swindle

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Another swindlo of the heaviest proportions is being discovored and exposod; that of tbe Union Pacific Rail way, to which Congresa guaranteed millions of bonds. The company was to get so much money iu bonds on the coinpletion of certain seetions of the road. - They wcre completed in tbia wise - we quote frora the N. Y. World : " Tho Pacific Ilailroad bill required that Iho road con&tructed be ' fifst elass.' That which the Government is now asked to accept is said to he hardly a fifth-rato road, and that it lacks nearly all llie appurtenances for being oue at al!. In general charactor t beats the famous Ramshorn road n Michigan all hollow. Tho grades aro whnt engineers humorously style " uüdulating ;" that is, they follow the surface. The curvos are short and frequent, and Hogarth's ' waving linea ' are nothing compared to them. Within a few weeks after the Commissioners visitud it, all bridges on the lino gave way aod went on a voyago down the river. It remaius to bo soen whether tho Government, this time, is going to allow itself to be imposöd upon and muloted, aud the 6ame old story of inefficiency, to say uothing vvorae, rapeatcd." This is the way " the comrnerce of Europe, Asia and África" is to be carried across " tho continent," under the wise provisiona of Abolition loyisla tioD.


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