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We visited the Stut Fair nt Adrián laet week, and asnure our readers that it was a very creditablo af-fair. We reached the grouuds at about 3 o'clock, P. M , of Thursday, at which liour there wore probably 20,000 visitors in attendance, and the Fair at its zonith. The Southern portion of tho State had turnod out ia foree, and the central couoties seeuied well reprosentod. The third day of the Fair being nenrly over at the time of our arrival, we did not enter upon a systematic inspection of the several departments, hut made a tour of Floral Hall, the halls devoted to Domestic Manufactures, producta of the Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables, &o , and then took a turn aloDg the Caltle and Sheep pens, and among the agricultural iniplements. We bood satisfiod nurself that the Fair excelled any held of late years. There was a fine show of Horses, Cattle aud Sheep, ucluding some of the best Mermoes Vermont ean turn out, valued at from $2,000 to $10,000 a head. The display of Agiicultural Implemonts was large, and iucluded almost evorything that is used on tho farm. Of Fruit thero was a show which tempted one to linger, and caused both u watering of the mouth aud an itching of thu fingers, including Apples, Pears, Grapes, udJ a few luscious Peachos. Manufacturera' Hall was wel] filled, and also Duiry Hall, hilo Floral Hall was tbe grand Sewing Meehines and MelodeoDs, Dut Flowers and Wax Flowers, Mnsic and Ladies striving hard for the prize. Tliis hall- like the otbers - was either too sniall or too '.n.any attraotions wei'e gathered o it. The show of Horses was large and good, arid there was some fiue speed made during each oi the days of the Fair. The Fair terniinated on Friday, haviug bceu crcditable to the Society, and more than creditable to the enterprising and liberal citizens of Adrián, who did every thing in their power to accommodale the visitors, aud succeeded admirably. The receipts exceeded $14,000, to which are to be added the $4,000 subscribed by the citizens of Adrián, making over $18,000, a larga escess over auj former Fairs. The number of ectries io the various dopartments, was : Horses 260 Cattle 85 Slieep, swine and poultry 218 Farm implements and their trials S77 Fineaits, needlework, paintings, sewing machines, musical Instruments, silverware, jewelpy, &s 2G7 Domestic manufactures 02 Flowers and fruits 229 Dairy and household manufactures 121 Field and garden producís. T 116 Winter crops 14 Misuellaneous 72 Total 1,751 II II J53C" When clergymeo and conferences have been charged with meddlmg with politics, for proaching and resolvng against slavery, they have claimed that to condomn sin was in the line of their legitiiuato duty, and thit claim has covered, time and again, the most bitter and vindictivo attacks upon members of their eongregations who dared to act and vote with the democratie party. But now that slavery has been destroyed, and neither exists as a moral or political sin, clergymon and conferences seem uuwilling to sink tho politioian and go back to their legitímate work. We, therefore, fiud tho late Conference of the M. E. ühnrch, at Eliut, adopting the following resohition : Resolved, That we most eordially sympathize vvith all just efforta to elévate tho tour niillions of freedmen to all the rights and privileges of citizens, and will seek by all just and lawful mearía, to secure those rights, Another year the conference will be ready to advance to hiaher ground - it has now ontstripped tho Kepubliean party in New York, übio, Wieconsin etc, - and the anathemas of the church will be thundered against any opponent of universal alias negro suffrage ; and tho next it will enter the field with candidates for tho various elecüve offices. A progressivo age, suroly. JKS" At the term of the Jackson Circuit Court, held this weok, Pliilip E. Eunyon, a lad aged about 16 years, was conviuted üf an attetnpt to oomtnit a rape on a girl 13 yoars old. The law metos out no panishment fit for young or old villains gullty oí suoh crimas. They are becoming so common as to startlo all right thinking citizens, and must be more severely dealt with. E. B. Wakd, of Detroit, made a magniíiceut 6how of Grapes at the State Fair. TIio case coutained a large number of the choiceat varieties, and we confess that our tuouth watered while looking at them. Other amateur grape growers would do wcll toimitate Waud's example, except iu stationing a boy to distribute " free trade" or other politica! tracta to viüitors. I iCrjC We hear a story told of the j Southern Koad and the State F.iir, soine j thing like this : After the Fair had be;n located at Adrián, the oflieera o the Society said to tho Adrián loca C)inmittae, that the Contrat Rad liad given the citizeus of Kalamnzoo cach year a subsoription of $ 1,000, whioh reduced their cuntribution made to pro curo the locatiou the same amount, anc advisod that the Somberg R)ad be roquested to follovy tbe example. Tlie matter was luid before tho propor railroad authoritios, who positively dpoüned Tin y oou!dn't afford it, they oouldn't af(ord $800, they couldu't specify any given siim ; but, finally, proposod to give 10 per cent of tbeir reoeipts from Fair farsa. This proposition the Executivo Gominittee of the Society advised the Adlian coinmitteo to accept, at the sanie time nroposing to give thein 2000 for thuir share. The cout:act with the railroad was made in writiug, and on Saturday moruing, the Fair being over, it was estimated that the Adrián people would get from the Railroad Corapany aboiít 2,800. A good speculation. í" Dade, the murderor, and thrue other negroos, believing io the universility of the einancipation proelamation, havo vacated their rooms in the State Prison at Jackeou, witbin two weoks, and gone to parts unknown. The Prison Agcnf, Mr. Winïon, not having the samo idea with his colored brethren concerniug their right to liberty, and feeling that his afiections have beea triflod with, offers a reward of 50 each for thoir re turn to his heart and home. íd The English peoplo are just now greatly exeitod about the movements of the Feuians, and a large numbor of arresta have been made. Tbe Irish branch of the organizaron is estimated as haying 140,000 rnembers. - The Pope has given direotions to archbishops, bishops, and priosts to let the order alone for the present. ÜSST President Joiikson has selected the Washington Comtitutional Union as one of the papera in whioh to publish the legal advertisementa of the government. The Union ia thoroughly Democratie. J33T" The Wirz trial stil] drags its slowlingth along, and may be terminated belore the prisoner dies. These military trials are a broad farce, eren - as in this case - when there is little or no doubt of the guilt of their stibjects. L3' The receipts of the Infernal Revenue Bureau on Saturday last, wero $6,897,420. The gross reeoipts to that date from July lst, were $84,661,430.


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