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General Hancock On Mexico

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General Hancock, at a recent speech to tho Odd Fellows at Baltimoro, said the power ot G-overnment, as shown in the late coiitcst, s a star in our escutcheon whose raya extend sufficiently to give lighteven to Londoo and to Paris. The Eio Grande ia btit a short distnnce in comparison, and I firmly believe, frora niy own knowledge of the country and experienoe therein, that the Emporor of the French will be glad to vacate Moxico if ho is allowed time to do so with honor. We paid somo milliona to get the country after caphiring i(s cap. tul, and he thougbt that it will not cst Pranceloss th'in it coat us. Every day'a dolay adua to the expense, wi'hout a oh noe of (-ornpensation, for I conaider it as certain as fate that the continuad oceupation of that country by a foreign power, which entered it in hostiüty to our interesta ind prejudioes, will certainly lead to war. Il is now, however, time for us to cultívate arts of peaco, and bind up the wounds mdü by the late rebellion. We may dufer the day of retribution unlil we are strong sgain without resting under the imp'itation of fear. The Empuror of the French went to Mexico when it was convenient for him. Wo can düfer meeting him until t is convonient for us, but it may not bc necessary ; and, in such oase, we shall liare done enough n our day for the honor of our country's arms.


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