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The Double Tracks And The Trade West

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great railway kmgs, at Chicago, spoke as follovvs in response to the loast of 'English Capital and American Trade": " My friend, to-night, in iilluding to the extonsion of railways, confined himselt to the hope that fiooner út later we tnight take him to New York without chango of cars. I would teil that genlcincn that we are prepared to do more than that. fCheers.] Wo are prepared and determined to carry a doublé rack broad gaugo rai'way from New York to St. Louis and Chicago. [Ooninued ohccring ] And we are deternined to introduce some other improvements in this conncction. We hope to e ablo within a liraited time to send out foiír expresa trains from each oí ,hese cities to the east. I believe it is a reat mistako that only two are now sent. We are prepared also to pronrse at no distant day to carry produce from Chicago to New York, under forfeitnre, within fivo daya. [Cheers.] And wo are prepared to promise to do that at a m uch lower rate of fruight than is now charged. [Oontinued cheering]. And I thinl wo can do it throughout the year at e largo profit to ourselves, without whioh we would not undertake t - fiaughter] at so much of a reduction froiii the present ratos as I bclicve will auiount on this year's grbin of Illinois to $100,000,000. These are words, not doeds, but the distingnished engiueerin-eliief, and the capitalista associated with him, were satislied with tho $50, 000,000 he had distributed in the last four years, and this he regárded ns a suffioiant fiiuudation for siiying that the above projects would be accomplished. " We have bilt little doubt that this promisc will be fulfilled, and congratulato tíio public in advance upon it. - With cheaper freight nobody will object to see capital well rewarded. A Southerner of distir.guished antecedente, reduccd to poverty by tho war, remarkcd, a few days since, that he wouldn't alvvíiys be poor. Ho had a plan. He said I'm going to take one of my oíd college sermona, put on a sbadj beUy, and go to Ilenry Ward Beeeher and get a letter ot introduction to a petroleum widow and uiarry her. The East Tennessee and Virginia Central Riiilroad wíll be 'va running order froin Kuosville to Lyuebburg ia a fen diiys. There wad a cheese at tbe Now York State Fair wliieli took four horses to draw it. Thi) National Intell geneer characterizes Tiiad.'jspeecli as a buteherknife aasault upon the Prusident. Many Tfepiibücan papers refuse to publish Prtjsident Jchnt-ou's ej.eech to the Southern delogation. The South Carolina Convention his refuscd to allow negroes to fonu a part f tho basis of represeutation. A sleeping family were chloroformed in Nuwark, N J., tho other night, and robbed ofpropeity worth $7,000. Tlio Norwich Arms Company had to sell thoir propcrty to raise mouev to pay Goverumeut tases. Tbenew bonnots in New Yoik are selliriK at $:0 and SGO apiece. The almshouscs aro rilling rapidly. Two or three persons in Auburn have been fulally stuug by a large worm infestiog tomato vine, death eusuing within a few, It has been remarked in Mnrseilles, as elsewbere, that since tho appearance of the cholera rats have eutirely disappeared. A meeting haa been held in London to devise some practical moans for the arrest of British inianticido. It waa very iully attended by ladiss and clergymen. Au ordinance declaring the Act of Secession uull aud void was unauimoua]y idoptcd by the Alabama State Coaventiou on Mondav. Au imroigration society Las been organized in central V irgiDia, whose purpose is to invite Scotob aud Englwh farmers to settle in tbat región. It is propoped to sond agents to Great Biitaio to make bnown tho advantages and natural wealth oí Virginia. The total debt of Ponnsvlvania is I $38,634,891, $10,300,000 of wbich is ín railroad boods wliich will be paid wben tbey mature. Tbere are between four and fivo thousand negroes cougregated at Oolumbua, Keutucky, and tboy draw tbeir rationa regularly from Uncle Sara. The Government rolliug-mill at Ohattanooga, whioh cosí 8300,000, iD in the market. The highest offer yet is 680,000, which the Government will not accept. Gov. Brownloiv says that ifHenes.-, starvatioo and disoase will kill off the majority of the present generation of negroes. He prodiets fur the black man the fate of the red man, Travelers may now go by rail from New York city to Columbiis, Ga. TIn; trip oeeupies five days, and cots $G6. üy steam from New York to Savannah aud theaeo by rail the faro is 673, aDd the time oocupied ia eight days. The nuraber of freedmen now coogregated in Washington ia estimated at not Iers than fifteen thouand, many of wbom, men and women, live npon tho fruits of petty crimes and licentioiisness. An associatioa ha been formed in. Indiana for the purpose of ntroducing the Cushmere gout ín to thia country. öixteen of these animáis bave nlready been iniported under the auspices of Ibe society. Mr. Baneroft, the colebrated national historian, is busily engaged at his country residonce at Newport upon the 8lh volume of his great work. Mr. Baneroft ia now in his 66th year, and enjoys excellant healtb. Tho Secretary of tho State of Illinois expresses the opinión that tho census of thut State, now being taken, will show a populatioti of three millions. Tbis will place Illinois above Obio, aud near I to Pennsylrania. Har populatipn will only be exoeeded by two otates, New York and PennBjlvania. A new issue of 50 cent fractional currenoy will ehortly be made to replace the Ja8t issue, vvhieh bas been greatly couuterfeited. The head of the Treasury (Spinner) will tako the placo of the figure of justice. The new 10 cent eurreuoy will also soon appear, printed on commou bank note paper. Brigham Young soma time sioce asked the King of the Sandwich Islands to permit him to seod Mornion missionaries to the Islauds. To this the Sandwich Islands Secrolary of State replies that tha Mormon tenets are subversivo of] good governm nt and in violation of the laws of the Kingdoir, and that cfforts to establish a colony of the Saints ! there will not bt tolerated. The bridging of the Hudson river between Albany and Groenbush is now a fixed faut. All the piers aro completed, and the work on the euperstructure 18 progressing rapidly. Whon completed, cara of the Western, Hudson Rivor and Harlcin Kailroads will be enabled to form a direct connectiou with thoso of' tho Central trains, and those loaded with f'reight, and eventually passenger ears, will continue on to Bulfalo and the Great West without breaking bnlk. The Unitod States Universalist Convention met at Middletown, Connecticut, September 19th. Tho attendance wiislaige, and rather important matters were considered. The delegation from Iudiana came inslructed to urge the Convention to an immediate effort for missionary operationa. Representation wus made that the Northwestern Conferense intended holding a mass moeting nt Cliicngo, in CMober, when thev will proceed to rame $10,000 for edncational and missionory purposes. The Convention adjourned to meet next year at Galesburg, Illinois. The active openttions of the United States Sanitarv Commission, which, during tho war, was of such incaloulahle value to onr soldiers in the field and in hospital, will oeaBö altogether by the lst próximo, w:th the exception of its business of colleoting soldiors' claims, which wil] continue aa long as the necessity for its continu:inue exista. The Commissiiin will, on closing its business of disbursiug, turn over to the men's Bureau a largo ninouut of its , niuining stores for distribution araong tho destkute culored people of the Soutl. J


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