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October Term Jurors

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The following li.-t of Jtirors lias been dra n for the term of the Circuit Ciuirl to be held on tho fourth Tuesday of October : James B. Alexander, Pittsfield. George W. Audivws, York. Emerson Annabel, Sharon. Rufus Babbitt, Salem. Norman ff Batchelder, ypsilanti City. John Cody, " David B. Dodge, " Levi C. Drake, York. J. Kvaret, SUaron. Otlmiel Goodins;, York. Henry Goodyear, Sharon. Simón S. Hirth, Lodi. Jeremiuh Jacobs, Northfield. M. W. Johnson, Salem. T. D. Lane, " Wm. H. Nesnon, York. Edward A. Nordman, Lima. Francis II. Talmer, Bridgewater. Nathan l'ierce, Lima. David G. Itose, Sharon. A. H. Squires, Manchester. James B. Yanatta, Salem. Charles Whitaker, Lima. Sellick Wood, rittsfield. Jk2$T The team of VV. S. Maynaud, Esq., of this aity, rau away on the Fair Grounds at Adriau, on Thursday forenooD, having been frightened by the falüng of a box. Mr. MayxaRd had stepped off a short distaupe, and had requested a man to hold his liorses, who simply stood by them without taking the rains in liis hand. The orowd was great on the grounds at the time, and it is a wonder that no injury resulted except the killing of a horso with which they carne in collision. JV. W. Wüíes also met with an accident while passing through Tecumaeh, on his way home trom the Fair, on Saturday morning. - Meeting a couple of ladies in a carringe, one of them suddenly raised añ umbrella causing Mr. Wixes' horse to jump violently to one side, upsetting and smashinghiscarriage, and somewhat bruising both himself and wife. - The horae ran some 30 or 4U rods to his usual stopping place and halted, leceiving considerable injury. It was a narrow escape. EP Tüe Board of Regenta of the University held sessione on Tuesday and Weduesday. The business was principally of the routine cliaracter, acting upou tire annual report, making the usual appropriatïons, etc. - The " Memorial Ohapel " was under consideration, however, and tliere seemed to be a hitch between the Regents and the Alumni Committee - the Oommittee wiebing the Alumni to own and exclusively control the building when erected. We trust that the different views may be harmonizeil, and that the proposed Chapel may be erected at an early day. L3" Grant, of lona, a beautiful island in theHudson, near Peeksskill, which he is converting into a vineyard paiadise, inade a fine show of Grapes at the late State Fair at Adrián. Ainong the varieties exhibited were his two new seedlings, the lona and laeaella, both of which we had the privilege of tasting. Tha lona is a gnipe about the color of the Delaware - which was also exhibited in perfection - but as large again, and of delicious flavor. The Iseaella is a black grape, about tbe size of the lona or larger, and of excellent quality. These new grapes are both proving hardy and productiva, and liaving seen and tasted them we no honger wonder al their popularity. fëp" D. M. Uhl, of Ypsilanti, had on exhibition at the State Fair, three head of cattle fiorn his herd of Durhams, which not only attrarted general observation and commendation, but which bore off the honors. - Hia two year oíd Buil not only took the fiïst jremium in his class, but the sweep-stakes nemium over all competitors of whatever age and breed. He was a noble animal and wore the blue ribbons right royally. Mr. Jhl'b Cow also took the first and sweepstakes premiums, and his yearling Heifer, a jeautiful anima), took the first premium. Mr. J. is determined to maintaiu the credit of iVaslUenaw Couuty. GF" Our friend Cadwell, of Webster, iad one of his Hors Forks at the State ?air, which, though another took the prenium, was considered by those who had seen it used by far the best on the ground, and we have no doubt it was. He also had on exhibition a model of his Broadcast Seeding Machine, which promises to prove a first-class implement, and in addition, a number of that little Yankee notion of his, the fruit pieker, which went oft like hot cakes. Cadwkll is some on "inventions." L;L" Messrs. Lyman, Geohge, and Jesbüp Wood, of Lodi, exhibited a fiue lot of Spanish Merinoes at the State Fair. Henry Goodyear, of Salem, also had a number of pens of very fine Merinoes, which attracted considerable notice. William M. Beown, of Manchester, also had some fine Sheep on exhibition. Washtenaw is the Iargest Wool Growing Couuty in the State, and produces some of the best Wool. 8@u Messrs. Horn & Rowe have purchased the stock of George W. Moobk, who made auch a tempiing display of bis Cigars, Tobacco, &c, in the corner Btore, Gregory Block, and, adding Iargely thereto, have established theinselves in the store lately occupied by Geoege Fischse, on Hu'on Street, which has been thoroughly renovated and fitted for their business. We don't think we shall patronize them as liberally as we were wont to Fiscuer, but, then, those who worship at the shriue of the fragant weed, and burn daily and hourly incensé, probably will. We wish them success. B&" We are happy to learn that arrangemeuts are about completed which will insure the resumption of work on, and speedy completion of the Gregoiy Block. We hope that the work will be done, and the hotel runuing in time to christen it with a Christmas jubilee. It is the thing Ann Arbor needs. Peleo Marshall has taken the job to finish, and the noise of the workmen will soon be heard. &? Part XLIX. of tho RebelHon Record is on our table. The documenta cover the operations of January and February, 18(54. The number is embellished vuth finely executed steel portraits óf Maj. Gen. C. C. Augur, and Maj. Gen. W.W.Aveeill. GO cents each mouthly part. Address l). Van ! Nosteand, l'J'2 Broadway, Keiv Vork,


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