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Making Butter In France

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Ifc is wel! kuown that crearn may be couverted inlo butter by simply being buried o theground, but is not general]y known that this modo ia in common use in Normandy and some othor pai'ts of France. The process is as tollows: - Tho creara is placed in a linen bag of moderate thickness, wtiieh is carefully eeeured and placed in a hole in the ground about a foot and a half deep ; it is thea covered up and left for twenty-four or twenty-five hours. Wbcn taken out, lbo oieara is very hard and only requires beating for a short limo with a woodou naliet after whioh half' a glass of water is tlirown upon it, which causes the buttor-railk to separate from the butter. - If the quautity to be converted into butter is large, it is loft more Ihan tvventyfour nours in the groundt ín Winter, when the ground is frozen, the operation is performed in a cellar, the bag being well covered up with sand. Some persons place the bag contaioing the creara vvithin a second bag, in order to prevent the chanco of any tuint from the earth This systém saves labor, and is stutec to produce a largor amouut of buttür Ihan churning, and of excellent quality :tnd morcover, said uever to fail. -


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