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Horses Feeding One Another

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do Boussanello, captain of cavalry in the regiment oí Beaiivillers, relates in his Military Observatious, that au old horse of his company, that was very line and full of rnettle, had his teeth all of a sudden so worn down that he could not chew his hay and onrn ; and that he was fed f'or two inonths, and would nuil have been so, had he boeu kept, by two horses on etioh sido of hini, that ato in the Sütno manger ; that these two horsea drew hay fïoiii tho same rack, which tboy chewed, and afterwarda threw before hiin ; tlioy did tho same with the oats,. which they ground very small, and very soft, and also put before hini : Tnis, udded he, was observed and witnessed by a vvholo compauy of eavulry, officora and mee. General Swuyne, of Alabuma, of the Freedmen's Bureau, alluding in a circular to tho impression prevailing among the negroos that tho plantnttoiis ara to bo paroeTed out among them, beginuing next year, tolla them that they need hope for nothing of the sort, and that they muat go to work aad bohuve theuiselvos.


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