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"""in r "i rnrríTi'nirwwTi'iwii'wwiwiKi iiiimijmllmwf.jmii f 2MÍU ÜOOTÜ AiNDTliJí LEAVEB W'll.L be Tur the UealÍLg ol Ihe Natioün BitAe. Prof. X. T. XjYOKTíS, riíK UJ1KAT AXI) qjLttHUATE] PHRHCJAX of the ! TJ1UOAT,LU.'US, IIEAK'J JJVKR AND THE BJ.UOH, i Kiimvn i}lover theeouiitïy a tli6 CICf.EKKATHI) IX-TOIAN HDSiRB DOCTOBI Oí' S2 Superior Streyt, I' W vela mi, Oliio. Willvirtit the ("ollowmti plmwM, viz AP-FOINTMENTH FOK 13R5, 186nd 167. Prof K. J. L.vuns can be euusulled at the fo]]owlng places every motith, viz: Pfetnnt, at 0a8fl House, oifpÁsite Michignn Central Depot, t'iich nioiith, 'JSnd and 'JSrd. KaUmazoo, BurJick Ilonse, each month, ISth and -9th. Jackson, Hillard HouBBg cacli month, 0. Ano A ib' , .Monitor lluuse, each month, 21 st. faltl ion Hou8C each mon'h. 2ith. Toledo, Suiainit SrtJbc House, each month, 25th aml ííOt CLEVELAND, OI1IO. REflIDENCS AND OFFICE, 282 ÖUPEIIIOK STREET, East of the public snuare, opposite tbc 1'oKtoIüce. Ollice diijs each miintli, lst. M, 4tli,5th, Oth, lotli.- Offlos hours trom a A. M. to' 12 M, ud fnin a 1'. ii. to 4P. M. OniSundny f ruin 9 to 11) A. M.,audl tü 2 P. M. ÜÍJ-M.ixim.sstrictly adhevetl to - I nve such balín as lmve no strife, Witli usUh( tr Un1 las of ufe, W'Ui blol ftiy haïul í nevet staia, NoTjjofison nsen toease therpain. lie is a phijsician indeeil , v;hu Cures. ïhe iodiHürt Doctor, R. J. LYONS, oires tlio folio w i uií üomplaiiitsin tlie most ob-stiuate Ktage oí tlieir oxitfuce, vir.: Diaeastsof tleTliroat, I.ungs, Heart, I. ver. StomLch,lrop8J inthChet, Kheumatisi, Neuralgia, VHe: or KallinjítíicknessindallothernerToustleraliyenn'nts. Also allJiseasesof the blood.such asScrofula, ErTlrti'las .Cancera Fe-ver Sore, lprosy,andallotliicomplicáted clironiccoinplaintti. All forma of femalc dilHculties anenáed to witli the happiest results. It i hoped that noone willdespair of a rnre until tüey liavt' i'ivi-ii ti' ludían Herb lloctor's Medicines a fairandfaitliful trial. a,I)uring tlie Doctor', travelsin Europe, West Indies, South America, and the United States, he has been the instrument in God's hand, to restore to licalth and vigor thousanils wbo wert given up aD'l pronounced incurable by the most emiuentold school physicians; nay, morf , thotiBands who were on the verge of the grava, are no living moi.umpnts to the Indian Hcrb's Doctor's skill and suoccsnfulfreatment, andaré daily exclaiming: "Bles ■eilbctheday when lirst e ■ and partook of the Indian Herb Doctor's medicine." SatisfactoryreferenceM'fcires will be gladly and chei-rfullj givennheneverrou,uired. . . Th. -K.ictor piedles liis word and honor, that he wíl n no'wise directlyor indirectly, induce or cause an) invali.l to tatté bis" medicinewithout the strongest prb iÜ'IMoileCofIeeamination,which is entirel.vdiffeien from thefaculty. Dr. I.yon professes to discern di seises bv the eye. He therefoie asks noquestions, nor loeatae rooniw patientstoexplain symptoms. Cftllone and all, md have thesymptoms and location of your .lisoiisfcxidalnedfrcoof charge. gSgPThepoorbU boliberally considered. . S-Postomceaddrebo 2663. & Cleveland, Ohio.Nov. 25. 1802 1y880 TUST OPENING! The largest Stock and best nssortment of CABINET FURNITURE ? ever bi-ouglit to this city, including S0FA8, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BED ROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CIIAmS, XiooliLiiis G-lasses Gilt Frames and Mouldings METALIC CASES, &c., ■ c, and all other goods kept n the best and lar;eBt house in t' ecountry. Weiieepno sücond hanil uriituieo Aucíion nontis. CufTins Isept dmstnntlj n and,an mide td ofJK &1 gapils are oirered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES M.B. I must bare mcnfy.and reapectfully reques those udebted.tü cali and dx up their old mattei ilk U" O. M. MARTIN. AnnArbor,Oct.6,1863. 925tf -REAT VJT CLOSING OUT A SPLENDID STOCK OF DRESS GOODS G-exxts' --'■ -. - ... v: . ■:■; --fi. FURNISHING GOODS CASSIMERES, Cïoth, Satinéis, &c. DOMESTIOS, SHOES, HATS i CAPS Crockery GROCERIES, &c. Are to be sold at prices that willguaranteethe salt; N. B.- The largest Stock of Calien and BrownCotto in tiie City at loss than ilaaufacturer's prict-s, Tlie higheefc pricc paid inTradeor cash for all kinc of l'roduce. MAOK & SCIIMID. y ümber"yardT C. KRAPF, Has a larga mil well Rtockoil T.umbcr Yardj on JelTer son Street, Ín 1 he BouUl PHÍ tlie City, and willkce constantly on band au excellent vanety of LUMBKR, SH1NGLES, LATH, &e whioh will be sold as low as can be atfordedin th uu fk.''( . (.nalityaadpricea such that uo one neert goto De troit. CONRAD KRAPF; Aun Arber, Dcc Cth, 1804, 9et OCHEINWR'S PULM0N1C SYRUP, SEAWEED TONIC, AND MAN3RAKE PSLLS. Theabove U a correct likeness of Dr. Schenck.just a f ter recovcrinjí f rom Consumí) t.ion, manj jearsigo Below is tt likenoss of liim na he now appears. AVhen the first was taken he weighed 107 poutuis ■ at tlie present time Iiïs weiglit is 220 pounds. DU. SCHENCK'S Principal Oílico aml Laboratory is at the N. E. corner of SIXT1I and COMÜKRCE Streetx, Philadulphia where all letters for advice or business should be di rected. Hewill be found thero every SATTJRDAY, professionally to examine lungs with the Respirometer, for wfaich lus fee is three dollars ; all adrice free. In New York at No. 32 BOND Street, every TUES DAY, from 9 A. M. to 3 V. M. At tbe MA1ÏL3ORO1 HOTEL , Boston, January 18 and 19, February 15 and Ui, Maich 15 and 10, April 19 and 20, May 17 and 18. June 14 and 15, July 19 and 20. Tbe time for my bei ng in BALT1MQR.E and PITT3BXJKG, wül bc Bten in the daily papers of those cities, 'Ihe 21 story of Dr. Schenck's own Case, and lioivhe was curcd of Consumj'lion. Many yrars a-n, WnHgtYesiding in Phiïadelpliia, I bad progvessod yi-ii-Uuilly inio the last .stage, of Pul monary Conuniptin All hopos of my i-reeo,very being dissipatcd. I ffaaBdViSed by my physicfan, Ir. Parrisb , to remove into the ceunt ry. Moorefitown , New Jersey, being my uati,vë placed l wa Removed thitber. My father and afl lus Earaïly liad lived aml died tbere- and died oí" l'ulnionary Consumption. Oq myarrivai I was put to l ed, w here I hiy for many weea in what wasdewmeil a hopeiess conditión. Dr. Thomlon, who had been my father' family physician, am; had uttended him in bis last Hncss, was cal led to see me. He thought my caso entirely beyond thereacliof medicine, and decided that I must die, and gave mcone week to my tepjpojraJ atlair. In thia appai-pully hopeloss (MindiLion, 1 heard of the remedies wbich I now make and fffll. I seeiued o me ihat I could feel them working their way,and pnetratingevory nerve, libro, and tissue oTiuy system. My lq%ga and Ijver pat on a new action, and tbe mor bid matier Eïcn for years had accumulated and irritated the different organsof the body, was eliniAiáted, the tubercleson tny Umgrt ripened, anil J expeetorated from my lunsrs as rnuch as a pmt of yellow oiTenpive matter every morning. As tms eKpíictoration of matter snhided, the fevcrabated, the puin leftine.tho cough ceased to haras mo, and the exlüiusiiu nightfivveats wero ii' louter knuwn, and I had re'reshing sleep, to which 1 had Ion? been a atranger. My appetite iHiw bcg.n to re', urn . apd al times 1 found it ditiieuftxo rc.-train iuv('li' iïoin etttmg too mach ; with tiiis return o health, I ga-incd in tn-nih, and now aro Öeshj. 1 nm now A heaKIiy ním, witb a laige bealed cícüíiík in the nüddíe lobo of the rfght lung and 11)0, lowev ïoÉe '.('Mti.i'd with complete adhesión of the plean . The left lung ifl sound, and the ujiper lobe of the righl une s in atoleiably healthy condition. Consumption at ihat fime was fhoughí tobean incurable discase, by every one, physicians aswellas tboso who vore unlearnedin medicine - e.specially such cases as were reduced to tbc condilion I was in, Tbis induced many peopleto believe my recovery only temporary. I now prepaivd and gávO the medicines to consumptives for some time, and made mnn,y wonderful cures ; and thedeinand increased so rapidly tbat Í determined to offer them to the public, and devote my uudiviiled attontinn to linág diseacri. In tritth, I was next to foreed to it, Cor propio wmild .-und for mv iHr aíidnear, to ñSceHain whether tht-ir casen werlllke mine. For many years, in conjunclion with my princi}a] ofiice in Pbiladelphia, I have bren mtrktng recular profesinal visits to JS'evv York, líutítuiij liultimore, and PUWburg. l-'or several cara past I have made as many as five hundred examitiation wecl]y ül m "Ueripirometer." For suoh examinaiion my charge is three dollars, and 'it tnables me to gïvé eden patiënt the tr'ue condition of bis diseaHe, and teil him lraully w het her he will get we 11. The great reaon why physicians do not cure Confiumptiuu Ík , tliat they Wy to do toymuch ; tboy glve met fclneï to nlop the OOügh, to stop the n weats, hectie fcver, and by so douig they derange th s wholc digestivo system. lookintf up the secretionw, andceventually the patieut dies. Thé J'ulmonic Syrup is one of the most valuable medicines known. H la nutriënt, po werf ulij lonic.and healtn ia USSlf. H contnns no opium, yet loosens the phlfegin n tbe bmncljlal tubes, and nature throws ïtoff with lfttle exertfon. Oneboïtïë freiuently cures an ordinary cold: but it will be well first to take a dose of Schendt 's Mamlrnke's Pilla to cleanse Vr ntomách. The l'ulmomc Syrup is readily digosted ai:d absorbed into blood, to which ii mparts 1(8 hfaHn'j; proporties - It U ooi of tbe best preparations pf inm in use ; it is a powerful tome ofitscli'; and wlicn the Se;iweed Tonic pissol efl the mucus ln-lhe atomach, and lis carried oiï by the aid of the Uandrake l'ills, i healthyflowol gastricjui're, goo3 appetite,nd a good digestios íoliow The Seaweed Tonic is a stimulant and uoue otlinr is required when it is nsed. It is pure and pleasant ; no bad efteots liKft when usitifi Bourbon wbisky. whicii disorders tbestomacb, torpors tlie livcr, locks up all the socretions, tuins the blood into water, dropwy seis in, and the patiënt ftlm sin'.dcnly. Bourbon whisky is recommended now-a daysbyal most every physician. Many pa tienta that vif-ii my rooms, both malt and femnU aro stupetied wïth this poison. The reüef is temporary. If tboj cough they take a Hltle whisky ; if they fooi wea and fceble they take a littlu whisky ; if tïiey cannot sletp, tbey tako a little whisky ; and they go en in this way, requjring mure andinore until they are bïOated up , umi imagine theyiire jrctting1 Seahy. The stomach, livor, and digestive powers are cumpletelv destroyed, and lose their nppefitf for ibod. No one was ever cured of consnmption by this proceap, where cnvitioB h;ivc been formcd In the lunga A tinte itiskulan't te fceljtíátíly benefl cial to eonsumptivi's, such as pure brandy or good vines ; in many cases Londoo portei or brown stout in moderate quaniiücs ; but Bourbon whisky hastens on inateadoicuring consumption. The Seaweed Tonic produces lHstinp: rosutes, thoroubly invijíoratinfí thostomflrcfa and di&esttfve system, and eiRbimg it to eliminnte n.nd nake into healthy blood the food wMoh nmy b u.scd for tbal. pnrpofe - It is no wonderful in its clïects that a wtne fi'uss lull wïll dljrest a Márfcy ifiá l ■ and a little of it taken before breakfast will giv0 n tone to the stomach which few medicines poasess the power of dolng. Tho MAiN'DRAKE PILL8 may be tttlcen with entire safety by all (ges and comlilions, prndnein all the good resuits thnt can be obtaim-d f'toni calomcl, or any of tbe mercurial medicines, and without any of tbeir hnrtful or injunous resalta. Thfy carry out of the system the fer.ulent aml worn nut matters looseurd and dissolved by my Seaweed Tonic and PuhnonicSymp. - It will beseen that all three of my medicines are needed in uu. at oases to cureCtmsumption. A O E N T S . BOSTON- George C, Goodwill & Co. NEW YORK- Derans Barnes Si CoBAI.TIMORE- S. P. Hanoe. Dr. Gcorge H.Kcysor. CINCINNATT - F. E. Snire ft Co., and JoÍd D. Park. CH1CACO- Lord k Sniitli , nnd II. Scovil. ST. LOUIS - Collina Brotliers. SAN FRANCISCO- BusteHcr, Smith & Dean. - i.x Mbral)Lli-uifglsta and Dealers. JyO98 SEWiie MACHINES. PílOTOGRAríI ALBUMS, l'WTUtiES, FRAMES, TIIEEAD, SILK, T WIST, MACHINE 01 L, fc. The undersigned now offers the public TUK lïEPT SEWINC MACHINE I3NT FOB DUIIABLLITY, BEAliTYoJ STYLE,and VA E IET Y of WORK, k "STANDS UP HEAO." Tt neods oiily to be sopn tn bpapprociatcd . Runs the work botli waya, tukcw four kinds oí' stitches, hems, fclis, p:itliors,, bladt, quilts, gatherH and sews on f, rnlllti at the same time. Sews nota tho thinncst to thp ttiickest f;ibric without clian(?ing the stitch, tensión or needie, or without brcaking tho thread. - The Wonder of the World ! Also a variety of the mest braiitiful PHOTOUBAPII 4LBD1ÍS, riCTOKES and FRAMES n gréat varie'ty. anl jiictüres irameil to order at sliurt nutice. Also. BAKNUM'S SELF-SEWÉIÍ or TUUKIÏR, which can be nljusted to any Sewing Machine. Culi ,u tlie sign of the FI.0RJ5XCE SEWIN'G 5IACII1XIC, a few doors East of Cuok's Hotel. ' Stüching Neatly Done to Order, Alio, on cxliiUition,tlieoelebrateI " WEE!) SKWIN'G M VI 'HIN'E," whioh took the jreraium at tho Miebican State Fair, of 1864. W. D. HOLMES. Ann Arbor, Dec. 28th,1864. tWStf rpHE GREAT CRI8IS ! nsr. b. colé & co., have ustopeneda LARGK STOCK of BOOTS f SMOES, purcnaóed sïuce tb e GREAT FALL IN GOLD! which will be sold at a SÜEáT EtEDOCTION FBO.M FOKMliït PP.1CES. Tlieir Stock incluiles the X-raatest Êütyles and the QUALITY !s the BEST IK" MAREET. - o - GIVE THEM A CALL before purchasing olsewhere. O - BEPAIRING Neatly and Promptly Done. Store West slde oí Court Hou8e Square, two doors North of the Old Franklin. N. B. CÜLE, A. I). SF.YLER. AnnArbor, April, 1865. 1qO6 HISTOKY OF THE WORLIX BY PHILIP SMITH, B. A. One of the principal Con t rib atora to the Dictionariês of Gt' and llaman AiUiquitics, liiography, and Gtog raphy. PLAN OF THE WORK. Sinee Sir Wal ter Kaloigh solaced liis imprisonment in the Tower by the compositioii of hia " ílístorj of the World," the Literature of ' ínglam! has never itchievcil the worK which he lelt uufinished. There have been " Universal Histories," from the bulk of an eucyclnpaudia to the most meagreoutline, in which tlie anuals of each uation are sepa'rately recordad put without an attempt to trace the story of Divine' Pro Vide nee and human progresB ín one connècted j rative. ït is proDosed to supplythis want by a work, enndensed enougb to kop it witliin a n-asonable size, Í but vet Hot'ull as to be free from the dry ba Ir n es s nlan ' epitome. The Literature of Germany abounds ia history, - suchas those" of Muller, Soulosser, Kar! von Rottock, Duncker, and othei-s,- which at provo thedemand for sacha book, and model f , in sonje degree,for its execution. But even thosp reat wofks are somuwliat deficiënt in iv&t organic nvity which is the chief üm of thjs "llist tv of the World." Tbesloryof onrwhole race.'like thatol each seoar nte n;ition, ha.s if a beginniní,a mídale, and an en'd." That story we propose to folio w, from itsbeginning iu thesacrtMÏ records, and irom the dawn of civilization in the East,- throujfh thesuceesaive Oriental Em pires, - the rise of liberty and the perfection of hoMftseA pulity, arts, and literature in tíret-ce and Kome, - the chanco which passed over thé face of the wo'rld fhen the light of christianity sprang up, - the orïgin and lirst appearance of those barbarían races which overthrew both divisions of the Roman Empire,- the annalsnf theStates which rose on the Empire' a ruins ncluding the pictuvesque detailH of medieval history, and thestoady projrress of modern libcrty and civilization, - and Ihe extensión of theKO mlhirnccs, by dis covery. COnqüeSt, coloniza tion, and Christïan mieaioua, to tile rcinntest rojiions of the earth In a word, as separate histories reflect the detached scènes of human action and sufl'ering, ouraim is to bring into one view the several pavts which assurt"i ly f'nrm one great whole, movingonwards, uuder the iruidanco of Divine Providence, to the unknown end ordained in the Divine puruoscis. No pains wirlbe spared to make thifl ln'.story scholarlilu'in substancc ftnd popular in .--lyle. Itwill belounded on the beat authoritiesancient and modern, original and secondary. The vast pVögreas recenfly hiaae in histurical and critica! invetiaiinns, the rcs'ulls ob. tained from the modern soience of cora pa rut i ve pln!oiogy, an'l the diaCQveries which have lai.l open oew bou reed of Infdfmátíoñ cohöffrfalng the l'ast, afford such facilities as to make the present a fit epoch for ovr undeitakmg. TheworR will be divided ino {three Periode, each complete i uitself, and will form KigUt Volumes in Demy Octavo. I.- Ancibxt TTisTony, ?acred and Secular; frum the Creafion to the Fallof tlie "Western Empire, in A. D. 476. Two vo unies. II.- Mkdibvaï.IIjstory, Civil aml Eccleaïafific'ft] ; from the Fall of tb" Westefn Empfieto tlie takinp: "! ( 'iuistantinople by the Turku, in A. I). 1453. Two Volumes. III.- Modern Hisronv ; from the Fall of the Byzantine Empire to uur own Times. Four Volunif.s. Il, will l)e pnblishcd iu 8 vnls. S vo. pricc ir t-lnf]], $3.50 per volume. Sheep, $4.50. Half Morueco, S5. Volume 1 uo w ready. Agents Wanted in all parta of the Country. Applications shoulil be made at once to the l'ubliwhcrs. D. APPLETOI? & CO., 2amtf988 443 444 niomlway. N. Y OER MTRROR MAY Satisfy a lady that her dress is faiiltleas, but 26c invest ed in "Spanish Kouge," for polishing Pilverwnre and metáis of all kinds, Vfll }n!rt more to the bright and cheftrful Hpi'earancR of her happy home than one hundred dollars t-xpondcd in new wtue. I.ADIES give it one tritil, nd yon will .joïn vih na in saying that, i t impro.'os Ihe appeararoce "f your l'arlors and Kitchenu one hundred per cent. Kor further particiilarB wo iefer you to our advertisementin Detroit lnilv Paparft Western M'holesale Agents, Merrill lilock, corner Woodward and .leiferson aumucs, Detroit, Michigan. S7ËBBINS & WJXÜOK, Ageots(Auu Albor. üml(H8 TULIUS BAUER & CO., Great Piano Forte and Meiodeoii EMPOEIÏÏM! WAKEROOM& IN 'CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, C9 WASHINGTON STKEET., Ci'filO York Warervoms, 650 Broadwwg, Wholesale Agents for the ü. S. for WM, KNABE & CO'S o f;l e b jï a t ErrGold Medal Piano Fortes I As to the relative merit.i of tlise PIANOS we wonW refer to the Cirtificates i.f Kxci'lU'nce n our pbsssmil from THAtiBEBf:. GCTTSI IIAlK STItAKOSCH, G. SATTKR, II. VIEUXTÜJ1PS, r.OTJIS STABIÍ and K. MUZIO, Director of Ihe ltalian Ojiera, as also from some of the most distinguishen Profusscrs ntd Amateurs in the country. All Instruments guaranlied for Bve ytars. AÍ.SO, AGKNT3 FOR SOE1ÏBLER & SM1TH, BOARDMAN & GRAY, A. H. (iALE &CO.5 Andotlieriirst-Class Pianos. We liavc the LARGE8T and BEST ASSORTEH PTOCK of ÏTANOS IN THE CITY, which forl'owir and SwoetMMof Tone, Kanv and Agieeable ïoue!,, andütauty of Finish, have, by judges, been pronounced utirizalled. Particular attention paúl to tli scjection o! Instruments for distant orders, and a privilege of exchange granted at any time witliin six montai if the ïn.strument should not prove entirely satisfactory - A tibtrnl discount to Clergymen, Teachers and Schools Term liberal. WHOLESALE DEAI.KRS will find it to their advantnge in gift us a cali, as by greatly inercased faciüties we ;tre cnabled to flll orders with rlispatch S"" Persons in want of a REALLY F1ESTCLASS PIANO will do well to cali belore purchasin" elsewhere. wil e re, WHOLESALE AGENTS FOK CARHART.NSEDHAM&CO'S i CELEBRA.TED HABMONIÜMS, MELODEOflF A-DKriD OñG-AKTS. AI. SO FOK l OEORGE A. PRINCE & CO'S i MELODEONS and QKG-ANS, Manufacturera and Importas oí MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ! Strings, Accordeons, Violins, Clarinets, Drums, Guitars, m&m mmvwm And other Musical Merchandise, The Sii.vkr and femss Ivstefmexts, of our manufacturo andlmportation, are used by most all of the besl Bands in tkeVvitcd States, and whenerer cslubited liavc ;i.!n-ays received the Gold Medals and higuest PREMIUMS. tST Having connection wííh Mamifiicturing Housen in ïerlin. l.sipsic, Dresden, Kngland and Paris, irp sre prepared to furnigh DEALERS, BANDS and INDIV1DCJA1.S, wlth tvery article in thie line, at the lowest manufacturers' prices. - o - KEMEMBBR THE PLACE, JULIUS BAUER & CO., 69 WASHINGTON STREET, CHICAGO, - - - - hjl,., 1012 New York Warerooms, 050 Broadivay. XTEW SKIItT FOR 18G5-C. " The Groat Invcntion of tlie Ago in HOOF SEIETB! IJ. W. BRADLEY'S New Patent DÚPLEX ÉlLIPTÈÓ Cor doublé) SPRINísjK1KT. t rpiITS TXVENTTOX consists of Dt'Pi.Kx (or two) Kr.' Lii-rií' l'l'HK ÜKUNfiti STKKr. Si'kincs, inenioiisly HiuiDEn TiQHTtT and KiKMLY togetlier, kdgs íokiíük. inakinc the TOTOBBBT , mpgt gLKXlBLB, ELArrnc an'd nu-' hahlk Sj'KIng eVf r iiseil. Thcy pclilom hk.vd oi-iíkicak, lika the SiuLrl(;.Sj)i-ii]fj;s, iinl consequcBtt„v presdrve their perfect and beau ti ful Shape more tlian twice ns long aa any Bingie 8tTing Skïrt timt Kver flirt or Oan be imaie. THE womierful llrxibilily and grt'at comfort and ileasure to anj' Lady ftreairntf the Pirplox Rlliptic Skirt wlli be oxpiTieiKHMl purticlarij' in all crowded As.semblies, Operas, Carriages, Railroad Cars. Church Pews, Arm Chairs, for Promenade and House Dress, as the SUirts can be folded whtin n use to oceupy a Kinall place as easily and cenvenieát.y as a Silk Or -Mushn Dress. A Lady hnving Fn,joyed the Pleasure, Ciimfort and Great Convenience of' Wearinp: thè Dapïex Effip'tic 3têèi ifprin Skirt iw a Bkjgl lay will Never afterwards willingly diajaentip wíth their use. í'qe Cliildreu, Jliü.sr. and ÍToung 1-ndies tliey are superior to all others. THE IlOOPSavii covored witlt 2 ply doublé twisted tlireaö, and will wear twice au long as the Single yarn c()crTiu wliich is user] " on all tingle TIonp Skírts. Tha thice bultum i-ods on every Sirt ro Duuble Steel, and twice or doublé eovered to prevent the cpvejlng from M'oai'ing o 11' tin to&tt when draging down stairs, sfone steps, c, &c , which tliey areconstantly subject to when in use. All are made of the new and elegant Corded Tapes, umi are the bèsi quaiily in eyary part, iving to tog wearer the most giiiöéftil r.nd per'ect SHftpe possibk-, and are nnqwtstiönably Un tígtrteat, most desirable, Coiafovibir aad ecnrnnuical kivt evpï ina'lc. WÈSTS' BRADtftY S CATÏV, PROPIÏIKTOKS of the Tnvrtition, and ÖOX-Ë ÍÍAN TKACTÜRKRS, 97 CHAAIBERS)fand 79 k 81 READE 0TREETS, New York. FoR SA1.K in all fttteé-eïdBS Storcm raf thfn Gity, afrd tln-Dulniut tho United titate.s and Canada,, Jiavana de Cfrbn, MpxicÓ. South America., and Wesl Imlíes. jfifS" iKiÜWlÜ VOSt THE DÚPLEX fJ.UPTÍC (OH DOUBLIQ SPfUKÖ KIKT. 3iolÜ-i A. & C.i ! A GENTS WANTED -FOR OURGR E AT ÏS AT ION A L WORK, The Ufe, Tintes and Puhlle .S;riccsof ABRAHAM LINCOLN ! By DR. T.; I. IIROCKETT. Th is woik ifl entivety oew nnd original, and co&tains more of NUá r.:yy í I i -tury , PoliNen! Speechen, Me.S{agysf 1'rui'hunaiitHis, (-., t-iííiliHr with the scènes and úbidentS corifiected witn his tragic n, than any oilipr work i)iibhti]n.-d. Seacliers, ladie, energlic young men, and e_specially irneii añil disabled dmátfrs ;i oo átrlalers, in, want of profitab e employment, will iirul it peculiarly adapted to ooiiditiüQ. Wö Iui-o agente clearing $löö per "ment !i . which wo will prove to any doubtitig applicant. Scad lor circulars. Address JONEP BIÏOTIIKTÏH & CO., NO. 148 WttST KotïRTH ST., , AmlttSfi Cincinnati, Ohio. "VTOTICE ! Th'éSn perint c.ndents of thePoor for fhe roanty oiWafbteuaw, will meet at the ('uuniy House, on thé fir-f In Ociolior next, for the purpose of audiüug account. B. W. WAITE, ) P. DAtlSj 3Kp W.m. ft. ilARTIX, 5 Dated,Sept.Ttb,T8eB: 1025 Jourua Newy, aud Courier, each, copy ii wocks. IT H AT EVERYBODY BAYS ! I PLUMER & JENNINGS CAN 0KT YOU UP A BEÏTER SUIT OP OÏOTHES THAN YOU CAN BUY ELSEWHERE. - o - PLUMER & JENNINGS cnn I"IT yo very IVSUCH BETTER than you can hope to be FITTKl) eitiewliere. PLUMER & JENNINGS can SELL LOWER thanony otlier Firm in Ann Arhor, AN THEY WILL DO IT. PLUMER & JENNINGS have on hamlche best asswtmcnS of Furnishing Goods, thissiileof New York, which they will sellatpricos wliich wiil inóuce all to buy. y. B.- Giay's Patentad MulSèfl Collar. Universal Collars, Satín Kuameled Byron Collars, (ï'he first Byron Enaineled Coííar ever raanufactored,) French l'rintod Collar, Ward'.s Printcd Collar, I,e Beau Ideal Collar, (ImportedJ (Janion City Collar, Satín Knaiueled, jiateiit Button Hole, New York Excelsior Linen Paper Collar, F. A. H. & Co's Improved Paper Collarn, M;i.s.s!isoit Pnper Collar, and1 in fact every di$ript)Qn of Paper Cellars manufaötured, constantly on hand in large ijuantities. Secotid door South of Public Square, Mam St , Ann Arbor, Michigan. lOOTtf TT ATS, CAPS, AND STRAW GOODS! - o - JOHNSON i PIERSON have reeervetl the Iargest stock of ïver brouiilit to thia market, which thev are selüng at voryLOW l'KICES. The stock consists of- 3ENTS' SILK HATS- all styles. 3ENTS' SOFT AND STIFF BRIM HATS. GENTS' AND BOYS' DERBY HATS. GENTS' AND BOYS' CAPS- all kinds. 3ENTS' STRAW HATS. OÜILDRENS' STRAW CAPS AND HATS. OHILDRENS' FANCY FELT HATS. BOYS' STRAW HATS. GENTLEMENS' FURNJSHING GOUDS ÜMBRELLAS, CARPET & TRAVEL! KG BAGS. PARASOLS. TRA VELING BAGS. HAVERSACKS. SUNDOWNS. 3HAKERS, and in fací, all goods pertaining to their ti-ade. JOHNSON & PIEKSON. MAI.V STREET, - - lOlOtf - - ANX ARÜOR. ti _ ' O ê ü. yj z o Rifle F actor y! Beutier & Traver, Ruccessorp to A. J.Sutherlanf!,] Manufacturers of and Dealers in Guns,Pistols, Ammunition. Flasks, Pouehes Qame Bags, and Everjother article íl thatLine. Altlumlsof RBPAIRÏTirG oneatthe hurtes t notice, and intfiebest manner. , f all tssnriinen Ijihvixys kept on hand and made order tjrsj_ ih.ip corner Main and Washington streets. AniiArlor.Oct.8.1862. 8T3tf DEMEMBER G. W. & A. SNOVEE'S is the Nortli duor of Grogory's New Block. 6. W. SXOVER. A. SKOVEH. 1006 Estáte of Munnis Kennev. ÓTATE OF incniGAN,CorNTy.WABnraSAw O Ata sessiou of the Probate . mrt lor the (■„, V Ka' Washtenaw, holden at the Probate wik? i ,,"%"' of Anu Arbor, on Mouday. the c-lcventh 'd;,y „ff Present, Hiram J. Beakes, Judío of P-oh-ite In the matter of tlio lístate ofJCnnnia Kei,',,,. -, cd. """-J, On remtfm; .mrt filïng tfle petttlou, dslv Trta WiUiani Bobceck, pmying that Boma infwkleS may lx: uppomted Administrator of the c-t-ite r ■ ■ " i sak Therenpon it is Ordeigd, tliat Mondav tv . day of October next, at l-,n ó'olock in 'ti,n ,„" noon, bé asslgned tbr tha hearing of bm1 titioii, and tliat the widow and heirs t i oí raid deceaeed, and all Uur Wwm , terested in said estáte, are reqnired u, ' .'„' ;, '" a seesion of paid Conrt, then to be hold at th. p ï ' Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show SsT, au.v Ihere bo, wiiy the preyer of the petltioiicrVd anted: And it is fnrther ordered tl,t ■ petitiouers ghe notice to the pereous iiitcrcstcdi,! ' isiate of the péndency of eaia petition, aiul the h. ng thereof, by canBtag a copjr of thh 0rd,.r' ,O T mbhshcd In the Michigan Aryus. a newspnjei w „ uid circulating Lu said County, thrce Miccessfrc wv n viotie in saul day of hearing, ' fAtrcopy.) ' HIIÜJI ,T. ISEAKES 126 Judye of Proh% Es nte of Joseph Murphy! QT.Vi'EoeMfCHIGAN, CB OP WuniTKÚli , O At a 'f bion of the Probate Conrt for üu-' v,„„t fWasbtenatt, holden at the Probate Offlce. Mï :iy oí' Mm Arbor, on Wednesday, the thirteenlli 3 if September, in year one thousand ei'ihtluiiiH ind sixty-llve. nun Present, Ilirjim .T. Beakes, Jndge of Probate In the matter of the lístate of Joseph Munihv il ceased. ' ' " On reading and filing the petition, civiïy reriferi Margavel Murpliy, praying that she and' William .Iones may be aspointed AdiniuUtrators of the e i of said deceaseü. w Tberaipon rt is Ordered, tlmt Monday, thenfnftii of October next, at ten otipek hi th;forenoon, beiL signed for the hearing f said petition, audüuttiw leirs at law of said deceased, and all other nersoiuiB térestèd In sald estáte, are reqnired to appear t tZ sion of said Conrt, then to be holden at fe Protato Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show Cfra H my thrre bo, wlrythe nraye of the peöBbnerftSfi not be .unmtcd : And it is further onU-nil, tliat sïil petitioner rive notice to th, perssns MitsrestedhuM estáte, of the peoüency of said petitio'w snd tbtkuü n thereof, liy causing a copy of this Order to temt lislicil in the Mirlu: an Anjm. a nwspaper, nrininfud irculatiiiL! in said County, three snccesörre weeks i. vious to said day of heuriiitr. Fe" (A trae copy.) HIKAM J. BEAKEa loac Jude of Prohatc. Estáte of Michael Wak 1 OTATE OF MICIITOAN, C,rNTV(iWiSi,TEN„v J O At a session of the Probate Conrt for the C'oinit'v oi VVashtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the Cit of Ann Arbor. on Satnrday. the sixteemli day of Sol tember, in the year ouc thonsand eight hundi-rf ani sixty-flve. :it. Hiram J. Beakesi Jndge oí Proliate In the matter of the Estat'e of Miclud Wak déceaeed. Aaron L. .Feklkajop, Administrator of 3 estáte, comes into Court and representa that e iï n prepared to render his final accoiiirt as siich Admiii. trator, ïliermpon it ís Ordered, that Slonday, the úxttañ day of October next, at ten o'clock in the fnrenooB be aesigoed for examining and allowins mti acconnt, and that the widow and héirs it la-w of said deeeased, and all other pe'rsoi inti'ivM;',! in said estáte, are required to iippear'at sessioa ol'saül Court, then tobe holden at tlin Probate Office, in the City of A-nn Arbor, i said C'tinntT, nmj show canse, if any there be, why the said account honlj nol bc allowed: And it is hvrther ordered, thatn Adniinistrator Lrive uotiec to the persons int' ivMuün said estáte, of the pendency of said acconnt and the hef ing thereof, by causing a copy of this Order to be pubUsned ia the Michigan rjrus, a newspaper, iirimed and circulatingin said County, three snecessive nctksprevions to said day of hearing. (A truc copy.} HIRAJI J. BEAKES, 127 Jud-c of Prohtt Estáte of Lawyer - Minors, STATE w MICHIGAN, Co'-nty ,.v Wasiites.!.-, At a sesslon of tite Probate Court foctheComtt of Washtenaw-, holden at the Probate Offlcé is the City of Aun Arbor, on Monday, tlie eighteeutli div o September, in the year one thousaud eidit hnlulrni mif sixty-rive. Present, Hiram J. Beakes, Jndïe of Probate. [n fho matter of the Estáte of Matj CattarineUw ver, William Henry Lawyer, Fanny Iüwyec, 'Huima Lawyer, ,Io);n Lawyer. and Charles Lawyer, ■■niiiim.On reading and flling the petition, duly veriñed, of 01ney Hawfins, praying that TracyW. Hoolmaybeip. pointfcd (ü unio said minors. Therenpon it is Ordered, that Monday, the sixteeill day of October next, at ten o'clock in thelbrniffltt be assigue4 tor the hearing of said petan and tliat the neet of kin of said minors, mi i other persons interested iu súd estáte. quired to appear at a session of said Cour!, thnittbt holden at the Probate Office, in the City ia Arbor, and show cause, if any there 'be. it; tbe prayer of the petitioner should not be And it is fnrther ordeivd, that said petitioner stod. tice to the next of kin of said minors, and all otki persons interested m said estáte, of the pendeucyutf pel ilion, nnd the hearing thereof, by cau.-ini itopi of Ihis Order to be published in the M''" □ewspaper printed and circnlatingin said Conn&tfett Bucceesive weeks previous to saiu day of hearing. (A trne copy.) IilRAM J. BEAKK lOáT Jndge of Probate. Estáte of Eve Al'en. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, County ef Wnsitraii s. n At a session of the Probate Court tor the l'mmtv of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the sixili (liy w September, in the year oue thousand eíí;ht hmidreilaDO sixTy-five. Present, Hiram J. Beakes, Jndge of Probare. In the matter of the Estáte of Kvc Allen, deceasei On reading and filing the petition. duly vcrifieiL ( Lemuel Allen, praying thatacertain fnstnimcnt nov on flle iu this Court, pnrporting to be (be lul HTB ano Testament of said deceased, may be aomittcd to Probate, and that PrioBe Bennett may te pfotatM Ai!ministrator ivith the Will annexed of saiá áeceaaei Thereupon it is Ordered. that Moiuiay, the swoiid day of Octoher next, at ten o'clock in tl beasslgned for the hearing of said petiüon, mdm the legatees, devieees, and hèirs at lawof saiddeceüs and all other persons interested in said estáte, are ■ nuired to appear at a session of said Court, thentow holden at the Probate Office, in the. City of Aan Art, and show cause, if any there be. why the prayer of Ut petitioner should not be granted : And it i' furto dered, that said petitioner l'Íyc uotice to I terested in said estáte, of the pendency of snid iui audthe hetrting thereof, by causiugacopy ofttoO to be published in the Michigan .1 raus, a nefflPB printed and drcnlatlng in said County, three snecea" weeks preyions to said day of hearing. (A trne copy.) 'HIKAM f. BEAKES, 1025 Jndge of Pat Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the cmiditionti' a eertain Mortgage made and executed by l-u"JVfajkham and Thomas S. Markham, to ilie DMBF ed, Julia I). Lyman, bearing date the temli J April, A. I), eignteen hundred and tifty-six. aml recoroed in the office of the Keflistei of Deeds of the tw of Washi enavY, in the State of MichL'im, in w twenty-two ofMOHgages, page üyc liiin'lreilanotw four. on the Üfth day of Mayi A. 1). eigh ecu hpjw iind flfty-six, pon which said Mortgsge lhere"J ed to be due, ut the date of i lils notice, the stmi"" hundred and ninty-nine dollars and sixty-eiirnti and the costó and charges on this foreclofiire, nraniOr rcasouablo charges for attorneys services is l1 by said Mortgage, and no snit at law or iu fQ'"1!'!1 been instittited to reeover the amonnt s00111"?; paid by said Mortgage, or any part tliercof, po-n-er of sale contaiued in sail Mortgace "" come absolute : Notice is therefore hereny P1- that said Mortgage will be foreclosed by f "'t liertgaged preuiises, or so much tliem'fj ' required to satisfy the amonnt due on sai for principal and interest, and tlie costs, diarg expenses allowed by law, at public vendoe, kmj highest bidder, at the South door of the Conrt B ' in the city of Ann Arbor. in said county of H ■'" 'l Cthatbeingthe place where the Circuit Co-art ror s" connty Is held,) on Satnrday, the eigMorctn g Npvember next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. eaid premises so to be sold are descrilw ■ ' ' )lW yiz : Lots number six and seven, in block ""J;1 ( Aul south of range nuniiier four east, in l'lcll,'-v .,n[k Al-bor, Washtenaw County, Michigan, aon)11Vh,iF recorded plat of the village of Aun Arlior. "" the same lands conveyed by the iiiidersisii " Lyman, to said Lucy A. Markham. ly ■ K" even date witb said iuutgage. Datéd, Ann Arbor, Aufnsí -M ,, rf,e JIXIA D. LYMAN. UW% IIiram -I. Bkakks, Attorney for . Mortgage Sale. WIIEREAR, dcfault bas been made in the cond of a eertain Indenturc of Mortgige,0! executedon the twenty-third day of D" '"' ':i 18, by Peter P. Kánonse, to me, the "'ikihiW which Mortgage was duly recorded on the " of December, aföresaid, ín Liber No. 12 ? ÏbJ on page 100, in the ojice of the Bagistó ,.,,,,■ V& Mortgages, in and for the County of "tt a-"?'.,! State of Michigan and, whereas, Ihere is ' Dl nnpaidosaid Mortgage and NoteareoropaiW,,,, same, the sum or$2ÍO.S; and, ' ' , Ii)rt. procaedinge at law or ecfnity has been ''ft' „.„.fort. cover the 'same, or any part thereof: ï11 „mvórrf notice to heireby gven, that, by virtne of . P b(! sale iu said .Mi)VlL-a-.-e contained, I -l!:l11 '" ' ,he mi AtfcHoh to the highesl bidder,' on Satnrday, u tlay of November next. at 1 o'ciock, ■!rZidS at the front door of the Circuit Court Houw, " tit of Ann Arbor, in said County of WWKO' jfc premises (escribed in said Mortgaiif'„ " .'fl'' East half of the Souih-West Quarter (B i of .Section No. 4. in Town.-hin tío. i Sollin 'f]j5i No. Kast. the said premises being SO an ani! simated in the County of Washteimw, W" üated, August lOth, 1865 nrr,0% Mortg, Moobe & Gbifkin, Att'omeysforMortgJ. TJÜTEL FOR SALE! The valuable property in the City of Ann known a.s , a COOK'S iUYÏhh, _, is nmv olTcred for sale ctoap. Intjuire immedi" the premises of -p vi' 10-l'f Ann Arbor, August Sth , 1835. _ FOR 8ALE!)i[((i L)A HOJJSES AND LOfS, WDrth (W ■ Zi3 S3,000. AIso soveral imPgRLAlJ Ann Arbor, Feb. 201,1865. 934tf Comlialií


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