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fusta jgtrectorg MISS E. A. HORAN TS PKEPARED to cive lnunns m Was Fuit and Flowr nukinir, ulna otlier branches ai Ornamental Work. RèaWenco en Detroit íírect, ijpfKwite the Arri cultural Hall. (miO22 W. F. BtCEAKEY, M. D., PHVSICIAN' ANTI SUROBON. Office in Dr Haveu's Bloek, 5 doois East of Cook'B H"tel Resiilenee corner of Hurón aui División Streetx. ffr door Ea of Presbyterian Cíkjjxíi, Aun Arbor, Michigan. W. E. LOCKARD, ATTORNEy AT UW AND NOTaRY PÜBUC. - CtayaflWOg ad collectinf; proniptly uttcnded to. Bountv.. l'eusuj.?. Jck lay ooUuted. Office n New Ulo'ck, Eat of Oois Hotei, Aas Aj-boi, Miei). " O. H. MILLE N. DEU.EB in llry GooSi, (riiii!s , Croskerj , &c. &c. Maiu Street, Anu Albor. PHILIP BACH. T"EALEHS ia Dry (7ool-,Urofiarii;H , Boots & gboep, 1) Ac, Min tt., Ann Arbor. RISDOiT&lHÊNDERöON. DEALERS in Hardware, Stoves, houso furiiisWng itno.l, TIn Wan, fee., ftc.New Block, Maint. A, J. SUTHEltLAND, ENTfor the NTew York Life Iasuraij.í Compny, Ol&ceon Hurón utreet. Also han on hod & stock ei th most -pjrovel newinir machines. 88Stf 1 WILLIAM LEWITÏ. HVSICIVN AND Office t hifi reiJ dnc, north side of Huron,two doorc west of DÍTÍNÍon treft. ' M. GUITERMAN & CO. WUOI.KS.U.K mid Retil Dealers and JUnufesturers ..f Kcd-Mdt) Ciotuing. Impurteiw sf Clotlm,Cu■iDn, Doekin, Sc, No. 5, Plwinii Block, Main 8t. WM. WAGNER. DEAI.EK in ReaJy Mide ClutJaing:, CLoths, Camiroere, nn'l Vtin, Hatp, Cap, ïriiöie, Cwjiil liags, ie, Ihinii Kl.j.k . Main a!tt. SLAW80N & SON. riROCP'IÍS, ProviwQ Cotuiuission Mtrchants, m1 U Dealers in Water Urne, Land PlüHtnr, and Piaster f Paris, on(ioor east of Cooks Hotel. SCOTT 4p LOOMlg, AMUROTYPK and Photogi.iph Artisis, d the roonif orer Caminon'w Ciothing stor, ihosuix Block. PerCvct latittfAetiongivea. C. B. PORTER SUROEON DEMTIST. O8jseCarsr of Main nd Hurón trU, over Bach Í: Pierson' íítore. All calis ffmptty atUndrd to Arrl859 MACK & SCHMID. DKALERS in Foraign and Oamemc Dry Good.Groceri. Hat d Caps, Boots and Slioes, Crockery, e., Coroer of Main k Liberty sts. ANDRËW BELL. DKALR1J i? Groceries, Provisions, Klour, Produ&esi e., Aw#í correr Maiu and Wanhingtoa Street, n Arbor. The liigiiestmarbot pricespaióiorcountry "d. cramek, ATTORïs'EY & COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Agent for the l'liOKnii Fire anl Connectie ut Mutu Life IniBranceCotïpanieH. Convefiogarui CtiUtctiagprompt(ƒ tt'niflfl to. Qfiïce over Stebbins & Wilson's Store. M. 0. STANLEY, PhotQgvapIiio Vi-tiiwt. Corner Míii.n aud Hurón Streats, Aun Arbor, Mich, PUOTOQRAPHS, AMBRQTYPES, &c. . ie, n the latest atoles , and every efTort made to gíve sattsfwtion. 956tf D. DePÖREST. rtOLESALE and retail dealer in Lumbar Lath 3hmgle,SaRh, Doors.Blinds, WaterLime, Grac (ti?er Piaster, Pïaater Paris, ad Majls ofallsizes A 'ullaad uerfectassortment of the above , and ajlothai pi % of building materials constatl on hand at the ost poiaiblo rates,on Oetroitst.,a few rodsfromthe ftilroad Depot. Also operatipg eipsiyely in the ?teat Cement Rooüng. UACK LINE. M. M. BOYLAN .8 prepared to carry passengyra and baggage to and ffom the depot to any private rewidence in tlijs cityf - H also has a lift of B'ar'ling Places, and will direct ftudents and strangers where they can find board aud rooifls. Orders ujay be lef f at his reriidence, first ñoqr South Pf theM.E. Church. M. M. BOYLAN. Ann Arbor, August 14th, 1865. 6wlO2 IEW MÜSIÜ 3TORE! Persons wishjng to buy Pianos or IVCelodcons, ■ Iwïuld go to WILSEY'S MU?IC STORE, beforepurchtsing elifewhere. He will warrant satisfaction to purchaserK, and takes pieasure in referring to those Who have already purchasod of liim. .c taken pride I1? anjing tliat lj );a given the best of satisfaptipn thtii far, and intent so to do in all cases. Any Piano fi be furnished that pq'c haper may require. He wishes it to be distinctly understood that he will not be TTTSTHDEIRS OIJD kTnjr dealer East or Wt. ". 1- The latest SIIEET ilpSIC for sale, PIAXO ffOOLS, fcc. AIVIN WILSPY. inoArbor. Dec. 27th,1864. '981ltil ■ B. ■! ■ ■ Wil A KS'ABK PIANO- qne of the best iistrumepts l"t- eutirclj new. jBoulrp tthe ARtíUS Of FICE.


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