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Home ; it is a little word ; it has ita own interests, its owa laws, ts own difijculties and sorrows. its own blessings andjoyn. It is the sanctuary of tli heart, where the affectioos are eherished d the tenderest relations - where heart is joined lo heart, aud love triumphs over all selfish calculations. It is the training school of the tender plants, which in after years are to yield fiowers and fruits to parontal care. It ia the fountaiu whence come the streams which beaulify and enliyen social life, If any man should have a home, it ia the man of business. He is the true working mun of the comraunity. The mechnnio has his fixed hours, and when these havo run their course, he niay, ere the day closes, dismiss all anxiety as his labor ends, and seek the home circle. Comparatively little has been the tax on his uiiud, and not muoh more oa his physical systein, as he laarna to take all eaay. But the man of business is under a constant His is not a ten houi' svstem, with an interval of rest ; but he is diiven ouward and onwurd, early aud late, without the oalculation of hours. JJe must be employed. In the earuestness of eompetitign - n the oomplexity of modern modes pi business - ia the iJuotuutioriH whioh frecjueutly occur - in tho solicitous dependenou ou the fidelity and integrity of others - he has no leisure luoments during tlje day. - With a uilnd inoossantly undtr exoitiut; engagements, aud a body without i tu appropnate nutriuient, he may well paut for home, aud hail tbe moment when he may escape from his ioils to seek its qutet and its affeclions aqd coi'fidenpe, ii m ii A late iuveniion is a sell-fasteniug button by whicb buttons are attachud to any gi.imont without the use of needie or thread. They can be instantly removed at wjll, and alwayg ttaod etaicht and firm, nevor hanging half locse from tbe garmout.


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