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The Board Of Supervisors

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WuDNEsDAY, October lltb, 1865. Board met pursuant to adjouinment, at 9 o'clock, A. M., aud wag callod to order by the Chairman. Roll callcd. Present a quorum. Jourual of yesterday read and approved. Tho öhairman appointed Mr. Krapf as ao additional meinbor of the committee on Public Buildings. The Öhairman preaented the following communication f rom Rev. G. D. Gitlespie and others, in roforenee to the discipline and arrangement of Uounty Jail: Ann Aiiisor, Oct. llth, 1805. To tlie Board of Supervisors of Washtenaw County, iu sessiou at Auu Arbor : Gentlemen - As one of the clergymcn ot this city, I havo boon in the Labit of visiting your jail on Sundays, for the purpose of holding religious servieep. As these services have beeu coutinued fin threeyears, I have had sorne oppoitunity of observing the jail system, aud beg !eave very briefly to lny before your Budv, souio marked deficientes and diffiuultiës of that system whieh may not come un der y.iur obseriratiou iu your neeesdarilv brief visitations of the jail. I desire to state very explicitly, that these difficulties are not conuceted with the adiiiinistration of the jail, so far as the Sheriff and his assislants are concerued. I have notouly been uniformly received with rnuuh kiudne.-e by tho ufficers, and had every fauility given me for charitable labora, but have been impressed with the general good order and uoatness of the wards. Presuming that a jail is designed to exercise a reformatory iufluence, as well as to confine those who are injurióus to society, aud secure pun shuienl f ,r thtir crimes, ït must be very obvious that the uiingling of prisouers of all ages and ehaiacters must be very unfriendly to this design. The only distiuction made iu the Washtenaw County Jail ie in different wards for ihtf sexes. In thü male ward, men and boys, often quito young bo;s, are separa ted only at night. Boys are frequent iumatesof the jail. I havo seen as m&ny as nine or ten there at one time. There is now a lad there wbo is serving out a senterice of one year. It is evident what must be the teudency of the.e youths mingling with old offeuders iu the varioiiH grades of crime. Anotherevil in the present syatem is, the absence of all etnployuient and the free intercourse of the inmatoi. This is particularly illustrated in the female ward. The inmates here are generully prostitutes - a elass fast increasing iu our city To these girls the jail offers no terror-, they are generally bronght in two or more together, and for the short time they are detained they amuse eaeh othor. As evidence of how sliglit is the punish ment, the jaii books would show how frequeutly thy same ofleuders return. As to auy moral mfluence beicg exertud over them, 1 have uniformly fouud tlint white in the meri's ward I have been treated with propriety, and gratnude shown for my visits, I co:ild rarely secure attention or respect in the female ward when there was more than one iumate. The remedy for these evils would be, a separation of the prisoners according to age, the conñnoiiieut of the prisonets duriug a parí of tho day in their cells, and wuch arrangements as would prevent the present free iutercourso. Changes securing theso valuable ends would no doubt involve some present outlay, but it is wonby of inquiry whether asido from the moral beuetit, an arrest of crime would no$ be secured, that would in time repay the present expendilure. The jail system as at present existing in this aud pther coutities, is, in the judgraent of many no le.-s, thau tho fruitt'ul sourep of crime. Tiusting, gentlemen, that the importauce of the subject will esplain and warrant this ooinmunication to your body. I no), very respoctfully yours, G, D. GlLLKSl'IE. We have read the above fipplicatiou of Kev, Mr. Gillespie, and oouaider the subject of it as one of very great ini purtance; aud we respet-iful ly and ear nestly join in the reque'st that tho Board will take suoh aotion in thü matter as thü public interest requires. J.A.MKS lï, GoïT, AlPIIEUS FELOIt, B. F. Gbanger, Joun N. üott, H. J. Beakup, I (oncur in the furegoing views, aml will lurther suggest that, iu my opinión, all the persons, both nvle and i'emaie, that have. heen convicted of offcucus and sent to prisou as a matter of punish'iicnt, shciuld be kept in soütary oonfinoment, and nut ailowed any aiuiiseineiit nor s sociation with eaojj otber. Otherwise their ci)nflnement wili not opérate as a puuishment m a mujoritv oj oasci, taid will rai'ely havo ttuy refurm.atory iu fluenco, E. G. Sjsamas, Mr. Jjeliuron moved (bat the samo be reí'errod to a special coujiiiittüc of tbree. Curried. Tlie Chairman appointed nssucb oommittee, MefSis LeBaron, W Loeier, and Krapf. AIío a communication from the Aud' tor General, tradsmilttng noiice oí amount of State Taxes apportioned to the county for the year 1865. Referred to Cummittee on Apportionment of Taxes. Also a cotnmunication from the Auditor General, with list of lands returned delinquent for taxes of 1864, and rejected. Referred to Commitlee on Rejected Taxee. Also a eommunieation from the Auditor General, tranemitting account current of the eounty with the State. Eeferred to Conimittee on Apportioament of Taxes. Also a communicationfroiu the Judgo of Probate, transmitting the Report of proeeedings before Judge of Probate ia the matter of Cutharino McLaughün, an indigent insane person. Mr. LeBaron moved that the communication be laid on the table. Carried. Mr. LeBaron offered the following resolution : Resolved, That eaeh Supervisor be requestedto report to this Board without delay the estimated amount required for his towD from the " Voluntuer Relief Funcl," to pay orders on said fuad up to the fint day of February next. Which resolution was adopted. Mr. Krapf moved that thia Board visit the County Poor House at 2 o'clook this afternoon, and that a committee of one be appointed to procure conveyances. Which motion prevailed, and the Chairman appointed Mr. Krapf as such committee. The following resolution was oflerud by Mr. Jones: Resolved, That the Committee on Perdiem Compensation, be instructed to allow the several Supervisors compensation only for time when actually present, or absent on leavo or on account of siokness. Which regolution was adopted. Mr. Wheoler moved that Mr. Pray be exeused for his absence yesterday. Carried. , Mr. Krapf moved that Mr. Tuomy be excused for yesterday's ab&eoce. Car ried. Mr. Jones moved tbat Mr. LeBaron be exeused for yesterday's absence. - Carried. On motion of Mr. Krapf, the Board adjourned to IJ o'clock, P, M. AFTERNOON BESStON. The Board met at 1 o'clock, pursuant to adjournment, and was called to order by the Chairman. Roll called. Present a quorum.- Absent without leave, Mesars. Sheldon and Treadwell. Mr. Gilbert, from committee appointed to receive proposals for reporting and publishing poceedings, reported the fol lowing propositione : The Peninsular Courier submits the proposition to the Board of Supervisors of Washtenaw County, provided they will furoish us a cop)7 of their proceedDgs, we will publisb thern without charge. Respectfully, A. W. Chabb. I propose to publish the proceodingg of the Board and give $10.00 for tho privilege, L. Davi, Add Arbor, Oct. llth, 1865. The report was accepted. Mr. Sniith moved that the report be laid on the table. Carried. Mr. Gilbert moved that 820 be allowed tp each of the newapaper publishers of the counly, for publishing the proceedinga of the Board. Oarried, Mr. McColl moved that Mr. L, Davis be allowed $1Í5 for reporting proceedings of the Board. Carried. A comniunication was received from. Wm. A Jone, Supervisor of theTown sliip of Dexter, relativa to Bounty Bonds reoeived from the Cminty Tre urer, aooompaDied by the full amount of Bonds so received. Comniunication sceepted. Mr. Sruilh moved that the communi' catión be laid on the table. Carried. Mr. Ci'ittenden moved that the comniunication bo taken from the table.- Carried. Mr. Crittenden moved that Mr. Jones have leave bo withdraw the coininucipa. tion and Bonds. Carried. On motioD, tho Board adjourned to 9 o'clock to inorrow morning. Thüusday, Oct. 12th, 1865. Board met at 9 o'clock, A. M.,.pur suant to adjournment, and wan called to order by the Chairman. Roll called. Present a quorum. - r Absent without leave, Messrs, Butchelder, Gilbert, and Lay. Journal of yesterday read and ap. proved. Mr. McColl ofïered the followirg resolution ; Resolved, Thul no newspapertt be , paid for publishing the procj.-ding8 of this Board, unless the same be oowploted w iihiu one week sfter the final acj jounjiïU'ut of' the Board. W liicli recolution was adopted. Mr. Pray nsked and ob-taraied lea ie of bseuce from the itfternoon fieswvm. ',' On knotieo, the Board adjowued te-! 1 o'clock, P. M. AFTKKNOON SKSSMN. Board met at 1 o'oloc-k, P. M., i suant ts adjournment, and was called t order hy the Cbnirman. Koll eHd. Present all but excuiod. nicinbers. Mr. MoCoH moved that Mr. Shoklon he exensed for ibseiiee yescurday. Carri,d. Mr. Gilbert moved thnt Mr. Batenelder be exoused fur absence tbis forennon. Carried. On motion the Board adjourned to 9 o'cïock to morrovv uioruing. . - Fr.iruv, Oot. I3th, 1865. Bourd wt nt !)J o'cloek, A. M., pur Baant to sajourtiment, aod wasealled t ordei by the chuirmun. Roí! L-alíed. Proeut, a quorum. Aoeent without leave Mr. Batchelder. Journal of yesterday read and ap provedMr. Crittenden moved that Messrs. Gübert and Lay bc exeused for absence yesterday forenoon. Mr. P. BI 11 (il, County Treasnrer, preeented several c.oinniuoicationa from the Superintendent of line Fiisane Asylinn, ncconijjanied by bilis for the support of iudigenl insano. Mr. Gilbert inved that the communioations bo referred to the Coiumittee on Civil Claims. Mr. Thompsou mnved to amend by referrinn; them to a special coiumittee of thrae. Ainenduient aecepted, and motiorr as amended prevalled. The chais annouriced as such eommit teo, Messrs. Gilbert, Wheeler, and LeBiron. Mr. Gilbert maved thsit Mr. Blodget, PrnHéciïtïng Atlornev, be requested to state to the Board his opiuions relati e to the power to remove prisoners from the C'ouuty Jail to the House ol Correotimi. Whieh motion prevailed. Wln-rcnpon Mr. Biodget gave a statement of the law boaring upon the subject. Mr. Blodget, permisíion being grnuted, alo made a statement to the Board with relerenco to tbs practico oí Justices of the Peac.e in charging costs to tbe county in discontinaed and eettled criminal casen. Mr. Davis presented a bilí for printing profieedíngs of adjourned sessions of last Board, in eonnoctiou with pamphlet eopy of regular session proceerlings. Mr. Gilbert moved that the bill be allowed. Wliich motion prevailed, and the bill was allowed. Claimofl. Allowed. I. L. Davis, printilú proceediiigs ?15,00 $15,00 Mr. Smith offered the following preiimhle and resolution : Whereas, There was paid by the Township Treasnrer of Sylvan to the County Treasurer, tlio sam of Nine Dol lars excf'ss on the Tax Iloll of the Township ol Sylvan, for the year 1861. Therefore, Resolved, Tbat the siim of Dollars, wiih interest, be and the same is hereby allowed to the Town-hip of Sylvan, ;tnd the Clerk is authorizcd to (fravv orders in favor of tbe Towuship Board of 8y!van for said amount. Referred to Cornniittee on Apportionment of Tases. Mr. Childs movod tdeadoption of the follijwiug resolution : Resolved. Thni in all criminal aotions cognizable before Jnstiees ot the Peace of County. whieh s all hu settled ui' nol proued, eosts stfall hot be paid by ihe (Joi:i;tv, ex'iejit in fueh cuses as were directed to be dismissed by the Proseonúijg Attorney without ptiymcut of costs. Wliich was adaptad. Jones offered the following resolution : Reioked, That the Proeeuting Attorney be rcqnpsted to give bis opinión oc the power of Supervisors to raise moneys in schooi disuicts, for any purpose, on the recoinniendatioM of tho school district ofiicerw without a vote of the district. Wtiich was ndopti'd. Ou lüotion, the Board adjourned to 1 o'clock, P. M. AFTEBNOON SESSION. Board met at 1 o'elock, P. M., puriiant to adjournment, and was called to oidor by the Chairinan. Koll called. Quorum present. Absent without leave, Messrs. Batohchtlder and Sheldon. Mr. Thoinpsni) from Committee on Voliuitcer Relief Fuud, subnaitted the fo'lDuini; report : We lecommend that the Oounty Treáartrer le nutHijrizecl to raise by ban the -mu of S(i,0l)0, to paj orders on Relief Pu'id [ir(!vions to Fob. lsl., I86ft MOUIÍI8 THUMl'SON, n DANIEL LrUAROK. LomMr. Gill'ert moved that the report be nocepUid and ndopted, and that the Treiisurer be authorized lo wuke such loan. Whieh nu {ion prev;iiled. Mr.' Gilbert moved that when the Biird adjo rus, it adjourn to meet at 10 o'clocU A. M., of Monday next. Carrii'd. Mt. LeBaron mnved that tho Clerk be jpstrueted to notify tbe Trcasurer of tho adnpiion of tho aboye report. Carrii-l, Mr. Ghilui gtated ihat au error Of $07 oocurred in the last Kettjoment bütween the County Treasurur and the Trean-rer oí tbc Towiiahip of Augusta. And movtd, kbal tho onmmittee of the last Board nppninted tö settle with Gounty Treusiirer ha inetrueted to have til enor reetiliud and report to this Boad. Carriod. Mr. Jones nxkud and obtained leave of ut siM'ce for Mondav nexl. Mr. Tlionipson, frotn Committee on Civil Claims, roported tbe following : Clsimed. Allowed. 2 GmifyRian &C., Clothins for jail, 5 25 5 25 3 Beiitre-r &TitvpV, Repairs at Jail and l'ourt House 10 00 10 00 4 K. Hall, Pont Mnrtera Ex. 6O0 '! (K) ñ C. Miller & Soi, pnmpsat jail. 17 50 17 00 6 j, b Miller & Co., Station'y, 22 35 22 35 7 Thompson & Sou, Reireshmcnts lor Jury, 1 85 1 85 8 Ai DeP ret & Co., Supplies . lor Conrt. Room, 5 11 5 11 9 G. W. é A. Siiover, itniionery 61 18 61 18 10 T. Niude, Wood Box for Treasuivi'sollice. 3 00 3 00 11 S. D EInoorl. Blank Books, anti Wanks, 195 25 195 25 12 L. II. Haynes, Small noxsnp. 1 1 43 11 43 la PeaSé Fleming sup. at jail f20 Hl 18 50 14 E. Hall, Med, att. Small l'ox 56 50 68 50 15 C. C. Palmer, I olding inquest 3 o2 8 32 10 Thos. Jewett, juror on ' 1 00 1 00 17 Geo Sioikford, " " 1 00 1 00 is öodfrev Lewick " " 1 00 1 00 19 .John Holmes, " " 1 00 1 00 20 W. O. Danoer, " " 1 00 1 00 dl Jacob V Kenz, " " 1 00 1 00 And reonniniended tbeir allowance at nmounrs named. Ou rootion the report was aeoeptedj and the uliurns so allowed., Also, an account of Win, Leuob, t'oi' sundries for Juror, $1,40, recomneodi g its reji-otion, which recorumendation was adopted. On motion of Mr. Cbilds, tbe Board iidjoiirned. Monday, Oot. lOtb, 1865 Board met at. 10 o'clock, A. M., pnrunnt to adiouniiTient, and was called to ■ rdcr by tbe Cliairmnn. Roll ealled. Quorum present. Absent witbout leavo, Messrs. Crittenden, Tliompson, and "WbeekK. Jeurnu! of Fridny read and approved. On niotion, the Board adjourned to 11 o'clock, P. M. AFTKHNOON SEi8I0N. Board met pursuant to adjournment, at 1 1-2 o'elock, P. M., and, was called !o order by the Chairmanv Koli called. Present a quorum. Abiynl without ieave, Mr Crittenden. ]Ir. Krapf, frotn Committee on Criminal C'aims, reported recorauiending the llowant-e of the following bilis, at sums named : Claimed Allowe. 2Í B. Wooster, wit. in jnst. et. 1 10 1 10 23 Alpheus Wooster, " 1 10 1 10 2t A. 13. Vanatta, " 2 20 2 20 25 l'alrick Wall, wit. in cir. et. 81 fl 26 Mrs. A. Davis, do 81 81 27 Pátriclt W. Quinti, do 81 81 _rt Iiiram Arnold, do 81 81 29 Granville Hemmlnêway., do 1 29 1 29 30 Maria lleuimingway, do 1 29 1 39 ' 81 Wffl.: Blackinari, do 1 35 1 35 82 Julia Blackuian do 1 35 1 35 ;J'i Arthur Blackman, do 1 35 1 35 ;U Androw Smith. do 1 29 1 29 :5 Charles Smitli, do 1 29 1 29 áti Jerome Crowl, do 3 15 3 15 17 Dennis K. Sullivan, do 3 15 3 15 orf John N. Howland, do 2 10 2 10 89 John Howland, do 2 10 2 10 40 George Ytgef, do 2 10 2 10 41 Cha.. McCormick, do 2 10 2 10 2 Daniel Olinger. do 2 10 2 10 43 Cnristiana Stroeter, do 1 05 1 05 44 Mrs. Obermiller, do 171 171 15 Win. Uanke, do 1 65 1 65 4Ü Maiikla Hanke do 1 65 1 65 47 Jusnn Kellogg, do 4 29 4 29 48 Jame M. Forsyth, do 2 85 2 85 19 Bcnj S. Miller' do 4 59 4 59 50 Ch.u-lea McCormick, do 4 29 4 29 51 Nathan H. Pierce, do 3 81 3 81 55 II, uhen Blaktly, do 5 37 5 37 53 John L 'liuair, do 3 81 3 81 54 Kandall Schuyler, Jr. do 8 12 3 12 58 Edward Stonús, do 81 81 56 Geurge D-ivi, do 2 31 2 31 ■'1 Geoige VV. Ambrose, do 2 31 2 31 5rf Jola; M. Wheeler, do 2 31 2 31 5'J Mis Johnson, wit. in just. et. 2 04 2 04 60 M. C. Edwards, Dep Sheriff, 28 25 25 25 BI H. Öhepfti-d, Constable Fees. 18 51 18 51 i.2 " do ' 5 22 5 22 fA J. R. Joyner, do 26 46 2182 Ii4 A C. Bl'iss, do 5 26 5 2G 65 G W Vooiheis,med ser. at jail 1 50 1 50 (Mi Di'. Smith, medicines at jail, 17 60 17 fiO 67 ür W B 8mith, med. ser. " 35 00 35 00 U8 Geoige C. Page, justiee fees, 3 44 44 69 G liG.lleti, do 5 02 4 68 70 G Hemmingway, Witness in lustices Ooiirt, 3 12 3 12 On motiou, the report was accepted, and tlie claims allowed as recommeuded. Mr. Luy offered the following resoluion : Resched, That tbe County Clerk be :ind i hereliy instructed notto issue any nubpcetia in behalf of the penple, in any èritniiial cuse pending in the Circuit C"iirt, except iipon the order of the ('ircuit Judge or Prosecuting Attorney. Whicb resolutijoo was adopted. Mr. Pray asked aud obtained leave of absence for tomorrow. On motion, tho Board adjourued to 9 1-2 o'clock to morro w morning. Tuesday, Oct. 17th, 1865. Boari met at 9 1-2 o'clock, A. M., pursuant to adjournment, and was called to order by the Chairman. Rol! called. Present a quorum. Journal of yesterday read and approved. Mr. Jones, frora the Committee on Criminal Claims, reported, recommending tlit allowanco of the following claimc, at sums named : 71 Lester Ciirtis, wit. in just. et. 4 05 8 30 72 Andrew Smith, do 3 12 3 12 73 E. Hall, do 1 10 1 10 71 Charles Smith, do 2 08 2 08 75 W. Blackman, do 2 2 2 20 71' H. A ömith, Justice Fees, 4 32 4 32 77 Wm. F. Roth, do 75 31 66 95 78 l?red. Dobmstreich, wituess in justice court, 1 10 1 10 79 John Gross, wit. in jast. et. 1 34 1 :i4 80 Jacob Weylmrn, do 2 40 2 40 SI Kictelb Weybuni, do 9 40 9 40 82 [■'icmiifin Shewart, do 2 40 2 40 SS ThoodoreE. Dcmay, do 2 30 2 30 The report, on motion, was acoopted and adoptcd, and the claims so allowed. Mr. Smith asked and obtained leavo of abecDcu from the aiterneon scwioa. ü;i tiiriti'in, Mr, Batobelder was graat'idloiive of absence to-day, and Messrs. ïbwiipsoii, Civttenden,, and Wbeeler, excused fin1 ibsoaco ypsterckiy. Mr. Crittenden moved that tke time allowed tor the proceediugs cf the Board be extended one week. Wbieh motion was agreed to. Mr. Jones presented ta the Board a claim fiir services as Superintendent of Poor, which, ifter a personal explanaron, was refurred tn Corurnitteo on Civil (laims. A communieation was received frorn tho ofiïccrs of the Washtenaw Oonnfcy Agricultura] and HortieuUural Society,, certifying tlitit üuch Society had expeuded the requisito sums to enlitle it to an appropiiation from the County TreasuVy, as provided by law. Whiuh oommuriieation was, on motion, laid oa,the table. Ou .motion, ihe Board adjoumed to 1 1.2 o'elock, P. M. AFTKUNOON SESS1ON. Board niet at 1 1-2 o'clook, P. M., pursuant to adjournment, and waa called to order by tho Chairman. Roll cnlled. Profent a quorum. Absent without loave, nono. Mr. LéBaróp, from Special Cornmit toe to which was referred a commuuicatiou from llev. Air. Oiillespio and others, roported in writing. The report set forth that tbeconiplaints made in tho communication were well fonnded, and that vvith a view of reniedyinj a portion of the evila alleged, the Board in 1862 entered n'o a contract with tho Delroit House of Corroction, for tho oonfiuement of certain classes of prisoners therein, and the corutnittee did not know by what nuthority or right justices had not coitiplied with the law. On motion the report wascocopted. Mr. Sbeldon moved tliut the report be adopted. Mr. Gilbert movod an amendrnont, that. so rnuch of the report as refera & furnishing separate apnrtinents for prisoners in jail be referred to Committeo on Public Buildings. The amendment was agreed to, and iho motion as amonded prevailed. Mr. ThompsoD, frorn Committeo on Civil Claims, reported, recommending allowance of tho following claims, at sums stated : 84 Martin Clark, Coroners Tnq., 3 5fi 3 56 85 R. Robinson, juroron inquest 2 00 2 00 86 E F. Hall, ' do 2 OU 2 ()0 i7 U. B. Wilson, do 2 00 2 0(9 88 D. C. Winegar, do 2 00 2 00 89 Wm. Burke, do 2 00 2 00 9 J. A. Polhemus, do 2 00 a 00 91 J. B. Dow, do 2 00 2 ()i 92 Jloses Rokers, do 2 00 2 00 93 Alanson Moore, do 2 00 2 OU 94 James McMalion, do 2 09 2 00 95 Risdon & lleiiderson, fixtures for ProbatVt Office & Jail, 25 31 25 31 9i! J.W. llunt, Lock for Jail. 80 80 97 C. H. MiHen, carpet for C. H. 8 00 8 00 98 A. D. Uotfman, labor at jail, 3 00 3 00 M Henion & Qqtt, niatt'g for c h. 30 00 30 00 100 E. B. Pond, blank books for Treasurer, 61 50 &1 50 101 E. B. Pond. fro'atp Journ'l 20 04) 20 00 102 Dean & Go., lamp fixtures, 2 75 2 75 103 Oonrafl Krapf. rep. on jail, fi5 81 65 81 104 S. Mann, clothitig fot juil, 11 50 11 50 105 W. Leach, refresh forjur'rs21 0Q 21 00 106 Wm. II. Melntyre, attendiiig Bick cloth'g for jail 79 00 79 00 Which report was, on naotion, ao cepted and adopted, and the claims allowed as recouamended. The folio vving communieation was received frena the County Treasuer : Ann Arisob, Oct. 17th, 1865. To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Waslitenaw County : I would respectfiilly ask yöriï Honorable body to appoint i committeo toex-' amine the records of Volanteer Bounty Bori'ds issued by me, also to instruct mo what to do with the Bonds given by the Town and City Agents. Recpectfully, your obodient servant, Philip Blum, County Treas. Mr. LeBaron moved thut a committee of two be appointed to make the exam ination requested, and report to the Board. Motion agreed to, and the Chuirman appointed Messrs. LeBaron and McColl as such committee. Mr. Lay, from Committeo on Criminal Claims, reportud, rocommending tho allowance of the following claims, at sums stated : 107 G J. Croweü, Gonst. Fees, 18 71 18 97 lOd Michael Weimer, Dep, SI1VÍI8 54 8 54 109 C. Dieter, wit. in just. couit, 4 70 A 70 110 Jliilissa Dieter, do 1 94 1 'M 111 Mrs. Jane Hall, do 4 10 4 10 112 Lewi Hall, do 4 10 4 10 113 Adaline Euslick, do 3 62 3 62 114 Drusili Easljck, do 3 38 3 38 115 John Keenan, Doputy Sheriit and Oonstable, 75 20 75 20 On motion, the report was accopted aud adopted, and tho claims allowed as recommended. The following cotnmuuication was received from Mr. A. VV. Chase : To the Board of Supervisors : The Peninsular Courier submits the following proposition: Whcrtas, We had previously oliored to print tho proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Woshtenuw Couuty, free of charge, provided they will furuisb us a copy, aud Whereas, L. Davis proposed to publish tho poceedings of tho Board, and give SKI for the privilege, and fuitlier, that, Wh e reas, Ou motiou of Mr. Gilbert, $20 was alloived by tho Board to each of the nevvspapcr publishers of tho couuty for publishin said proceedings, we, the publisher of tho Courier, accept the proposition of the Board, and will publiwh the proceedings and devoto the $20 allowed therefor, to four of the poorest widows of tho city of Aun Arbor, for $2 worth of flour aud $3 vvorth of wood to eaoh one, and we hereby reipucst Mr. MoMuhoii, the Chairmau of the Board, uud Mr, Krapf, one of the Board, to act as a oommittee for said distribution, hopmg Mr. L. Duvis will be alikn liberal. A. W. Ciusk. Wliich, on muüon ot Mr. LoBurori) was hiid on the table. On uariüpn, iho Board to 9 1-2 o clueU Io-iiioitoiv iwiriiing. ■ WhdXKSDAY, Ó'o. 18, 18G5. Board niet at 9 12 o'clock, A. Mi ! pïrsuant to adjournment, aud was callad to order by the Cuairrnau. Roll called. Present a quorum-, ; Absent mi! kout loave, Mr. Krapf, Journal of yesterday read and approved. Mr. Giibcrt moved that the oommnuioation üf Mr. A. W. Chuso, presented yesterday, be stricketi ironu. tho journalWhieh taotios prcvailed. Mr. Jones, f rom Oommitiseo on Criminal Claim-i, reportod, neco.mracn.ding tha allowanco of the followiug claims, at datüd : llfi Tal riek Wall. Dép"y SlrfT 16 50 16 50 117 J M, Forsyth ■■ ' " 74 49 67 00 US C. JleCuL'iuiek, Constable fpes 65 38 57 71 129 J. CarpenterJusticefoes 3189 3153 Whieh rep rtf on motion, was suïcopted and adoptcd, and the claims aïlowod as reoomincnded. Mr. Ls Baron moved that the communioatiori of the Judgo of Probate, in referenoe to Catharino McLauo-h'iu, an indigent in sano j.ei'son, be taken from tho tabloTtre motion was ngreed to. Mr. LeBaron moved lliat the commuuicatiotj bo rofen ed to the County Glerb, to be filed in bis office. Motion prevailed. 3Ir. Lay oflTered the following resol ution : Resolved, Thnt tho Sheriff of Washtonaw Connty be and is hereby roquested i not to appoint more than five Deputies:j that the Board of Supervisors will not ! hereafter audit or allow tho accounts j of more than five Drpu'y SheriiKs for the ' County, unless tliey be appointed by tho ; Court, to act as special depuiics In special cases. Whioh w;ih adopted. Mr. Crittenden moved that the ! municatioü irom the officers of the Wsshtenaw County Agricultural and Horticultura] Society be taken from the table. Which motion was greed to. Mr. Childs moved that 1-éOth of a mili on the dollar, of eqnalizcd valuation of the County be raised for tho benefit of said Society. Carried, On motion, Iho Board adjouined to 1 1-2 o'eiock, P. M. AFTESKOON SES?ION. Board iret at 1 1-2 o'clock, P. M , pnrsuaut to adjournment, and was caÜed to order by the Ühairmaa, Roll called. Present a quorum. Absent without loave, Mr. Krapf. Mr. MoOoll, from Committee on Equalization, submitted a report Which, on motion, was acoopted. Mr. LeBaron moved that the report be luid on the table, which motion was agreod to. Mr. Gilbert offered the following resolntion : lltaoh-ed, That the Prosecuting Attorney ie requested to iostruct this Board, in writirg, as to ihe dutios of the eeveral Supervisors, in the assessment of tho real and personal property of corpora tions foruiod under any s ecial or general law of this State, for manufacturing purposes. WLiuli wíis adnpted. ' Qn motion, the Board adjourned to 9 1-2 o'clock, A. M., to-morrow; Thdrsday, October 19th, 1865. Board met at 9 1-2 o'cloek,' A. M.y pursuant to adjournment, and was called to ordered by the Cliairman. Roll called. Present a quorum. Absent without leave, MessrS. Batohelder, Cole, Gilbert, and Parsons. Journal of yesterday read and approved. On tnotion of Mr. Cfailds, Mr. Krapf was excusod for absence yesterday. Mr. Sheldon asked andobtained leave of absence for Mr. Parsons to-day. Mr. Jones, írom Committee on Criminal Claims, roported, recommendi ng the allovvance of the following claims, at snms stated : 120 O. M. Martin. City Marsh'll 8 14 8 14 121 Voluey II. PotterDep Sh'it'64 38 64 H 122 James Ariiold, " '■ 18 30 18 20 123 James Arnold, " " 72 24 77 10 1-24 Reuben Blakely, Witness in Justice Ooiiit 2 02 2 02 On motion the report was acoepted and adepted, and the claims so allowod. Mr. Le Baron moved that the report of tho Committee on Equalization be takon from the table, referred to the Committee of tiie Wholo, and inado tiie special order for 10 o'clock, A. M., tomorrow. Which motion was agreed to. On motion, tho Board adjoumed to 112 o'clock, P M.


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