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Prof. J. R. SAGE wül open bis Music Rcona, at KIÏAUSK'S HALT.,on FPJDAY EV5QUNG. OCÍOHKB. 30lh, at 7 o'cluck. for the purpose of orgarming an a'Ívmce cuas ín VQal Mtisic ; alan, un SATüBDAY, Ulst, nt 3 o'clock. t'. M . fur the chijdtea'a ch88. 'fhoe vristiiaif tu join are be prpflct TEEMS' f2 btr seholir for 15 lHrtSon ; two lesHouts jjer weúk. I'rir;iLe toáaoDd st my rooma. iwlOu Estáte of Judah R. MuLean. CTATR OF MTCm-AN, ( or.VTV of Waeítbxaw, s.- O At asession of the Probate Oout for the Coui't -f Washtenaw, hokten at tho iVo.'U'Oíiiru in the CitVof Ann Arbor, on Fri-ïay , the -th'rtnfntb iav ofOiinber, in the year one ihousand tent hmí-ired and aixty fire. Present, Hiram J. Iïkakrp, Judge of Pr.ob.ite. Iu the matter of the Estáte of Juah K Mcl.ean, t!o ceass-d. Wi'lmm Preston, Alminlírtor pf sáid Cítete, comes ato Oourtand reptfiÉfrnts that bo is tiow pre pared to render lus Gu;il account aa bucIi Auiinistrator ■ ■ ïbureupon it isOrdere.l, that ÏLureay. th 16th dtiy of Novena hor atxt,jtt teu o'ciock iutiie forciioau, be ussig-ned for e&ñnftimg and allnwiní' sü'cb account, and ihat the widow au'ilieiie ;it i:tw ui ivié i!oceated, and afl other persons interested in said etnte, ar& re quired to appear at sepeion of sai1 Gourt, then to be olden at the Probad U'ice, ík the ity of Ann Abor, ip átn'County (' and aüow cause, if any theie be, whr tiie fiiiid account nhouUl not be a-llowed : And it Tí lurther ordered, that Bid adrniii:?rut"r gve índice to the personfs int-rt-etfïd in snid eltate, of the peñdeDcv of -iaid account, aiifi tho bearinp th rf of, b_v r,u-in-! oopy ofthis "rderto bv published in the Michigan. Argu$, n printd and circiilntïr'x in s.nd County, three uccesHive weeks previor3t' saW i'ay of hearing. [Atnipcopy.] HIKA5r J. BFAKf. 103Xtd Judge of Probate. Estáte of Jênka Philüps. STTE OF MICniGAN, Cor.viy r Washtk.vai-, hs- . At a session of tlie Probate Court f-T thp Counly of Washtcnaw, holden at the probate Oilice in : he City Of Ann Ai bor,on Thurgday. the twelflh dáy öf Octóbftr. in t!u vear one thousnnd eilit hun'dred and sixtjr tive, Pi-eneut, IliKAir J. Bilvkes, Judge of l'robüle. In matter of the Kstate of Jonks Phillips, neceaéed On nuading and filing the petition, duly rerified, of IIaH PUillip-i, práyiii that a Oertain (nstrum-nt now "i fity i,, thia Cur!, purparting to bo the !rut Will and Tfist?iraeni af said (iei'e.isrd, ma y be admfttèft t P' li;ite, aiJ thatsiio may be tippointed Kxecu'rix thereof. Thorenpnn itis Orileretl,tliat Thurs'day, tlie sixieönih (ny ot' Xovt'inhi1'.' noxt,at ton o'elocli n tho for''nioi be ftssigoe i for thf biöartng oí sad H't;i'n, and tha'. tho íeffatppg, HtM-ifírs. snd hcirs :t law of snid decenaect, and ! alt athor persons ipieret-ttid in pnid imu requiröd tu añpar at a sgiírti ol BflSd Cort, thenip be (jóldeq at the Probate Oftico, hi tlif 'i! v ot AnW Aroor; afifl Ohouf cause, ií any tbere be, why i lie prayer of the petiti&nQr hou M not begf antea] An it in fu rthev orde red, tliat satd pt'Ci lioii?r prive notie to the jjêrfloB&'lnttïttöd Ld Baid esf:itc Of ilie (HiiiiLMicy Dl s.üd petitinn, iiud tli'1 h--;irKg t-h'oreofj 5y catíátñg n oopy of Üjis OnUr to 'ud puhüslied iu tlie itickvian Argus, a new-r-jtper prinfed and üireulaJing in uairt Couny, thrtc succeBstivti week previnus to s:ud day of hearing. [A ti-.u copy.] 1IIKAM .T . &EAKB3, lOííl Judge of l'robate Chiincery Notice. OTATE OF MTCHIGA-N", Fourth Judicial Circuit, in O Chancery. Suir, péAü(RHg in tho Circuit Court for the County oí Wai-h.i-uaw, in tJiianccry. A tlir ciiy of Ann Arbor, in the County of Vvashtëuaw, cm the twelfïh day oí' Oc:ober, A. D. 1S05. Anule C;iit, Contplainant, vb. Cornelius B. Can-, Defentlant ) Tt ftppcariua: to tho saiisfuction of sH Conrt bv ths aflulavit of James Kingsley, Solici pr fpr the ('uuiphanant, tht the Defemtmit, Cornelias' B. Carr, i üot n residont of rho State oi' Michi-au, but a resident of the State of Wisconsin, beyouü tlie jurtsdctioD Qf th3 Conrt: On motinn of Jarais KingSief, Solicftof1 forl'hfí Ciininlainant iu thi causo, it is ordejraj by s:id Courtv tliat said Dfifendant, Cötnelius B. Carr, pause bis appt'amce to be eiHeivd in this eaiMe, nnd r,otico therfeöf duly Herved on tho Coinplniuant's Solicitor, wilhin two mowtfis iVom the daté öf thta order, aud in Cabe the Defoudant ctme hiw uppoarani;e to ba eutcreti taai he file hla anacer to the Complainants Dil:, and a cppj t ! lc;-. ■- oí' be wrved on the Efcmcftoi" for Coinpïfiiuant,' within twenïy days ftftèl top B6LyiC6 of ft copy of said Bill on Baid Dëféudant, or in dèfauli thoa-of, the sid. Bill he taketi as confeneöci by said iVi'cndaní : And it furiiH-T ornered) that.wirhin tweaty days the bcJuI ComplaLoit cauc a copy af fhis order to De ptinnshea n tne i if.nn tin, a public ewspaper printed aul pnnllshod at the City oi' Ai Arbor, iii said GoTtply of Wasbtc naw, and that ,nch pnbHöitidè be contíiiuod once irí eticïi yeek for eü succepslvfc weti?, or tHai phe cmae a oupy of Baid ordec to be Berrea on Baid Defeadant, oerr r-onallyUr Èaasi uvmty d-iys hefoiv the lime preecribed for said Defenxianis ftppaar&uca iu thia tuiutje. Ii. E. FKAZKK, JaMX8 Kimublky, one of tlie Circuir Conrt - golici or and of CoinmisBionortt for !Fahtllr.HW)panaDt. WÍ h-pïw rvriw. ifW'r


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