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hl orl gag". Salo. rjEFAULT híTiiiü been Made in Uie conm.. Fo nt.m. 10 tl, „,.,:. ,:g„,,!, h,,!,,1 t'sarinpc lt the twvn7 cighih ,lm of Noi. i! I) eightwn !.uc,!r. ,1 umi iSl 't fx hifl m.,. ml"'.A. office r,f Ibe Regiater l lieert .,f Y,'. , "' '? in tb Michipin, in iki r Uvcnty-three ui tn n„ "'? on.' hundrec and ninuty an.i one bn„j,Jl" Di.otytvv, on 11", M-c.ii.l daj of i'cceiXV-"1 light.-m htimlrtd and ölty.dx, upon which i t'Uga?e thire is cltvuicil t be duo, at the !ale i,. tice, the ftum oí four hundred and fiyty t "no. and fittj-two cents, lor principal and intíri-rt Í0"ri wií ftt law or in equity haviug been inntitiit ' ï" "" cover ihe amount secured to be paid by fi',i, m re. and the power of hale coníaiued in aiil M(ir( )r1isW, inL beconie absolute: Notice. ia tln-ref0, 'laTgiven, thntsaM Mortgago will l,e f'Jrecloserti. ■ tb of tlie DiortGtaged premises dosciibed-in sai M, a or somo part ihereof, at public vendue to tli "u''t ■■■■, at, the skutn d.i,r ol the Cnurt iroott LL' City of Ann Arbor, in said County of Wa m'D 9 (vuKJouri I- the pince where th.n ' ( 'o:i 1 1 for Kajd County ol Washtena.v i held}- urday, thf irU:i Ui 'la of January nnxt ' o'clock in the foreooon, which Baid premin. l tett B.-iibfd n aia Mc.rlgage, aa followa : ,ui thatc'' pipiï or p&rccl ol laud rtituate in the Tillan u'3 c'hwtfT, i" th.' Connty of Washtemiw, ni t Michiy.u, knjMD, bonooed aoc desci bed aH , 'f, "' to wit : Ooinmencini; on tlie Nortli-W'e.t cornyr f lf nuinljfi: one (IJ, in block nnmber twenty-oije , aaid Village of Mam:hect'r, accorriing to the s and plat thereof, recorded in the Ki-gister ()[flUrV theConUy of Washtensw, an.( runnincthAl. 2" sa tho line of Rail Koad Xtreet to KxoÜHnneM thenco on tlie line (f Kxchange Street fi tli ' ter of th KiverRainln, and down the center of'",! River Kaifin, "i in the rear Ii41, t„ ot ""' berone, aforewiid. nnd a long lot number one tfo Biid, to the place o! bPKinnma:, (eieept tht Jortw et aid premiies beretofore dei-ded by Wilim A l" ClcKnti;! to Amariah CoDklin) : Also Iheflm rihtu nfe í the water necessary lor riinnirtg fiiur rum ! stone and the nocessary machmery for Hourin'., mili on said premises, at the dam at or neirs t) premiae-s, ajld to make or repair sai;l dam iritho't re1 raint : Al?o, 1 1 thn rigbts or privilege nf jw:' land for tho purpoee of keeping up the water of JJ dam, convejed hy George tedgwick to tbe 'said jS il. t'ountam, bv dt-ed beaviag date the n dayof Julj-,1859. ■""ntli Dat cd, Annbor, Ootoher 16;h, I8S, RNANÜO C. Ul'.AMA.V, Mortea, Attoiuti ïüi Mürtiïagee. jp Mortgaga Sak. TEI-'-Vi:i,T híxing been made in thecondiüonof IJ cerfciin Mortgage made aud cxecuted by,Inme,s Beynulde to the mictórtigued, James Fountain beaiini date on the twenty-ninli day of December, A 'i) eihl teen hundreri and sixty-four, and recorded in the'offlcê of 'he Rejrfeter of Decds of the County of Washtenaw Michiean, in liberthirty-three of Mor:gagej, paire oná hun ! edand forty-four, on .thesixthdav of JíDuut A. I). eijrhleeu liunured and sixty-flve, upon wtích Morí' ga ; ■ tauro is claimed to bu liue for primipal and iuiür. lsC the mm of Hx thouaaud luim reu and thirtv eigtit lioiLirs nucl tbirty-three ci-uts, at the date of ttu notice, and rhe power oí' sale contained in Raid Mort me absoluto by reason of Bach de? lauU. anti üo ;;i at law or in equity haviog been uti tuted to recover the amouut secnred to be paid liv bój Mortgage or auy part tuercof: Notke is ihcrefore hereby given, tila said Morigage wül be foredoscd bv a sak of the mortgaged premisos di-H-ribeü in 8aii Mortgage. or iiae part thereof, at public ïcuditu toe South door ui the Conrt House, in 'lm City of 4„, Arbor, ii said C'ouiity in Vfaslueiiaw, (that beito place 'abete th Cü'cuit Couri for said Couuty i helii on Saturday, the hineenih day of Jtnuary neit, at tea o'clock ia the forenoon of that day, which saidmortg; ged pn mises are dfiscribed in said Mor gage, as fol. lows: All ta certain piece or parctl of knul mim in the Townshii.) f M: :■'.!:■;!■■■, iu the Coniitj of Wasbtcuaw, ano State of Michigan, known asRjm, tain'b Fn mium Mili pruperty, being on section oue.ii said Township, anrt bonnded as follows : (Jommcncili' at the West corner of the will dam of said milis, nin. nüjg Kortherly along tl)e West bank of the EüyerEaüS to tiie Bontb line of k;vd ofiied or ocL'i.pied bTjohu Chiuli'. ki, 'henee Wbi along said line to theSomh-, West corner of said Chadwick's land, thenoc Xurtli ;.1 de the Wi st line of sak! land to th'' N nili bank of the Kier liaisin, as it tías ín lSís thence n'aiiloic tbe old b:u:k of 8öid Ki■er and across the tnil race from Baid ariill to the West bünk of the saine, thence Sooth alone the West turk ol' said ace to a poii:[ eiglit rod Nortft of said n;:ll, thence West fo tlse Eastbñnkof the racé vi' ih: ; w ejiüí, thtnw nth ah-ngtheEiK i fiik of ,-:.ifl u the niiü poad for Miiimlll, Umie Kaï-ti riy itoii' tti p.ïii! iini to the plsceej Ugimig. l éilig toe same prcptrly conveyf d by .hbtz Ü. ?oan t:::li uva Barnet E. loilüaii), EfUurri A. fauüm nui Murtha J. I'aWidpei ti the :.iil .;sS.Reuoos. L'atcd, AniiArucr, Orlolur li'ln JMukï H,IMA;S,Mi.5l.i-, IIí1:a.M J, BkAKI '■.. Aticiuey i.r Morttagie. Kil THE5 GREAT ?ARDROBE In tbe Eeld for tho FALL AxN'D WINÏEK TRADE with the largest and best feiected stock of. CLOTHING ! AXD GF..NT.,' FüRNISHING GOÖDS ever openeii in ANN AHJBORJ ïfl'iPETITIOS H THE Back grouiul THE GKEAT WAR DMOBE determinen to be ahead n evcry respect, dpspite the wi-hc. uf i oertain few, speciall)' intcrestcd in tlie fanw business, and vio j.redicted mirdownfall within tlirec raon Let the croakers croak. Wc have set out t Benefit f ïiePeopIe and are bonnd to do so, and tlie support wo eneouragement we are receiving at eir hands, is to u,s sufficient evidence that aJ do not mean tolet our endeavors to ple" thom pase by unnoticed. 'ïiaiikful frr "" assistance thns for rendered s by o patrons, we shall stil] striTe to irortouj merit its tontinuance, and in speaking ' onr in store, and whr.h we offer to yoo ' UMI EAU!) OF INDÜCKMENTS ! We feel freo to say that it is not surpris bv any in the EXTIEE STATE While it comprimes all the eoarsfr grades,]' also embraces some of tbe most eltg} fasbionable and stylisli ever broupht to this market.. l'revicus W the establishment of the . Great Wardröbel a .stronp prejudice existed in the min the people against READY MADE. CLOTHING! owino; to tke qnaltty of the goods tliat W heretorore been iiposSd apon tliera. Great iTardrote m;is ms'ituted in a measure wítli a Tie" aiapellinj that i-ojudlcc, and the ■ cknov le.lrcnR'nt uf those who tradc with (J ' goods are far superior to any eve: r ln-i-f'. l-.v.'s to show tliat our eflorts direction are not being made in vam. I will not attempt a.n enumeration ot 't ticles that go to make np our stock. w it tosay it inclndes ererything rtíim'" w this branch of business, and Preien ffl0St buyers in their selectiftPHJ eomi)letf and vaned asortn'f'it. í" ing and Furnisliing (ioods, big stoc K, ,S j Goods, and low prices, bear 'ii mm GREAT W A RD ROBE' FUAXKMN BKCK MÏLIER & BHOWN. rd rbor, nt, ÏJ A, WW,


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