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FariiM'rs in Uhio and other States, vvho havo uot hüKI tbeir wnol, müiiilcst tío disposition to aooept lower terras, but are holding for higliur piicea. Tho Wool-Growers' Associatioo, wliich met at Oolumbus, Otuo, on Monday, Sept. 5, passöd ihe f'ollowing resol 11lioa: " That we re-afjirin Ihe resolutiong passt'd al tho late State Sh-.arinjr, that the iino wools of Ohi, brook-wttsbed, are worth 85i1 per pound, aud we shall Imld our iiae wools it that price." The Wool GiMwers' Association of Wisconsin, passial the followiog resolution : " 'J'lütt it is the duty of this assooiation to cncourage the washini? and doiug up of Wisconsin wa--hed wool in a good cleanly inanner, so as to raise the credit of Wlseonein wool in the market," This is a step in tho right direetion, and we are pleased to notipe a graat improvemeul bolb in the quality and uoudition of ibe wool from this State, The wüoI market is a great puzzle ; tho marnier in which farmers have manjiged thóir wool this year has eompletely ' unseltlüd all the plans of the wool men who havo based their ideas lipón the mauuo. in whicb the wool trade ban been manac-ed in vearg past, when the farmers rushod their wool all uito Uie tnarket iti a few weeks, Uut by liold ing ou to tliüir wool and allowing it to come to tnarket but slowly, yet somevvhal regularjy, they prevented speeulators frotn getting hold ot inucl), and taking it entircly out ot the rnarket, and rushing il. in or lioldiug it out just as it miffht picase tl)om to affect the market, Tho market has not been subject to any ot the starts a:id excitements which havecharucterizcd it other yoarp. Other commodities have run up to a high piiee, then broke and tumbled down. Cottcn has fallen rapklly and again bounded suddunly upward to t:ill again, whích has again beeu followed by auother advaooe, while tlio wefklj report of woiil h-as been quiot, 'jut prives steady. And yet, amid all tljia q,uietD89s, it will be foumi tbat a very large amount ot wool has been disposod of - oauoh more tha i mauy luanilest a grcat iiiiiüFcrence to purchasing, yt they will flad that just as soon as they ob:an a plentilul Bijpply of water the ery will be scarcity of wool. Fine wool is very soaruein the market now, f'or which there is a brisk deinaud, and for choice selected grades of Ohin Pennsylvania and Virgiuia, from 80a85o. coukl be readily obtained. Mediuai grades are also iu request, but the lower grades are somevvhat neglect cd, stil! (bey aro not accuumlating in tho market.


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