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The Fenians

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Thú Tunes' London letter, of Sep tember 27, lias the following rclativi; to tho Fenian excitoment : Some fifty arresta have been made in Dublin, ncarly ia many in Cork, and a few in Liverpool, and in some of the munufactiiring tuwus, Lancaaliiro ainÓQg tbe rest, and for jthers rewards of L200 :ind L100 ave ofíored, One Murphy, irom Boston, n baing arrested, said he should represent iis ua&o to Mr. Seward. On mentíon of tliat narue he was set free by tbe authoriiesof Dublin Castle. The panio at Cork and otber towns in tlje snuthwest las not beeu diminished Theru have been runs upon looal banks. Stoamtjrs and pasengers' baggage have jeen searehed for documenta and re vulvers. A gunboat is cruising oíí Coi k larbor to intercept Yankee ships paid to )e on the way to Irehuid with arma for Fenians. Two officers oí Cork garrison lave beeu arrested, and Üiere are rumors that a considerable portion of the garri son are sworn Feoiuus. There ia u livey demand for fire arms by those who mean to defend themselves. A notable eature oí the affair is the hurnblo rank of those who havo been arrested. They are sma'l tradesmen, qlerks, artizans, &c. QüEENSTOWN, Oct. 1. The Fenian prisoners were brought íeíore the Pólice Magistrate at Dublin ycstorday, including the editor aod pro irietor of the lnsh People nowspaper. Mr. Barry, Queen's counsel, appeared "or the Crown, and made a long speech. He said that witbin the last fortnight L35,000 had arrived from America to se expended inrovolutionizing IreUmd, and by that day's mail the Governmint ïad interoepted a letter for oce of' the srisoner, named Sapper, contaiuiufí a draft for four hundred and fifteen pounds on the house of liothschilds and saveral other letters containing bille of excbaoge. The makiug of arms had also been extenaively carried on. One of tho prisoners had made two thousand of these murdorous weapons. Numerous revolvers and breastplates had álso been fouud in po-session of prisoners oonuected with the lnsh People newspaper. lie quoted au incendiary paragraph Qrgnag the employment ol foroe riem a number of that paper, whieh was about to be issued when seized. Mr. Barry concludud bis speech by asserting that the Fenians were powerful both ia Ireland and America. Ho trusted that tuis affair would oud for ever sucii hopeless conspirwcits. JJvideuce was then giveu agninst he pri-oners. and ome of them wero ideutified as eonnected with the suppressed Feniar. organ. The iuvestigation is still peudint; aud will probably last for sevoral lav.-J. At a private eximination of six of ths Fi-ni.ins at Dublin (Jaitlo yesttíl'day, evidouce vviig put in showing that tbe plot of lbo Fenians was ol the most gaogllióary character It was intcuided to attiiok the nobility, the aristooraoy, and the laud owner-, and assasrijnata them all on the break ing out of the rebeliinn.- The Duke ol' LeiusUr aud others wore specmliy nainuil for asnassinition. The üviilenoe of tre ison aain-l the pfisouers is said lo be most, complete.


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