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ÖF Cli ange of climate ilways iuvol vos danger imless prceiuitioiis are taken to prevent it. Fortify vvilh the Red Ja ket Bit. Iers. aud liifi defiance to vicissifudes of teniperaiare and exlialations nenerated by excessive heat actin on .1 swatnpy -oil. Strawberry Halsnm, A OBRTAIN REMEDT FOR D1ARRH0SA, DTSENTERY, Cholera Mm-bus, Flux, HearA Burn, and all Bourel C'ini jilüiuts . Kutirely vegetable. A sj,eeific forCamp lMan liooa OliOKXE .V HOWe, Prop'rs, Buchamn, Mi eb. Burnharos k Van ehaaek, Chicago, and Farrand Sheoley Co., Detroit, Whiilfesule Apenta. SniJO-O QTRAYED OS STOLEN ! Abput the 7th of September, from (ny f;irm in the Township of Itexter, onfi RLACK MARE nn.l H1..V K HOR :E COLT; oue SORRtL PONY, white face and brand on nht shouider ; nJ oneSOBBEL COLT, one yenr ulij, mie white Ilintl letf and ia !";i:o A liberal reward wil] bö paid ior fhe return or Tor inform.itiun wiiicli will lead to thuir PtCQTery. E. AliNTOLD. Doxter, Oct. lOtli, 1-1' 5. 4 w 1030 A GENTS WANTED aREAT NATIONAL WOEK, -THESlïindard History of the War, Contjiining a fi 11, audiëntie' and relia h Ie neet unt nf the "gi'tat conflict ," fnm its coMmenroment to its clo=5p. Complete in one vevy Inre volume, of over l.t-QJ pages: coatiining; readiog niHt'er cqual to l!ree íarge royal octavo volumes splén Idly iHu+lrated with over l - ) floe portraits of Generrtls and bat Ie cenes Tbls is jiifit the book the puople wa..t It presenta a rare o,ïianc.e tbr Ag( nta Teaühors, energelio yoang men, ;i!iil eupeíJÍally n.-t urnen and duiablftd ofiicers and soldiera , in w;mt of ]ii'oiitable emplovmoct, will lintl t p euluirly adapted tü tlieir condition. 'I'ïiis work bas nt rival s a nandíd. lucid, cooftplete axtl!'ntic aml re liable history of the war Sawi for circulare and sen nnr ierms. Addresa JOXE.S RdTHER & C" , 148 We r 'o i th Strept, Ctncinnatj OM. 3mlp:'0 Dyspepsia Permanently Cured! DR. KHELD0W3 DYSPEPTIC TROCHES not only give i m media te relief, but are sure to elTect a permanent cure in Dyspepsia aud Li ver Complaint. ïhey are not a pnrgative, and therefore the 'r üse (ïoefi not créate a necesfiity for the habitual use of Oatiiartics. ShelOon's Dyspepsia Troches are an agreeibln nn- wholesdine appetiser, wiiliont any of the injurious effect? which are sure to follow the use of stimuiating "iïitu'rs"' iindaflpuTgatire medicinas. ïty thofr jpnrifying, strentthening and invigorating power they are sul-e to keep the digestivo organs in a liealthy condition, thnspréVenting Costiveuéfli, Diarrlioea or Dynentery. Dr. Joseph I.ewi.-i, of Philadelphia, says of Dr. Sheldon'sDyspí-'pfia Troches : "Somé years sinee Dr. Sheldon, of this city, gave me the formula for preparing a Oyspepsia Troche. He aasarsd methathehad scarce ever known it to fail in curing cither Dyspepaú or Li ver Complaiut. Si tice then fhavp used it in my practica with great success. I bulicve ttiat nitie out of ten lo whora I have administerod ithave been permanently cured, it havïng cured many caftefi '.vliich I consfiered incurable. I codbMw itbe mo-t raluable cpmbtnation lor diseaes ot the digestiVe organe 1 havd ever k lown." The eminent Dr. Willjtama has said: "We heliere that the worfthing that a tíyopepftc cap doistodose birasett with Purgativo Medicines. In fact, we know of I uiiireds who have taken Oathartícs so longthnt it has become attuoet a necesaity for them to continue tlieir ufle.' Dr -iholdon's Dyppepsi.a Troches aro not Cathartics, and aie aitre to eflSeöt i cure. They are agreeaofe to the taaie. They will immcliitcly correcta sour stom ach, cure llatulcnce, hear.tburn, BÏckneVs or paib in tlo atpotaeh, belchinc; of wind and in fac all the disagreealjle and dangerous symptomH of ihii disea ?.. S.N. KOCKWKLL. sole proprietor, south eafit corHLI 21st and Market Streets, htladelphui. 50 cents per box. Sent by mail tor 6fl cents. H. Hinchrnan, Tholesaie agent, Detroit; also for sale by l"arriin!, Sb e lev & Co. , and all Dmggifttn &- Bold bv STEBBINd k WILSON, Druggists. Ann ArborMich10301..6 W ? o 5 ' J M Z ö


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