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The breeds of cattle knovvn under tho name of Alderrieys and Jersays aro frouj three inlands in the Britinh Channel- Jersey, Guernsey, and Alderney. Jersey, the largest, is but twelve miles long bv seven in extreme width. and ooütaios but 40,000 acres. The farms avrie ouly four acres in ze, and but few exceed ten acres. The Islaud sup porti, bv agrioulture alone a lar-ge pop. ulation; in 1821 it wns 28 600 ; n 1861 i's liad rigen to 57,020. Urain, eider, fruits, butter and cattlü are tho ohief rtibles of export. Querneey, tifteen miles distant, is of similar soil aud oharacter. lt is of triangular fórñí, uine miles in extreme length by four iu width. Tn 1851 it sustuined a papuUtion f 29,757. Alilorny is but eijilit miles in odiopass. The soil s fruittul ; tho ciimate bealtby. In 1851 the population was 3,333. The Kncyclopas lia Britannioa says that cattle ruised oa these sluuds are so remarkuble for the cholee quaiity of the creain and butter ohtnined (rota the rather scanty supplv of milk, that thev are eai;erly sought after in tho private dames in wblcb the qualitv of proliuoe is more reg;rded tllan the quantitv ; and the rtariug of iieifurs for tbe Knulish Mü'ket is of s'ich importance th-at very ittringeut regulatiooa have been udopted for insurin puritv of the


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